12 September 2018
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How to Optimize Content on Your Ecommerce Site

How to Optimize Your Content on Your Ecommerce Site

Producing content online has changed dramatically since the inception of SEO. From keyword density overloading in basic content that was boarding on spam, to the relevant and engaging content that we see nowadays that is backed by data and follows clear strategies to get the best results. In short, there’s a lot of thought and planning that goes behind the content you see on the biggest Ecommerce sites on the internet, today.


But how important has the on-page content become for Ecommerce sites? Very important indeed. Our previous article titled ‘Build Your Ecommerce Brands Identity for Online Success’ touched on some of the things you need to focus on to really take your brand to the next level. But something like optimizing your on-page content is something that is often overlooked.


SEO has become an important part of Ecommerce, and it is a subject we cover regularly on eMoneyIndeed. So, with that in mind, here are some key tips on how to optimize your on-page content and get the best from your keywords and on-page layout.


Product Descriptions – Optimizing for Google


It goes without saying that the product descriptions are hugely important as the relevancy of the keywords are a determining factor in whether potential customers will find your products and ultimately if they will turn into sales.


The keywords that are relevant to your products should be included in the title tags as well as the META description. Additionally, the keyword strings that have the most relevance should ideally be included in the URL string of the product page.


The product description as a whole should have all the vital information that covers everything about the product and all the details that potential customers could be searching for online.


Optimizing for the Human Eye


One thing that can be forgotten by technical SEOs and website developers in general is that the on-page content and product descriptions need to be easy to read and the text broken up with visual images, and even better, video.


After all, a good product description should make the user want to buy the item because the descriptive keywords were delivered in a concise manner. If the description is full of waffle then the user experience will suffer and lessen the chances the customer will stay on the page.


Keep it Genuine


No one likes an overblown sales pitch, so make sure everything you include on-page can be validated.


Additionally, it’s vital that you look at incorporating some form of testimonials or reviews into your pages as this helps build relationships with customers, retain customers, and more importantly build trust with new consumers due to positive feedback.


Keep it all Tidy


There’s absolutely nothing wrong with filling a page full of information, images and video content but it needs to be in some sort of semblance of order.


Consumers can spot a hard sell if they are suddenly bombarded with information and pop-ups. The content needs to be palatable because if it’s not your bounce rates will increase and conversion will decrease.


While your product pages are your lifeblood, and you need to be targeting the right keywords to attract buyers, moderation is key to maintain a good level of user experience.


The key is to advertise additional products that are relevant to what the user is viewing on-page but at the same time delivering it in moderation. Remember that you shouldn’t overcrowd the page and at the same overload them with information they may not be interested in.


In terms of platforms, Ecommerce Guide recommends Shopify predominantly because it is highly customizable and perfect if you want to customize product pages layouts. Because not all product pages will want to look the same.


The key is in the Detail and Link Architecture


Search Engine Land states that good product information along with “website structure and internal link architecture are critical to rank new product pages well. Link categories from your home page, and your product pages from the category levels. This will ensure that Google finds, crawls and indexes your content fast. Also link to them from their parent category pages.”


To get the most from your new product pages is really important that they appear on the homepage for a short time. This in turn will mean that they are detected by Google and as a result indexed. Then it’s time to make sure you have a solid link architecture, this will help it rank quicker.


Create a Magazine to Raise Awareness


If there’s a great way to integrate keywords and keyword strings into your site it’s through building a magazine into it and targeting customers that way. The Independent recommends a number of online fashion stores and what’s interesting about this list is that the majority have built-in magazines.


Not only does this help them target their customers across a number of social channels and through search engines, they are also able to integrate products through their content posts to help increase conversion and drive sales.


How to Optimize Your Content on Your Ecommerce Site

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Article by Gaurav Jain
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