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How to Drive More Leads with Email Marketing

How to Drive More Leads with Email Marketing

Email marketing is one of the ways that businesses are getting leads and potential lifelong customers to their business. However, it is a tricky subject. What works for one person and their emails, may not work for another.

Another obstacle to overcome is the fact that email marketing seems to change from week to week. What works this month may be obsolete next month.

However, there are things that you can do now that are always going to help you get more leads with the email marketing campaign that you have for your business.

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What is Your Email Strategy?

First things first, what is your email strategy? A strategy is a must have. If you have no strategy, then you can almost guarantee that your email marketing plan is going to be hit and miss. Each email you send should have a purpose and there should be an organized process for sending these emails to those in your email list.

There are two strategies that every person needs to incorporate into their email strategy. These are the educational newsletters that are meant to educate and provide value to the reader.

They are not meant to be a sales pitch…this is a great way to show why you are a leading business in your industry.

The other strategy is a drip campaign. This is a strategy that is sent to your email list when they are triggering an action. For example, you may have a white paper on your website that people must download. Once they input their email, you then drip emails related to this white paper and services that they may be interested in.

A tip to remember about your email strategy: always examine how well this strategy is working. You may find that you need to spend more time with one or two elements of your strategy to make them work. There is no one size fits all when it comes to email strategies, you have to utilize what works for your business.

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Collect More Emails

The email list that you have will include all those emails that you have collected by various methods. However, in order to increase your leads with email marketing, a great strategy is to collect more emails.

The more emails you send, the more likely you are going to see returns on these emails. However, you must be careful! You have to utilize the proper methods of getting these emails.

One of the most popular methods is through lead magnets that offer something of value in exchange for the email of the person. You can also promote this lead magnet via your social media channels for even more exposure.

A great tip to remember: people often will give you their email address if you are offering something free that is considered valuable! Many times, people will give you an email address for a coupon for their next purchase. Or for those businesses providing resources, for access to an eBook that is meant to help them.

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Consider Pay Per Click Advertising

Pay per click advertising is a great way to reach an audience and potential collect even more emails for your email list. In return, this could increase the leads that you are getting with your email marketing campaign.

How do these work? An advertisement is put out there, and those who click on this are taken to whatever destination you want, a landing page, your website or even to the lead magnet that you have set up. A PPC marketing agency can provide you with the expertise in developing this PPC campaign that is going to be successful.

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What Rate are you Sending Emails?

This is an important question to ask. For those who send too many emails per week, they are hurting themselves. When people are getting emails back to back from you, they are going to unsubscribe and simply dismiss what you are telling them.

For those who send out too few of emails, they may be dismissed because the customer does not realize who they are. Finding that important middle ground is a must to ensure that you are getting the leads that you want with email marketing.

What is the perfect number? You have to experiment and find this out. Some businesses send one per day, others only send one per week. You have to look at what industry you are in and the open rate of your emails from customers.

There are some businesses who send an email every day. However, when you do this, be sure that this is not a sales email every day. You will want to switch this up with content that is educational, along with sales promotions.

Through differing your content, you will find that you can increase the rate as to when you send these emails to customers. Tip: be sure that you have segmented your email addresses. If people are only interested in one area of your business, they are not going to care about something else.

This is where a valuable email marketing platform is helpful, as you can set up tags for sending emails to select email addresses.

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Ensure Emails are Personalized and Automatic!

Email campaigns are being revolutionized with personalization and automation. When a person opens up an email that is addressed specifically to them that uses their first name, they are more likely to pay attention to what is being said.

The same email information presented in a way that simply says “Dear Reader or Customer” is not perceived as well as if the first name is used.

Automation helps to save you time, and it also ensures that emails are getting to those customers when they are needed. For example, have a great sale going next week? Then you can set up emails to send out to customer before and during this event to help with leading to even more sales.

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An Email Must be Effective

Too many people are not creating an email that is effective. They simply paste information and then hope for the best.

However, with a little time, you can ensure that every email you send is effective. What goes into making an email effective? These elements:

  • The subject line is going to be the deciding factor as to whether someone opens the email or deletes it immediately. You want something that is engaging enough to make the person open the email.
  • The content should be concise and informative. Most people say that the content should be kept between 100 and 200 words.
  • Be sure to use your subscribers name to personalize this! Remember, personalization can make a huge difference.
  • Close the email with a call to action that will inform the reader of what they need to do next. This is important and be sure that you are using active verbs! Active verbs are going to be those that encourage a person to act with just a single word.
  • Consider using some images in your email, as our brains process images faster than actual written content. Be sure the images are unique to you, not something that can be seen anywhere you look.
  • Be sure to integrate your social media links inside the email so that people can easily connect with you!

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How Can You Tell If your Email Campaign Needs Help?

For many people, they often think that their email campaign is just fine. However, there is almost always room for improvement. So, how can you tell that your email campaign needs help? Here are a few ways:

  • If you notice that you are having a high unsubscribe rate, then chances are the content that you are sending out is not getting you noticed. This type of mistake is costing you leads!
  • People are not opening your emails at all. This could show that your subjects are simply not interested, so it may be time to rethink the content strategy that you are using.
  • No opens? Could it be that your email is being identified as Spam? This is a huge problem for those marketers who are sending tons of emails per day or week.

Last Word

An effective email marketing campaign is going to ensure that you are getting leads from the content that you are sending.

However, it is more than simply sending an email and letting this go. You have to work with this, find what works, experiment with the content and the like.

Through taking time to invest in your email marketing campaigns, you can increase the number of leads that these emails are sending your way!

How to Drive More Leads with Email Marketing
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