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How to Make Money with YouTube? Beginners Guide

how to make money with YouTube

All of us are familiar with YouTube, the video sharing website owned by Google. We all have watched a lot of videos on YouTube. But how many of us know about how to make money with YouTube. In the previous post I shared the Cashcrate Scam Review, you can also check that.

How many of you have seen the viral ‘Gangnam Style’ video on YouTube? This particular video has made a staggering $870000 from YouTube alone. This article gives you a brief overview about how to make money with YouTube.

How to Make Money with YouTube

The First Few Steps on How to Make Money with YouTube

So how to make money with YouTube – the first thing to do is to start a YouTube channel. Anyone having a YouTube account can start his own channel in YouTube. Your YouTube account is same as your Google account.

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A loyal group of audience is what you need to make money from YouTube. To attract audience for your channel, you need to have high quality content in your channel. Before starting the channel, you need to select a niche for your YouTube channel.


Consistency among videos is very important to attract a loyal audience. For example, if you are starting a channel for educational content, it should contain only that. If it’s a humour channel, then only humour videos should be present.

A good subscriber base is crucial to make money from YouTube. So upload high quality content on a regular basis to get the attention of the internet users. You can also promote your channel in Social media platforms like Twitter, Face Book etc.

Another tip is to constantly interact with your audience by responding to their comments. Once you have a good number of subscribers for your channel and viewership for your videos, you can start monetizing your content.

Monetizing Your Content

Now let’s start discussing the important stuff – how to make money with YouTube. To make money from YouTube, you need to monetize your YouTube channel with Google AdSense. This means you need to allow YouTube to place ads in your video.

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Two kinds of ads are used by YouTube – a text based ad which is displayed at the bottom of your video or a small clip of video usually played at the beginning of your video. It’s up to you to select what kind of ad your video should have.

How to Make Money with YouTube

Monetizing Your Channel

  • Click on Creator Studio > Channel > Status and Features or YouTube Settings > View additional features.
  • In the features section, you can find the ‘Monetization’ tab.
  • Click on the ‘Enable’ button to monetize your channel. Make sure both Community guidelines and Copyright are listed as ‘Good standing’.
How to Make Money with YouTube

Monetizing Your Videos

  • Once you have monetized your channel, you can start monetizing your video content.
  • You are not supposed to use any copyrighted material in your channel.
  • You can select the monetization icon $ corresponding to a video from the Video manager and then Monetization > Monetize my video. Ad format to be used is selected during this step.
  • The image given below shows the process of monetizing multiple videos at same time.
  • You can do this while the video is uploading also by clicking on the Monetisation tab in the upload page and selecting Monetize my video option.

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Before ads start appearing in your videos, your videos will undergo a standard review process. You should have commercial user rights for all the components of your video. Your earning will depend upon the type and pricing of ads appearing on your video.

How to Make Money with YouTube

Things to Take Care While Uploading Videos

  • The videos must abide by the Terms of Service and Community Guidelines of YouTube.
  • You should own the commercial rights for everything that is used in the video.
  • For a better understanding , let’s talk about three examples of videos that are allowed – A video filmed by you without background music, video with royalty free music as background and finally if you own the complete commercial rights for the background score of your video.

AdSense Account

How to make money with YouTube? To completely answer this question you need to know about Google AdSense. To earn the revenue generated from the ads you need to associate your account with an AdSense account.

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Once your earnings reach the payment threshold, you need an AdSense account to withdraw the money. You can associate YouTube with an existing AdSense account or create a new one.

You can use a single AdSense account to monetize multiple YouTube channels. AdSense pays you for every thousand views. For clicks AdSense pays you a higher amount.

How to Make Money with YouTube

YouTube Partner Program

In the initial days being a part of YouTube Partner Program was so difficult. Channels with 15,000 cumulative watch hours over last 90 days were only allowed to apply for YouTube partner programs.

Over the years, when a large number of people started making YouTube channels to earn money online, YouTube introduced various levels of partner program. They are:

  1. AdSense partners: This is the base level of YouTube partnership. They can monetize their videos and earn for every thousand views as well as on a per click basis.
  1. Semi partners: Apart from monetizing videos, they also have branding options. They can also create YouTube shows.
  1. Full YouTube Partners: They have the ability to protect their content using their content id. If anyone uploads their videos or songs, Full YouTube Partners can put ads on those videos too.
  1. Top Tier Partners: They are considered as YouTube partner managers and can start their own YouTube networks.


By now I think you might have got a fair idea about how to make money with YouTube. Before ending this article I would like to point out two main advantages YouTube has over blogs regarding making money online.

First thing, for making money with YouTube you need not spend money to buy a domain or for hosting. YouTube provides you channel for zero investment.

Secondly Adsense approval for a YouTube channel is much easier compared to that of blogs.

So why to wait? Start making your videos today and earn some good money.

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