1 October 2023
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How to Optimize Images for Better Search Engine Ranking

How to Optimize Images for Better Search Engine Ranking

How to optimize images and enable your website to embrace image optimization SEO to push your website higher on search engines are discussed in this article.


Having a higher ranking for your website on a search engine like Google is instrumental in increasing your website traffic.



Along with other conventional SEO techniques that are integrated on the web page, online image optimization is an integral component of SEO optimization.


Introduction – Image Optimization SEO


SEO optimization, in particular, On-page SEO Optimization serves as a driving force for the development of your website in terms of search engine ranking aiding in monetization.


Among all on-page optimization components, images are the most important. Tied in terms of importance with content, images directly interact with the page’s audience.


As a web content publisher, it is important to find a way to optimize images by learning how to add alt tags to images and optimize image load time by looking to reduce image size without losing quality.


As images are the given the most attention by the reader, optimizing images should be the primary focus of your page’s on-page SEO optimization.




As the modern world shifts to a faster and more incredible speed of things, the value of textual content on a page has reduced in the reader’s eyes.


Alternative forms of expression of images, smart art, and infographics are being incorporated to effectively replace content.


As it builds up to a strong visual component, you can optimize images to ensure that your webpage content is easy to read by optimizing images, enhance image loading speed, and increase your website traffic.


Concurrently, website image optimization pushes your websites ranking on search engines. As search engines like Google update their algorithms to better serve its customers.



Not only is the relevance of the website considered, but also:-


  • The multimedia of the page
  • The compatibility with the browser
  • The page loading time, and
  • Links to credible sources


All termed as SEO are parameters considered by the algorithm.


Complicated right? This article will discuss how to optimize images, manage image optimization tools, and define what image alt text is and other alt tags SEO techniques.


Optimize Images for SEO: Alt Tags SEO


One of the most effective scripts to optimize images is the use of an Alt tag. It is a key technique of website image optimization that can optimize images hosted on the webpage.


Alt, an abbreviation for alternate, is the text that is displayed in place of the images when they take longer to load or cannot be loaded.



How is this important for SEO? As a majority of the search engines are based on script i.e. they read only text and are unable to read multimedia like photos or videos. This can restrict your website’s credibility and push you further down the rankings.


This is where the Alt tags come into optimize images on the website. According to Anasshad, the tag is detected by the search engine algorithm as a multimedia content and is informed about the content with the tag’s description.


This way the search engine algorithm knows not only of the location of an image on the page but also its content.


How to Add Image Alt Tags SEO


  • The alt text has to be added to the image title tag in your script.
  • To include it to your script, scroll to the image tag location and add the text after an ‘alt=’.
  • An image alt text example: <img src=”man-running.jpg” alt=”Marathon man”/>


How to Add Image Alt Tags SEO

(Image Source)


Key Points to Remember When Optimizing Images


  • The golden rule for alt attribute SEO is that the search engines use the alt text to understand your images. For this reason, it is recommended you keep your alt text for images html short and informative.


  • You have to feed the search engine with information of context for the image and that is exactly the purpose of an alt tag.



Optimize Images for SEO: All about That Image


For a website, SEO Optimization is critical for a definitive shot to sit at the top of the search engine results page. Search engine algorithms primarily differentially rank websites based on their relevance.


Apart from the relevance of your content, Image relevancy is a key factor to attain SEO optimization.


On similar terms, name your image appropriately. The image filename should not only describe the image but also include keywords that enhance its search engine ranking.



A crucial aspect of on page SEO optimization is the page loading time. According to kissmetrics, Pages that take longer to load might be visited less and this pushes them below the competitors on the search engines results page.


With that established, the heaviest components on a web page include photos and videos.


Website image optimization tools optimize images as they Resize and Compress images and enhance image loading speed.


It is equally important not to lose out on the quality of the image, for this reason, image optimization tools are preferred over online image size reducer tools.


According to Mark Hayes, image file types also play an important role in increasing image loading speed and optimize image load time as JPEG images load faster in comparison to others like JPG and GIF.


Key Points to Remember When Optimizing Images


  • Browsers resize images. Even a small photo that has good quality will be torn apart pixel by pixel rendering it unclear and of less aesthetic value.
  • To optimize images like infographics, it is important that you use online image optimization tools to generate the image in your desired size.
  • Incorporate one or two keywords in the file name but do not overcrowd it.



Optimize Images for SEO: Captions


To correlate image captions to your website SEO and search engine ranking, you’ll have to consider the significance of bounce rates.


According to Derek Halpern, Bounce rates are considered by search engines as a supplemental factor for website ranking websites. It is basically the rate at which users tend to switch from the search results to your website and back to the search results.


This would make sense if you consider the bounced user as an unsatisfied customer. Image captions can help you effectively limit the chances of having a bounced reader as they would be the first thing that strikes the reader’s eyes.


Captions go a long way to optimize images and often line up to be the strongest component of your website.


To conclude


The content of a webpage should be given a lot of importance and crafted with care.


However, the deciding factor that aids in the differentiation between two websites of the same niche is the webpage’s visual component.



Optimize images and effectively enhance your website’s ranking on a search engine result page.


Using techniques that would take only a few minutes to execute, you can optimize images that improve your SEO and improve your search engine ranking.


How to Optimize Images for Better Search Engine Ranking

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