19 April 2024
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How To Generate Leads On LinkedIn


With 30 million companies using LinkedIn today, it’s no doubt that this platform is the largest source of business professionals the world knows. This opens dozens of opportunities to find leads on LinkedIn provided you come up with the right lead generation strategy. 

Why Use LinkedIn for Lead Generation?

If you still don’t use LinkedIn to generate leads, you definitely should start to, and here is why:

LinkedIn has the best lead generation power

LinkedIn’s users are mostly represented by business-oriented people. So, it’s no surprise that the platform can boast of the biggest lead generation power among all social media. In fact, 80.33% of all B2B leads are generated from LinkedIn.

Why use LinkedIn for lead generation

It connects you to decision-makers

LinkedIn allows reaching out to professionals who have weight in decision-making processes. Around 100 million LinkedIn users are either top-level influencers or hold decision-making positions. What is more, there are 17 million opinion leaders and 10 million C-Level executives on the platform.

Its users are active

LinkedIn now has over 1 Billion Users, half of whom use the platform regularly. Besides, 2 million posts, articles, and videos are published on LinkedIn every day. It proves that this is where the action is. 

It offers many targeting options

LinkedIn is an ideal channel for reaching your target audience. Among its numerous profile search options, you may find leads based on their job position, company name, size, etc. This allows conducting your search in the most accurate way possible.  

It’s a perfect space for B2B marketing

If the previous reasons don’t sound persuasive enough, consider the fact that B2B marketers perceive LinkedIn as the heart of their activity. While 97% of B2B marketers use it for their content marketing efforts, 79% see LinkedIn as an effective source of lead generation.

LinkedIn Lead Generation Best Strategies

LinkedIn is a perfect place for you to launch your lead generation campaign. What you need is to find your approach, which you’ll be able to come up with as soon as you have a picture of your LinkedIn opportunities. We’ll draw this picture for you by offering 8 lead generation strategies you may use for free.

#1. Create an Attractive LinkedIn Profile

It may seem evident, but your LinkedIn profile matters a lot. Ensure it has a balanced mix of individual accomplishments and your business objectives. Add a professional, recently made photo that fits LinkedIn size requirements: 400 X 400 pixels.

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Optimize your headline so that it sounds like a value proposition. Extend your headline in the compelling summary and make sure it contains keywords your potential leads may be searching for. 

#2. Scan Individual Profiles

Not only your profile deserves much of your attention. Be ready not just to browse, but scan individual profiles of leads you are about to generate. Learn more about their experience, interests, the events they are attending, and so on. Find out if they have their channels or blogs. All this information may become your hook in your efforts to build connections with them.

The best way to get leads on LinkedIn is by optimizing your profile with a professional photo and a compelling headline. Engage in relevant groups and share valuable content to showcase your expertise. Additionally, personalized connection requests and direct messages can foster meaningful connections and generate quality leads.

#3. Publish Engaging Content

Well-thought content plays an important role in generating leads. Remember that when you publish posts on LinkedIn, you reach influential people. 45% of those reading LinkedIn posts hold top positions in their companies, including VPs and CEOs. And when it comes to well-thought content, it has nothing to do with boring texts, which, as many think, suit LinkedIn culture best. They don’t. 

You should analyze your target audience and prepare something that will help you hook people’s attention and brand yourself. If that’s a short article that shows your expertise ― great. If that’s a concise but informative video ― make it. Just remember to ignite your reader’s interest with regular content updates.

#4. Join LinkedIn Groups

LinkedIn allows you to connect with people who belong to the same groups as you. There’s no faster and easier way to find quality prospects. Joining groups is a good opportunity to add value to others, sharing your knowledge and experience. 

Choose groups that are relevant to your industry and whose members are engaged. For example, if you offer marketing automation solutions, target groups that unite people interested in this field: 

LinkedIn lead generation

If the rules of a group allow, share your content that fits the needs of its members. This way, you‘ll be able to target people who will respond to your message and, eventually, get interested in your product.

#5. Comment on Posts and Answer Targeted Questions

You’ll find many comments and questions posted on LinkedIn every day. Participate in group discussions, react to people’s comments, and give high-value responses to those questions that pertain to your expertise. If people hear your professional voice, they are more likely to become curious about your brand.  

#6. Connect with Your Profile Visitors

It’s always a good sign when someone’s just visited your profile as it shows they might be concerned with your company and want to learn more about your product or service. LinkedIn isn’t the place to be shy and wait for their next actions. 

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Connect with your visitors. It doesn’t mean; however, you should rush messaging them immediately. Try to find out why people might be interested in your profile and come up with a personalized strategy to build contact with them. 

#7. Reach Out to Your Former Customers

Why not consider past clients as your potential leads for repeating the deal? They are already aware of your brand and have tried your product or service. In fact, 65% of a company’s business comes from previous customers. You may engage with a former client by making a positive comment about something they’ve achieved. Ask questions about their new projects and try to be helpful.

#8. Use Lead Generation Tools

For bulk lead generation, you might need an email hunter that will make the lion part of your work for you. In particular, they will allow looking for leads on LinkedIn right from your account and scrape their contact details to your prospect list, just like Snov.io does. 

Snov.io has a forever free renewable plan for you to try out all the tools and features and be able to get 50 contacts each month. The most amazing thing is that with its Email Finder, the search process will take you only several minutes. Having a list of potential leads, you will be able to break the ice by contacting them with your irresistible offer.

Generate Leads On LinkedIn

Wrapping Up

LinkedIn is without a doubt your best opportunity for lead generation. Knowing the art of prospecting on this platform, you can end up getting your list of qualified leads, who, if nurtured cleverly, will become your returning customers in the future. And just imagine that the process may cost you nothing. So why not start checking LinkedIn’s lead generation capacity today? 

Disclaimer: This is a collaborative post on behalf of Snov.io, but then again as always, I am devoted to providing content that is supportive and valuable to the readers.

LinkedIn for Lead Generation
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