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How to Begin Your Work at Home Transcription Career

How to Get Started with Work at Home Transcription Career

There are several opportunities for entry-level transcription jobs from home. Some companies insist on an onsite job, whereas many others offer options to become a general online transcriber or an online medical transcriptionist.

What is a Transcriptionist?

Well, to put it in nutshell, a transcriptionist puts on a headset or a pair of earphones and types out the audio played on a tape.

How to Get Started with Work at Home Transcription Career

Sound simple? I’d say it’s a pretty easy job if you’re dedicated enough. You must be a good listener. But that said, all audio files are not the same. Some could be a breeze, while others are more complicated.

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There are different accents, for one. Again, audio is not always clear enough. You may have to listen to snippets repeatedly. But you can become good at it with enough practice.

As far as payment is concerned, you can earn around $10 or $20 per audio hour for beginners and around $50 and above for experienced transcriptionists.  Some might just pay the minimum wages.

How to Become a Transcriptionist? Basic Requirements

  • Work from home transcription jobs are flexible and most companies are willing to recruit beginners, so all you need to do is to pass a preliminary test to get the job.
  • For any transcription work from home, you need a good Internet speed, as you have to send/receive audio files for home based medical transcription jobs as well as general ones.
  • All transcriber jobs online require a Headset, foot pedal, scribe software and other equipment for transcribers.

Practice Sessions

As I mentioned earlier, companies are ready to recruit beginners for online transcription jobs, but you need to pass their tests. Don’t dive into these tests headlong.

Get practice from various online sites, in order to improve your skills. Most tests for general transcription as well as medical transcription jobs at home are based on listening and typing accuracy as well as speed, as well as grammar/spelling and related terminology.

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You must be proficient in English, have a good vocabulary and be familiar with both professional and colloquial terms and usage to work from home medical transcription or general transcription. Also try out some transcription HITs found on Mechanical Turk (Amazon)

Types of Transcription Jobs Online

Though there are plenty of options for online medical transcription jobs at home, there are other specializations as well.

#1. General Transcription Jobs

You have to type out a dictation; a lecture; a phone message; an interview; speech; videos, based on business, law, academics. Most are audio transcription jobs, but there is also video based ones. There are also some specializations, which are different from general transcription jobs, but you need experience for this.

#2. Specialized Transcription

  • Financial or corporate transcriptions are a kind of specialization. You must be familiar with the industry terms related to annual reports, industry earnings and the like.
  • It’s a booming job market.
How to Begin Your Work at Home Transcription Career

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Medical Transcription at home requires transcribing the dictation of physicians, for adding to the medical files of a patient. Since the job of a medical transcriber is specialized, you need a certification program or an associate degree to get medical transcription training. This will help you get jobs related to medical transcription from home.

#3. Data Entry

It is the simplest transcription work online requiring minimum skills. It’s good to start with this, though the payment isn’t much.

Companies like Scribie and QuickTate offer such data entry jobs, where you have to listen to brief audio tapes and transcribe them for a fixed rate

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#4. Offline Captioners

You can work offline or online (real-time) from home. You have to transcribe audio from recorded videos or live videos, and add them as captions.

#5. CART

(Communication access for real time translation) offers captioning in real time to those having hearing impairment. The person can work directly on the site, such as schools or conferences, or also work from remote locations)

Are you Suitable?

If you’re wondering whether you are suitable for this job, just record conversations and check out how long it takes for you to transcribe a minute of audio. If you can do it in about 3 minutes, you’re good to go as a beginner. You must type fast and use the correct equipment/technology for increasing speed.

How to Get Transcription Work?

There are plenty of sites offering transcription work for beginners without experience. Apply directly to companies offering the work, such as crowdsourcing platforms like Upwork; Mechanical Turk.

They don’t need any specialized skill or a technical knowledge. So, you can get started with these. You can start working right away using a computer at home along with good quality equipment.

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Companies Offering Transcription Work:







GMR Transcription

Daily Transcription


Accutran Global

Casting Words

Try out these other tips as well for landing your first job.

Search Twitter for ‘need transcriber’. Contact them with offers, you could well be on your way to your first successful transcription work.

Get permission to put some posters of your transcription service at universities. Researchers generally need transcription of their interviews

Join platforms that advertise transcription jobs, like Proz, offering a decent price, to get freelance transcription jobs.

Use the social media to spread the word.

#  Join transcription groups in LinkedIn. Others in the group might pass on work due to an overflow, helping you find at home transcription jobs.

Get Going

Before launching into transcription work as a full time or part time career from home, complete the basic requirements.

It’s a demanding job, so make use of ergonomic equipment. Get good software for managing the work. Understand what the client’s needs are, as there are several variations in requirements.

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For instance, there’s British spelling, US spelling; including pauses; polishing up sentences; including a time stamp; use of templates; style guides; and so on.

And yes, always remember to ask for feedback. You can use a good feedback for your references (client permitting, of course)!!

It might all seem intimidating to begin with, but things get easier with practice and time. Be determined and stick it out. Good luck with a transcription job.!!!

How to Begin Your Work at Home Transcription Career
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