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How to Get Ranked on Page 1 on Google Search Results

How to Get Ranked on Page 1 on Google Search Results

If you are wondering on how to get ranked on Page 1 on Google Search Results, just follow the steps listed below.


Getting high SERP placement leads to higher visibility, more leads, and customers and thereby more results. This is why nearly everyone out there, from businesses to individuals are doing just about anything to top ranking In Google.


Simply put, to get ranked high on SERP or search engine page results means earning it the hard way, with great content, high quality backlinks and your website must offer something of value to the customers other than just fluff.


So if you and others are asking “Can we rank #1 on google or on the first page of google?”, then the answer is a resounding “Yes”.


Just review the steps listed below and you should be able to do just that.


Guide Map to Help You Get Ranked Page 1 on Google


1) Killer Content – (Quick Way to Rank #1 in Google)


According to Matt Cutts, Google uses search engine queries, number of links pointing back to the site to sort between low grade websites and high quality ones.


Google feels and rightly so that most websites just crank out the same information found elsewhere with very little to offer by way of new information.


In short, websites with low quality information do not provide anything that’s either relevant or useful to their users.


This is why the google algorithm was tweaked a few years before to reward websites with great content as opposed to those who do not.


Here’re a few things you can do to help you get no.1 ranking in Google search.


  • Offer something of value to your readers
  • Avoid keyword stuffing; google will penalize your webpage if your content is just chock full of keywords with little or no value add content.
  • Make sure the keyword you have chosen is appropriate and one that’s not much in demand as this can impact your rankings
  • The higher the quality of content on your website, more users will link to it, thereby increasing your visibility and rankings on google


2) Make Use of Social Media – (To Achieve 1 Ranking in Google Search)


One of the quick ways to rank better and get more visibility for your website and snagging more customers is by using web 2.0.


So the next time you start posting fresh content to your website or curate content from elsewhere, try updating your social media accounts with your web link.


While Google is adamant that they do not use social media as a ranking tool, nevertheless constant updates on Facebook, Twitter and the rest should definitely lead to higher visibility, more users linking back and this will have a drip effect on your SERPS. It should definitely result with you landing the number 1 spot in Google.


3) Off Page Optimization – (To Get Top Ranking in Google)


Google uses relevance as a tool to determine whether your website deserves to be ranked high on the SERPS, it also uses the number of links pointing back to the website as a metric.


This is why off page optimization is important and one that can get you ranked high on search engine results.


According to Vaidhya, you need to develop your brand and utilize various off-page optimization methods to get the links rolling in.


There are quite a few white hat SEO methods you can use to get more links and get ranked page 1 on google.


  • Link building – It goes without saying that the more sites you get to link back to your own, either to the main page or secondary tier pages, your rankings will go up.


You can blog and seed your web links into the content and post it to other blogs, forums and even share it on social media.


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There are quite a few companies out there offering links for cash, and google has wised up to this. So if you are thinking of purchasing links from link farms, don’t bother, for google will find out and severely penalize your site causing your rankings to drop altogether.


  • Guest posting – This is the same as blogging, except here you would be targeting specific niche related blogs to post your content, seeded with links pointing back to your website.


Essentially, these websites would, after approval, publish your post and as long as they are do-follow, you should be able get some of their link juice as well. For your convenience here is a list of sites that allow guest posting that you can use in your favor.


  • Google and Directory submission – While some users view directory submission as being no longer relevant, the fact is that getting listed in the directory will lead to more inbound traffic.


Granted it will not happen right away but as long as you’re listed in the right directory and under the correct category, you should start getting some traffic soon.


Try and get your website listed in some of the top directories like DMOZ, Pegasus, Yahoo etc.


  • Cross linking – If you are wondering how to rank number 1 on google, then you need to cross link more often. Google views sites that have a good amount of secondary and tertiary page linking along with good internal page linking as more relevant to users, e.g. Wikipedia.


So try and link back to your own internal pages, get some websites in the same niche to link one of their pages to your own.


Getting linked back to a secondary or tertiary page rather than just the main web page should help ramp up your rankings on google.


4) Mobile Friendly Website


Smartphones and other portable devices are cheaper today, widely accessible and nearly every online user uses it.


Google is aware of this and has started penalizing websites that are not mobile friendly while rewarding those, that are mobile friendly.


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So redesign your website, make sure that its well optimized, and that all the pages are loading correctly on portable devices.


You can use the geo tagging feature to target local customers and theme your content accordingly, and this should help you with your rankings as well.


Instead of wondering how to rank page 1 on google, try making your website mobile friendly and you should land better rankings on SERPS.


5) Images and Videos


You can also publish images and videos on photo sharing websites like Flickr, Picasa, Youtube, Dailymotion and others.


This should help drive more traffic to your website and in turn, help you get ranked higher on search engines.


Google also indexes images on your website, and will use this data along with your content to determine if your website provides relevant information or not.


Just remember not to overload your website with too many images or Flash content.


6) Google, Inbound vs Outbound Links


While Google mostly utilizes inbound links or links pointing back (Backlinks) to your website from other sites as a metric for ranking on SERPS, nevertheless outbound links are important too and here’s why.


According to Harsh Aggarwal, Google analyzes each inbound or outbound link to determine relevance to the content on your website. But seeding a few outbound links into your content can actually help make your content seem authoritative and rank higher on account of providing relevant information to the user.


Having relevant outbound links will help others to link back to your own website, just remember that the websites you link back to are relevant to the topic in question.


For example, this article is on “how to Get Ranked on Page 1 on Google Search Results”, linking it back to google and other authoritative sources should make it more credible.


So, if you’re asking yourself on how to get your website listed on google first page then try making it more authoritative and link back to other authoritative pages. This should help your website rank better on SERPS.


7) Article Directories


There are quite a few online article directories that you can use to post content along with your web link.


The process can seem cumbersome and may take a while but it is still an effective way of deep linking the pages of your website.


8) PPC and Ad Campaigns


PPC and other ad campaigns are an effective method by which you can drive more customers to your website for targeted keywords.


And with more customers, more links pointing back to your website, you should start seeing an increase in your position on search engine results.


9) Testimonials and Reviews to Rank Better in Google


Of late, more and more users have started posting reviews on well-known business sites, and of course with link pointing back to their website.


While as a link building strategy this may not have much impact, the point being that google views links from sites they consider “good” to be of value. This will have some impact on your rankings as well.


So the next time you purchase a product or service from a vendor, try posting a review or two and link back to your website.


To Conclude

These are some of the tips, which you can utilize to help you get ranked higher on google.


And of course, it goes without saying that google will never reward mediocre content, or websites that use link farms to purchase backlinks.


So avoid those, try the white hat methods listed above and in time, you should get ranked on the first page of google search results. It will take some effort on your part but if you end up on the top position in SERPS, it should be well worth it.


According to Search engine watch, and the latest study, a top ranking position on Google can net you as much as 33% more traffic than your competitors.


After all, getting ranked on the first page of google search engine results should ramp up the traffic to your website in no time at all.


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How to Get a First Page Google Search Ranking Using SEO?

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