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How to Get Website Traffic from a Specific Country

How to Get Website Traffic from a Specific Country

Website traffic from different countries helps in getting a better local and global rank for your website. It also helps to get better revenue from your advertisements. There are different ways of getting country specific website traffic, especially targeting U.S. and U.K. based traffic because they are the ones who can give you the maximum revenue from your Ad segments.


After going through this article, you will get answer to the most frequently asked question – ‘how to get US traffic to my website’. Apart from that, it also addresses how to increase traffic from target country.



Why Targeting Visitors From Specific Countries Is So Important?


It is a known fact that online users of U.S. and U.K. are the ones who often click on the relevant Ad units present on a website.


They are also the ones who are more likely to buy any affiliate product that you are showcasing on your blog either directly or through a review.


Hence, you will find many blogs and websites that are fully dedicated for those countries’ online users.


For example, a tech blog on Apple products like iPhone, iPad, MacBook is more likely to be useful for foreign countries rather than India where people still prefer Android.



Secondly, there are many tech blogs which are more likely to be useful for a specific country’s users because there are not enough quality tech blogs on the same niche present in that country.


Hence, people in that country will check that blog and will also buy the affiliate products.


So, for maximizing money earning possibilities and chance of becoming successful and viral, it is important to target and increase country specific website traffic.


Ways Of Getting Country Specific Website Traffic


#1. Domain Name and Server Location


When you build a website, a domain name and web hosting server location are the two things you need to set at the very beginning.


So, you should always decide your targeted audience and their location. If you want to target U.S. traffic, your web hosting server must be situated in U.S. While buying web hosting space, web hosts offer the option to select the location.


Similarly, if you are targeting Indian website traffic, you should use .in domain name. Of course, .com has the highest value but .in would do a better job.


You can buy both .com and .in domain name and redirect traffic to .in when they type .com. Local search engines always prefer country specific domain name first.



#2. Website Submission and Backlinks


Local Search Engines


After setting up a website and posting quite a few posts, it is time to submit the website link in various search engines.


Apart from reputed global search engines like Google and Bing, you should submit your website link to local search engines.


For example, if you are targeting Chinese website traffic, you should search for the top ten search engines used in China and submit your website in those.


For China, Baidu.com is the most popular search engine and not Google.


Local Web Directories


Apart from local search engines, you should target local web directories that are popular in a specific country that you are targeting.


This makes sure that when people access website from different country especially the ones you have targeted, they should get an almost same result.


In other words, with the submission in country specific search engines and web directories, your position on SERPs will stay the same.


Local Backlinks


Similarly, if you want to get high rank on the local search engine like google.co.in in India, you should target local backlinks from country specific websites.


Even though the significance of backlinks when it comes to ranking has diminished but still it has the highest priority among different factors.


You should have an eye to invite local guest bloggers and start making comments in local blogs and forums. For that, you have to search for reputed local websites in your niche.


With Alexa, you can find the best sites in a specific country for a specific category or niche. You also get to know about the rank you hold for a particular country.


As a matter of fact, you can get a detailed report of your website traffic and their location with website traffic checker like Alexa –Site Info.



#3. Google Tools and Geo-Targeting


Google Search Console 


Google Search Console helps a blogger to explicitly mention the country whose website traffic one wants to target.


For that, you need to verify your blog or website under Google Webmaster Tool and in International Targeting option under Search Traffic option; you can set the geographic target.


Apart from that, it also helps bloggers to check their indexing and visibility status.


ways of getting country specific website traffic


Google Places


If you are targeting online users from your own country, it is always helpful if you specify the location of your business or your address.


Google Places is a tool that will help you to get this job done and it tells Google that you are a local player. Google will prefer you over other foreign players in your niche.


Google Trends 


Google Trends helps you to identify the keywords that are getting popular in a specific country.


Once you identify the trending keywords and topics in your targeted country, you can frame articles and catch the trend. It will help you to get guaranteed location targeted website traffic.


There are some blogs who rewrite the trending topics and get massive traffic without any big effort.


While writing on a trending topic, you must do the keyword research properly and write an SEO-friendly post so that your article link also gets in the trend.


You can also use Google AdWords or SEMrush to track the progress of the keywords you have used in your article to target country specific website traffic.


#4. Country Specific Content


Your content is the most important aspect that search engines scan to find the relevance of the article for a user from a specific country.


If you are targeting US website traffic, you should explicitly mention US in the Meta description and Meta tags.


You can also mention US and its associated cities in headlines and sub-headlines.


Furthermore, it is important to use American English to increase website traffic from US and British English if you are targeting UK website traffic.



#5. Use of Hreflang Tags


Hreflang is a property of html tag <link> which Google reads when people access website from different countries.


If you have mentioned alternative links for people visiting from a specific country, Google will redirect them to that link.


For example, you have a global website http:// www.abcd.com. When people from Spain visit your site, they will get to see everything in English even though they would prefer to see Spanish text. If you have made an alternative site like http//www.es.abcd.com where all the articles are translated to Spanish along with the template text, you can mention it in your link tag.


<link rel=”alternate” hreflang=”es” href=”http://es.abc.com” > will tell Google that when someone visits the site from Spain, they will get to see the Spanish version of the same website.


This is highly useful when you are targeting people of a country where English is not the first language.


There are different language codes for different language and that is how Google understands and directs traffic accordingly.


#6. Buy Targeted Website Traffic


There are so many services available on Fiverr and other online marketplaces like Google AdWords and Bing from where you can buy genuine targeted website traffic. They will help you to get free targeted website traffic in any niche.


To be Google AdSense safe, choose the ones that have the best customer reviews.


These services are very cheap and some of them can give you targeted website traffic directly from search engines and social media sites which will add value to your website.


Now that you know the tricks to target country specific website traffic, it is time to maximize revenue from your website.


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