4 March 2024
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How The Best Car Blogs Make Money (And How You Can Do It Too)

How the Best Car Blogs Make Money (and How You Can Do It Too)

How the Best Car Blogs Make Money

Are you looking to turn your passion for cars into a source of income?

Good news. You don’t have to start working at a junkyard or applying for jobs at every used car dealership in your city.

Instead, you can blog about all things cars! Yes — believe it or not, it’s entirely possible to make a living blogging. But with well over 600 million blogs on the Internet today, you need to have one of the best car blogs if you want to grow your income.

So, how can you make it happen?

Read on to find out.

Choose Your Niche

Before we get into the details of how you can earn a living off of your car blog, let’s first set one important ground rule.

If you expect to have one of the best car blogs on the Internet, then you’re going to need to write content that is as specific as possible. While it might be tempting to write about anything and everything relating to cars, taking too general of an approach isn’t a smart idea.


First of all, because you won’t be able to position yourself as an expert in any specific niche. This means that you’ll rank lower in search engine results, and lose traffic to websites that have a targeted audience in mind.

For example, take a look at this website. They don’t write about just traffic tickets. Instead, they write about the different traffic penalties in Florida, and what constitutes a violation in that state.

This means that they’ll get more targeted traffic, which leads to longer time spent on a website. This, in turn, leads to higher rankings in the search engines and an increased rate of conversion.

The best car blogs are those that cover a single topic — like vintage cars or the best DIY car repair tips — as thoroughly as possible.

To find your niche, make a list of your favorite things about cars, and narrow it down from there.

Write Online Reviews

Recent studies show that over 90% of consumers read online reviews before they decide to make a purchase or work with a company.

This means that writing online reviews of new car models, car parts, or pretty much any other car-related product will help your blog to become much more popular.

These online reviews are also an excellent way to increase your blog’s revenue.


First of all, it’s all about affiliate marketing.

When you write a review of a specific car or product, make sure to include links to where your readers can purchase these products online. Then, the companies and manufacturers of these products will be able to see how many of your readers clicked on the embedded links to go to their site.

Whenever one of your readers buys that specific product, you’ll get a commission.

Plus, you’ll establish your reputation as an expert in your field, meaning it will be easy to grow your readership.

One quick thing to keep in mind when writing online reviews? Always make sure that, if the content is sponsored or if you’re getting a commission, you mention that fact somewhere in the post or on your blog.

No one wants to feel like they’re getting a dishonest review. Always be up front with your readers, and they’ll keep coming back.

Offer to Write Guest Posts

Another way you can work to make sure you have one of the best car blogs out there?

By writing guest posts for other industry blogs.

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First of all, lots of car blogs pay their contributors, meaning you could make hundreds of dollars for well-researched articles. However, even if the website you’re writing the guest post for is unable to pay you for your work, you’ll likely still see your blog’s revenue increase.


Because you’re writing content that is going to be read by people who are already interested in the kinds of things you sell on your blog. Instead of writing for a random audience and hoping that one or two of them will be into cars, you’re selling directly to your target market.

Plus, the followers of larger industry blogs that like your writing will likely follow your blog, which can help you to increase your ad revenue and grow your influence online.

Create Premium Content

One of the smartest money-making moves that the best car blogs know to always take advantage of?

Putting their premium content behind a paywall.

As long as you’re creating high-quality, engaging free content, your readers will have no problem paying to get the best you have to offer. This can be especially lucrative if you’re able to get access to models and products to review or test out before they go on the market.

It’s a great idea to put content that appeals to as many readers as possible behind your paywall. For example, write about understanding different types of car loans, learning to strike a bargain with a dealer, or the best cars for families.

You can also write longer car-buying guides or DIY manuals, and charge a set fee for readers to get access to your e-book.

What Else Do the Best Car Blogs Do to Earn More Money?

As you can see from this post, there’s more to earning revenue from your blog than just traditional relationships with online advertisers.

As long as you get specific with your content, consider creating premium content, and write guests posts for the big names in the industry, you’ll have one of the best car blogs in no time.

However, remember that blogging and digital marketing change quickly. Yesterday’s rules may not apply today. If you’re not with the times, you could end up losing money.

To make sure you’re always on top of the latest blogging trends and revenue ideas, follow our blog to remain on top.

Blogging for the first time?

Check out our quick and easy guide on how to create a blog to get started making money.

How the Best Car Blogs Make Money
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