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Grammarly Review – The Best & Most Powerful Grammar Checker?

Grammarly Review - The Best & Most Powerful Grammar Checker

Grammarly Review – Is it the best online grammar checker and is it really worth it? Let’s find out.

When it comes to writing articles and blog posts, even the most seasoned writer is prone to making the odd grammatical mistakes every now and then.

Grammar errors can be a serious turn-off, and can prove to be a blemish on your writing skills. I think everyone can unanimously agree with me when I say: Typos and Grammar Mistakes can be a deal breaker

However, as always, technology can help you out of the trickiest situations as there are many tools available which can help correct your content, right from the glaring errors to the minutest of spelling mistakes.

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Grammarly Review - The Best & Most Powerful Grammar Checker

There are several free online spelling and grammar check software out there marauding as the best grammar checker, but the underlying question is; which is the best spell check and grammar check website out there?

In this article, I am going to unveil, in my opinion, the top online grammar checker which can pull you out of the hole and help: Check your grammar right from your browser

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And to further make the deal juicy, there’s also a bundled Plagiarism detector to ensure that your: Content is unique and not just a rehashed article.

This ‘quick-fix’ tool in question is Grammarly and today; I am going to dedicate an entire article on this awesome piece of ‘freenium’ software.

Sure, you must have tried and tested several online grammar correction software’s already, but what sets the grammar checker in Grammarly review apart from its peers is: Grammarly’s powerful grammar checking algorithms which can help fix 250 types of errors!

Grammarly Review

Proofreading can indeed be a painful ordeal and many writers seemingly never go about proofreading their work because of the faith they put in their own writing.

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Grammarly can help proofread your work within a matter of minutes, before you turn it in, to assure you that your work is crisp and free from any:

  • Grammar,
  • Punctuation, and
  • Spelling Errors
best grammar checker

This accurate grammar checker will stub out any:

  • Writing errors,
  • Check Spelling Mistakes, and
  • Vocabulary Usage

Thus ensuring your material and communications will be far more professional.

Subscription Plans – Grammarly Review

To kick off proceedings, I am going to first talk about Grammarly subscription plans.

On signing up with Grammarly, you are given a choice whether to opt for Grammarly free trial which can dig out around:

  • 100 types of grammatical mistakes and
  • Writing errors and also has a
  • Contextual spelling checker.

The free plan is great to use and can help correct English and grammar check sentences. And with Google Chrome, Mozilla or Safari browser installed, the free package even gives you access to extensions for your convenience.

free online spelling and grammar check software

However, the Grammarly free download doesn’t give you access to a whole lot of features ranging from:

  • Plagiarism checkers,
  • Vocabulary enhancement and
  • Citation suggestions, bundled with the premium package only.

If you select the premium plan, you will get unlimited access to use all the benefits of the free package as well as the access to any new features Grammarly brings about later.

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Premium plan also lets you analyzes your text for more than 250 types of grammar mistakes in six distinct writing genres.

Another awesome feature which going premium gives you is the seamless integration it offers with MS Office. This lets Grammarly undertake a spelling and grammar check in word itself and even Outlook email which is pretty cool and tremendously useful, to say the least.

Grammarly Premium is available through the following three subscriptions plans:

  • Monthly – $29.95/month
  • Quarterly – $59.95/quarter ($19.98 per month)
  • Annual – $139.95/year ($11.66 per month)
Grammarly free trial

Basically, the longer the plan, the more economical it proves for you. Having said that, the free plan can easily suffice your grammar checker needs as well.

However, if your work involves only writing articles, you would want to upgrade your account to a premium one if you want to take advantage of its more advanced features, in addition to the grammar checker.

How Does Grammarly Help? – Grammarly Review

As a blogger or a content writer, it’s paramount that your published material is grammatically correct. Instead of going online and doing an online grammar test, Grammarly can help you with its: Brilliant Grammar Checker

Grammarly allows you to choose from over 30 English writing styles which in turn, drastically improve your chances of discovering and correcting any writing errors.

In addition to that, it also lets you choose between British English and American English to suit your writing related requirements.

spelling and grammar check in word

Moreover, Grammarly offers synonyms and vocabulary enhancement suggestions and has an integrated dictionary and thesaurus to make your writing better.

The outstanding part about Grammarly is definitely its amazing interface which encourages writers to start writing within the interface itself instead of using MS Word or any text editors.

Additionally, the auto save feature will ensure that every word is saved and in case your internet connection fails, you shall be notified of the same.

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Grammarly review online editor also lets you email the contents to yourself, once you’re done writing within the online editor to add to your ease of usage.

If you’re an MS Word user, you can either copy-paste your content onto the online-editing interface or better still, undertake spelling and grammar checker in word by making use of the MS Word plugin.

You also have the option to upload documents directly onto the online editor as well, which in turn does a free instant online grammar check, while keeping the formatting intact and saves it back with “.edited” extension.

google spell check

Besides this, Grammarly has the option to let you install a plugin onto the browser of your choice:

  • Chrome
  • Mozilla
  • Safari

Grammarly also aids in detecting plagiarism and provides citation suggestions as well. When a document is analyzed, this writing enhancement software features all the words in the text that could benefit from a stronger word choice.

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You simply go ahead and click on any of the highlighted words and you’re presented with a contextual list of synonyms that could move your writing to the next level. Their grammar checker is simply the best amongst the lot.

Grammarly Review – Unparalleled Customer Service & Support

Grammarly gives you access to 24/7-365 to highly trained and skilled tech support, in turn giving you an assurance that there is someone constantly available to answer all your queries through telephone or live chat thus catering to your needs, real-time. 

Grammarly Customer Support

Besides that, it also has a strong online community called Grammarly Answers for any and all discussions pertaining to grammar checker and English writing which you could avail of thus making it an awesome resource for writers to connect and share knowledge and experiences.

Grammarly Word Plugin – Grammarly Review

Grammarly is a substantial upgrade to the default grammar checker facility on MS Office. Grammarly’s spell check in word is excellent thanks to the Grammarly Add-in for MS office.

You can instantly have a significant impact on your writing abilities with the help of this plugin.

The premium version even lets you proofread and further enhance your writing; all this by simply clicking on the Enable Grammarly button.

Grammarly Review – Plagiarism Checker

Besides being a grammar checker, one of the brilliant features Grammarly offers is their Plagiarism checking tool.

When it comes to posting articles on your blog, the first thing you should undoubtedly check is the originality of the content you’re posting.

Not only that, people today blatantly rip off other author’s painstakingly written work and flaunt it off as their own. Unless your content is crisp and unique, it stands a chance to get lost in the crowd.

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With the assistance of Grammarly Review’s plagiarism-detection tool, all you need to do is copy your text and drop it into the editor and let Grammarly work its magic.

Grammarly has over eight billion documents in its database to compare and analyze your article. This gives you the peace of mind that your content is unique and original and helps set it apart from the others.

For teachers and editors, this is indeed a very useful tool to ensure that their writers or students aren’t turning in copied or unoriginal material.

Grammarly Review - Plagiarism Checker and Proofreading Tool

Proofreader – Grammarly Review

Proofreading can be the most mundane job and hence a lot of authors outsource their proofreading to a human proofreader. When it comes to proofreading, every bit of assistance can prove decisive to ensure your content is perfect.

Once you copy paste your text into its editor, to the right of your content you get colorful breakdown of all your errors.

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You can then click on the text and Grammarly gives you feedback on why it pulled up the particular word/sentence for errors, along with suggestive corrections for the same.

With Grammarly’s proofreader, you can be rest assured that your content is accurate and devoid of any errors as it checks the spelling, grammar checker, vocabulary thereby ensuring your content is always of top-notch quality.

Grammarly Review – Final Thoughts

While Grammarly certainly is no replacement for the human being, it provides an additional line of defense for you, before you turn in your material.

Grammarly can definitely be of great help for people who aren’t familiar with the language and can thus provide better assistance as compared to:

  • Google grammar check, and
  • Google spell check.

While you should not solely rely on Grammarly as a grammar checker, using this in conjunction with your own proofreading skills can prove to be a win-win situation.

One major downside, I have to highlight, is that Grammarly’s Microsoft Office integration is currently only available for Microsoft Windows and not on the Apple platform.

spell check and grammar check website

Although the premium version is a bit expensive, it provides value for money, especially for writers and authors who simply don’t have the time to go through each and every article they churn out daily.

Its grammar checker is second to none can help alleviate your writing woes. Furthermore, you can try out the premium version free for a week if you invite a friend and he/she installs it as well. This will give you a better idea if all the fuss it worth it.

For all others, be sure to check out the free version as it’s sure to have a lasting impression on you and at the very least, you can say goodbye to your silly grammatical mistakes.

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Grammarly Review - The Best & Most Powerful Grammar Checker?
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