20 May 2024
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How to Make Money Through Mobile Ads

How to Make Money Through Mobile Ads

Guide to Making Money Through Mobile Ads

Since mobile usage has definitively surpassed desktop browsing, spending money on desktop ad campaigns is starting to look less appealing to digital marketers.

As consumers spend more time with mobile apps than browsers, app designers are finding ways to serve ads in clever ways. Mobile ads are the future of digital advertising but without the right tactic, you won’t be able to take advantage of their unique approach.

Mobile advertising has taken many forms. They can be embedded to look like the app’s own content as “native ads” or they can be interstitial ads, interrupting content momentarily. They can be shown while content loads or can be a prerequisite for accessing free content from app companies.

If you’re new to the world of mobile ads, you might want to know what the ROI is before you invest.

Here are 8 Ways They Can Generate Massive Amounts of Leads and Make Your Company Some Serious Profit

#1. Go Where Your Customers Are

Putting your ads on your customers’ favorite mobile apps allows you to be where they are.

If you know your customers, you know what kinds of services and products they need. Translate your market research into mobile advertising and you’ll be targeting customers like never before.

With half of the world’s population using mobile devices, the gap between desktop computer and mobile owners is growing rapidly. Even users without smartphones are able to receive ads through text. Make sure you don’t miss any customers by advertising through an online SMS service.

With business and recreational use being tied to mobile devices, buying mobile ads will give you the leading edge against competitors still buying PC-based ads.

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#2. Web-Based Ads Give You The Best Of Both

It’s always good to be able to have multiple touchpoints when you’re trying to reach your customers. If you’re still buying PC-based ads, make sure they’re optimized for mobile.

This way, you’ll be able to hit your customers on their mobile devices and on PC-based browsers.

Buying ads on a site like YouTube that has both a web-based and app-based interface means that you’ll be able to get to customers from either channel.

#3. Make It A One-On-One Relationship

Most people have a personal relationship with their mobile devices. They spend so much time staring into the screen, sharing personal relationships, and communicating with loved ones, the feeling is natural.

By taking an approach to mobile ads that considers this aspect, you’ll be able to be more effective when it comes connecting with your audience. Users will pay more attention to ads on a mobile device than on a PC because of this relationship. Take advantage of that relationship and connect on an intimate level.

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#4. Access More Information

A home computer or PC could be shared between multiple members of a given household. This is less common when it comes to PCs and laptops. A whole family might use a computer, making it harder to target a single person in the home.

Mobile ads can be connected to demographic information from the provider’s profile or based on time and context of the location they’re connecting from.

Targeted ads are inherently more relevant to a user than general audience ads. Users will pay attention to ads that contain relevant connected to their daily mobile usage.

#5. Move With Them

Mobile ads have the unique ability to change as a user moves. If your targeted user is a business professional who travels, your ad can be targeted for location-based services.

If you have franchises throughout a state or metropolitan area, you can send users promotions for individual locations while they travel the area.

Being able to give your users relevant promotions will build dedication to the mobile app they find your ads in. This will also help build a stronger relationship with the company you advertise with, making them happy to work with you, possibly offering you deals as well.

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#6. Purchasing Only Gets Easier

With the creation of Apple Pay and Google Pay, most phones are now equipped to make purchases with a single touch. Instead of complex transactions on PCs and laptops, mobile purchasing can be done with the swipe of a finger.

That means that when customers want to buy something after engaging with one of your ads, their payment method will be automatically integrated. This allows a trusted billing procedure to get your products and services in the hands of your customers without any break in their user experience.

#7. Immediate Response

Just through the different user experiences of using a smartphone versus a computer, your ads will get direct and immediate feedback. If you give them an option to “click to purchase” they’ll be able to get right to the point without thinking about it.

One of the worst things about an email or another kind of digital campaign is that access to your products can get buried in a to-do list. Emails can go unopened or sites can go unvisited. With mobile ads, you’ll be seen immediately and users will react just as quickly.

#8. Ads Through Text Are Opt-In

When browsing just about any site, sidebars and banners can inundate users with ads. If you send ads or promotions through text, your users can opt out whenever they want.

Since most of these services require users to opt-in in the first place, customers don’t feel like their time is wasted. Other types of advertising feel like a violation of that personal space of a mobile phone. Opt-in text ads give users exactly what they’ve asked for.

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Mobile Ads Are More Useful Than Most Any Other Digital Ad

Using mobile ads isn’t only better for your own ROI, but they’re just plain more useful to your customers. Customers don’t want to have to hear about some product or service that has nothing to do with them.

Train commuters in NYC don’t want to hear about car insurance in Texas and with mobile ad campaigns, you won’t waste ad dollars on useless customer contact.

If you’re ready to launch a new mobile ad campaign, contact us today to get started.

Mobile Ads Are More Useful Than Most Any Other Digital Ad
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