21 April 2024
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Don’t Quarantine Your Business: Here’s How Businesses Can Thrive In COVID-19 Pandemic And Beyond


We have never been so aware of such economic downturns in human history and expected that we will ever see a pandemic. From constant panic to rushing for everything that can be done before the possible shutdown, we have seen many reactions from the brands in this COVID-19 outbreak.

When around 1/3rd of the world’s population ended up staying home due to the COVID-19 pandemic, many brands were on the edge of collapse. With the sheer rise in the number of cases, we are still living in the uncertainty of seeing a permanent solution to get back to everyday life. 

Economists have predicted the loss of trillions of dollars as we see one of the world’s worst recessions. We understand it’s a tough time for everyone to survive in the market. But we can still say there is hope if brands start leveraging the power of digital marketing. Even though the real world’s condition is worse, the online world is even more active than before. 

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More than 120 million shoppers have come online in 2018 in India, and that number will cross over 200 million with CAGR of 28% by 2025. Industries were already looking forward to boosting their online presence before the pandemic stroke. With over 100% rise in online shopping in the nation, many entrepreneurs and businesses have realized the true potential of digital marketing in the long run.

Digital World is Growing BIG

Yes, digital is the future. From daily needs like sanitizers, groceries, etc. to luxury items like washing machines, smart TV, etc., more and more people are shopping online and physically avoiding going to a store. Considering the change in consumer behavior, it’s time to switch to digital marketing techniques.

Here are some of the growing trends in digital marketing we are going to see:

#1. Integrated Marketing on the Rise

Digital marketing has nothing to do with COVID-19 restrictions. Experts favor integrated marketing, where brands will already know about changing customer behaviors and needs. The marketers need to know their customers now and then use data, custom tools, and technology to level up their digital marketing game.

Old brand strategies provide a generalized experience to the customers. And the keywords can be relevant and personalized for more personal experience. Marketers would have to rethink their strategy in the post-COVID-19 world and technologies which will be required. Which methods can transform their business and help them get away with the crisis and save money should also be discussed.

Marketing technology, which can be helpful with the above needs, will be deemed vital. The old strategies will go up in a pile of junk of those promises which never worked for ROI in marketing. Keep the old brand funnel structure in mind to trace the customer behavior. It tracks from the time when customers feel that they need a product and start searching for the same to the time when they order the product.

But these trends have been outdated in the digital market. Customers may not even know the product on the web. So, it would help if you placed your ads strategically on relevant searches on e-commerce portals or social media to grab their eyes.

Online reviews can help drive the ultimate purchase and customer interest. These days, traditional brand funnel no longer works, which predicts the same customer behavior. You need to follow new trends and use new tools that are rising.

#2. Local SEO Still Works Best

People are always looking for products and services in their area. Especially after lockdown, people prefer to find a business that is nearby their home instead of going miles away. So, it’s the right time to optimize your website for local SEO. It is very cost-effective, and you can enjoy great returns with it. Places ‘near me’ are searched a lot these days. So, you can enjoy great returns by optimizing your site.

Local SEO Still Works Best

However, it comes with responsibilities. You should do more than just being found and receiving orders. You should be able to provide the best service possible.

Having positive reviews is one of the best ways to be ranked well. If you are focusing on higher customer satisfaction, chances are you will get a massive number of positive reviews, which can attract new customers.

#3. A Career in Digital Marketing

Many economists and market researchers have favored the significant growth of the virtual arena for online shopping, considering the demands of the current situation when physical restaurants and stores have become experiential joints.

According to a study in 2017, there has been a 56% growth in the need for digital marketing jobs. On the other side, only 24% of digital marketers were able to meet the market’s increasing demands and conditions. The need for skilled digital marketers has been almost tripled over the past few years.

It will create a savvier and fresher breed of digital marketers. It is an excellent opportunity for many entrepreneurs to meet the changing needs of the digital market and move on.

#4. Shift on ROI

The influx of online shopping has helped brands improve their reach and investments with a considerable change in the market. It would allow more in online marketing and building presence online.

ROI Return on Investment

All the digital channels and tools like ads, SEO, and conversation marketing will see a remarkable rise in investments and ROI during and after the pandemic.

#5. Email Marketing to Increase Reach

Email marketing has always been active, and it is even more beneficial in this crucial period. You may have overlooked this strategy because your clients were too busy to read the whole newsletter.

Since they are at home with enough time, this is the right time to engage with them, seek their feedback, and get in touch with them.

Email marketing

This avenue can help you build trust, share helpful content with many people, and strengthen your relationship. If email marketing is used smartly, it can help create a loyal customer base.

#6. Don’t Overlook PPC Marketing

Yes, we are serious! You might be wondering whether you should think of advertising now. It is the best time. Your target audience is live and ready to pay more attention than before. What else do you need to promote your brand now?

Of course, we can’t guarantee that they will buy your product. But you can at least plant the seed. Whenever they think of your product or service, they would first think of your brand, and there are chances that they will want to buy from your business.

#7. Small and Medium Businesses to Work Together

Brands are continually going digital as the future is online. A lot of businesses are looking for symbiotic collaborations to work together. It would bring a lot of benefits for small and medium enterprises.

There is a great demand for what they have to offer. They can invest a lot more money in marketing by sharing costs and working together. They can quickly reach a vast customer base by creating a large entity to meet particular needs that individual brands cannot meet independently.

User familiarity is another significant consideration here. A customer will want to get back to a business where everything is available under one roof, from a pen to cupboards. A variety of brands doesn’t matter for them as they don’t have to visit several websites for all of their needs.

India to Become a Key Market for Outsourcing Work

#8. India to Become a Key Market for Outsourcing Work

A vast spectrum of this constantly-changing market seems to be shifting to India within the next few years. The young and wannabe entrepreneurs show their excellence in digital marketing, and the nation has no lack of natural talent. But cost-effective online skills cannot be overlooked.

Digital marketers and entrepreneurs in India will see considerable demand from brands worldwide. This is the moment that both developers and digital marketers are about to embrace.

Wrap Up -Don’t Quarantine Your Business

No one wants to risk their health by going to the market physically, especially in this tough time, and even non-tech-savvy audiences are learning how to shop online. They continually realize the benefits of ordering everything online from soap to refrigerator at the comfort of their homes.

It brings a revolution that is surprising as no market research could have forecasted the same. It is a great time to shift towards digital mediums that marketing brands should focus on.

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Don’t Quarantine Your Business
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