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Long Tail Keywords for SEO & How to Find Them Easily

Long Tail Keywords for SEO & How to Find Them Easily

You’ve heard the buzz about long tail keywords and you’re now wondering what all the hype is about. Do you need to jump onto the bandwagon and start using them? Will they benefit your website? You may also wonder how to find long tail keywords for SEO?


Is there a long tail keyword research tool or long tail keyword generator that you can use? Do you have to pay for a long tail keywords tool? What are some long tail keywords examples that will help you understand what this is all about?



The world of SEO is changing rapidly and the long tail game is in full swing. If you’re not in the game, you stand to lose out on high quality traffic, website ranking and conversions. So, what do long tail keywords mean?


Long Tail Keywords


Long tail keywords are more specific keyword phrases, and are used to refine search terms and display more specific search results. Just as with short tail keywords, long tails define what is on a page. While long tail keywords and short tail keywords are both essential for web traffic, long tails benefit you more. LT keywords, unlike short tails, are much more specific, draw high quality traffic, and lead to a higher number of conversions in comparison to normal keywords.


For example, if you are a wedding planner who would like to promote your services in Florida, it is of little or no avail to use a generic keyword (albeit high traffic one) such as “wedding planners”, since the traffic you get will be equally generic with lower conversions. On the contrary, a long tail keyword such as “wedding planners in Florida” brings your business to the attention of those who are specifically searching for help with planning a wedding in Florida.


Why Long Tail Keywords Are Important To SEO


Gone are the days when boosting keyword rankings was all that mattered. In earlier days, you just needed to build links and track your keywords and watch their ranking go up. Now, however, long tail keywords have taken over! If you are a publisher, using long tail keywords puts you into a corner of the market that may be smaller than usual, but which has as much potential as larger markets.



With a bit of smart optimization, the majority of your traffic will end up coming from long tail keywords. More importantly, when you analyze your traffic, you’ll find that most of your conversions are from these keywords. As stated by Moz.com, “Keyword research is one of the most important, valuable, and high return activities in the search marketing field. Ranking for the right keywords can make or break your website.”


how to find long tail keywords for seo


In the words of Brian Dean of Backlinko.com, “One of my all-time favorite ways to brainstorm new keyword ideas is to head over to popular forums in my industry. Where else can you find hundreds – and sometimes thousands – of people asking and answering questions about your site’s topic? After all, if someone asks a question on a forum you KNOW that there are other people asking that same question in Google.”


To sum up why long tail keywords are important to SEO:


  • There is less competition and you end up with higher search rankings and increase the likelihood of getting targeted web traffic.
  • Higher SERP ranking for all optimized pages.
  • More conversions, since users searching for specific keywords are in the final stage of buying and are more likely to choose your services.


How To Use Long Tail Keywords to Boost Your Site’s Ranking


The highly coveted first page of Google search results – if only it was easy to just jump ahead and get there! Well, it actually is. Working with long tail keywords involves a bit of work to begin with and the way to success is to use the right ones.


how to target long tail keywords

Before you start searching for long tail keywords, you need to have a clear idea of what you’d like to promote to your users, as well as the mission of your brand and your website. Once you have your mission clear, choose a good keyword research tool that you’re comfortable with and get started. Some tools are suggested further on in this article, and these will help you in your long tail search, apart from getting you started off with how to target long tail keywords.


Enter your seed keywords to get a list of long tail suggestions. If you’re wondering how to rank long tail keywords, simply filter through the list of keywords returned for the most relevant and in-demand choices, or check on keywords your competition is using so that you know what to focus on. You can likewise check out this video posted by Quicksprout.com, “here they will teach you a few techniques you can use to find long tail keywords ideas that the Google Keyword Planner tool won’t show you.”



Having found a list of long tail or long term keywords that directly apply to your service category, what next? While avoiding keyword stuffing, integrate these keywords and their variations into your content. So where do you integrate them so that they are effective?


  • In your main page and article titles.
  • In article subtitles.
  • In your page Meta description.
  • Include long tail keywords in bullet points.
  • Within post content.
  • In your website’s internal links.
  • Within comments and testimonials.


Keep in mind the intent of each keyword when you set out to use long tail keywords in your content. When you remember intent, keywords will blend in with your content and make it pleasant to read, reducing your bounce rate. Ensure that your pages are not over optimized, and you’ll soon get sophisticated search engines and potential customers excited about your website.how to find long tail keywords free



To make your inclusion of long tail keywords more effective, create regular, unique and useful content, preferably on a consistent schedule. Ideally, at least one targeted article of around 400 words per keyword can get you astounding results. Also, use a variety of long tail keywords throughout your website.


Search engines love diversity, and when you mine your long tails from your existing content and incoming search terms, they will love your site even more. Once you’ve got a regular schedule to publish your articles, build your social media presence around your pages. The more sites point back at your pages, the higher your rank will be.


Top Long Tail Keywords Research & Generator Tools


Having decided to use long tail keywords, how do you go about with the actual search? How to find long tail keywords free and can you also delve into details such as long tail keyword search volume? There are several free and paid tools that can unearth treasures in terms of long tail keywords, and here are some of them.



When it comes to Google and long tail keywords, Google AdWords keyword research tool is what probably pops into your mind. Google Autosuggest, though, is a little known gem of a tool hidden in plain sight! Simply enter in your generic search term and Google pulls out long tail keyword suggestions based on popularity.


long tail keyword research tool


Additionally, these keywords are displayed at the bottom of all your Google search results pages.


long tail keywords tool


This handy tool from Google helps you refine your keywords, which is the first step to long tail integration. Additional keyword tools, though, are needed if you would like to see details such as CPC, search count and competition information.


 Long Tail Keywords for SEO


WordStream’s free keyword tool returns individual keyword search data as well as related long tail keywords of paid and organic search campaigns.


Simply enter the word or phrase you’d like to search for and get an exhaustive list of long tail suggestions.

Filter out the keywords you require or enter your e-mail address and get the entire list of 100 most popular keywords delivered to your inbox.


  • HitTail

 Long Tail Keywords for SEO


This is a paid service but is certainly worth the investment since you get to find long tail keywords that are tailor made for your site. For HitTail to work, you need to have at least 1,500 unique site visitors each month.



This tool analyzes your existing traffic and gets you long tail keywords based on keywords that are currently driving traffic to your site. Apart from boosting the ranking of older content, it helps create internal linking and gets you more targeted traffic. All plans in HitTail are free for trial for a period of 21 days.


 Long Tail Keywords for SEO


This free long tail research tool scrapes Google Suggest for keywords that you search for. Apart from returning a list of keywords, you also get specifics such as search volume and keyword competition. While not every keyword may work for you, you certainly get a lot of choices, thanks to UberSuggest’s algorithm.




 Long Tail Keywords for SEO


Long Tail Pro is a paid service, but is highly recommended and worth the investment. This desktop-based keyword solution comes with a 10-day free trial and it is a breeze to find long-tail keywords with this keyword research tool.



Long Tail Keywords for SEO


Back to the world of free tools, KeywordTool.io is a power packed service that lets you find up to 750 long tail keywords for every term you enter. While it is similar to UberSuggest in that it uses Google Suggest as its base for search terms, it is way more powerful.


You have the added benefit of choosing from 83 different languages and 192 Google domains for your search! If you’d like additional information such as search volume, CPC and competition analysis, you can choose between multiple paid pro versions with varying features to suit your requirements.


 Long Tail Keywords for SEO


If you’re up against some stiff competition, SEMrush is the tool for you! Get a list of your top competitors’ URLs and enter them into this tool for a list of the primary keywords your competitors are bidding on.


This is, of course, a paid search, but is certainly worth the investment if you’d like to find out what long tail keywords your competitors are using, learn how to make long tail keywords that boost your presence, and beat them at their own game. You can check out SEMrush 30 days free trial offer.


In summary, if you don’t wish to remain stagnant and are all set to get out there and get ahead of your competitors, you definitely need to use long tail keywords instead of generic head keywords. Understand your mission and your brand, identify the right keywords and integrate them in your existing content without over-optimizing it.


Add unique, high quality, new content periodically, with preferably each article or page centered around just one long tail keyword. Proudly flaunt your fresh content on social media and build brand presence. While you may not see results overnight, you will certainly reap the benefits of using these keywords in the days ahead.


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