26 February 2021
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How To Leverage UGC Throughout Your Store To Boost Conversions


With growing competition in ecommerce, it becomes important for your brand to effectively use user-generated content in their marketing strategies.

It is also important to make a smooth consumer journey throughout the buying process and keep your potential buyers on track.

In order to create an effective consumer journey, you have to convert visitors into buyers with every click on CTA.

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User-generated content plays a huge role in creating impactful marketing strategies and engage your visitors and converting them into customers.

About 93% of customers like to see what the other customers say about the product or service before they click on the buy button.

These brands have seen a 50% increase in the conversion rate on the pages where they see UGC related to products and services.

Why Should Brands Use UGC For Their Marketing

Displaying user-created content on your official website, or any other digital platform where you connect with your customers, has a high impact on your brand’s marketing.

  • One of the major reasons that you should use UCC is that it helps in creating social proof of your brand among your prospective customers. Your customers will feel more comfortable if they see your brand on social media and people talking about it.
  • UGC also helps in creating and telling your prospective customers about the value of your product. Your customers come to know about your brand more with UCC as there are reviews and recommendations from existing customers. They get relevant information about your brand with user shared content on social media and other platforms.
  • UGC also helps in creating authenticity and credibility of the brand among your customers and make them feel safe to spend their money on purchasing products from your brand.

Thus, it becomes important for marketers to incorporate user-generated content in your marketing strategy and engage your customers with valuable content.

How To Use Throughout Your Marketing Campaign

Display UGC On Homepage

As you already know, homepage is a virtual storefront of your brand and creates an impression on your customers when they visit your website for the first time.

This is the important page of your website as this is the page everyone lands or likes to see when they want to check your online presence.

Your first impression should be effective and impactful on your visitors only then it creates value in the mind of the visitors.

You have to make it attractive, engaging, and interesting using good quality content, visuals, and it should be helpful to them.

In order to make your homepage effective, you should add user-generated content to it. If you show user-created content on your homepage, it is helpful to build trust, authenticity, and value of your brand instantly when they are exploring your website.

When your visitors know there are so many other people who have already made purchases with your brand, it can be a great incentive for your brand, making it a trustworthy brand to spend their money. 

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Embed UGC On Product Pages

About 70% of the consumers like to believe in the content shared by the already existing customers instead of professionally written content by the brands themselves.

When you are showing your visitors your product and services it is a best place to display user-generated content about that particular product and let visitors engage with it.

People like to watch what the existing customers say about the product, what their experience is, and how much it is helpful to them in solving their problem.

Displaying user-generated content on product pages help your potential buyers to understand more about the product and they can make a perfect buying decision.

Don’t Forget To Show UGC On Checkout Point

Remember building trust at every step of the buying journey is helpful in creating a strong presence of your brand in front of your customers.

It is noticed that so many times customers abandon the cart at the last minute and the checkout remains incomplete without the buyer clicking on the “place an order” button.

Showing user-generated content at the checkout point reinforce your customers to successfully make a buy decision.


User-generated content is an effective strategy and creates a good impact on customers, it becomes a crucial part of your brand to use in their marketing campaigns.

You have to leverage your UGC strategy on the places where your prospective audience is available.

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Placing UCC on these places not only helps in building trust and authenticity of your brand but it is also helpful in creating a smooth sale cycle and do not let your customers abandon the cart.

In this growing competition, it is crucial to make effective user-generated content strategy and place it in the place where your audience is available.

You can start using UCC on the homepage, product page, checkout, and social media account where your prospective customers are looking for your products and services and like to check reviews and recommendations.

How To Use UGC
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