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How to Get Paid to Recycle – Make Money Recycling

How to Get Paid to Recycle – Make Money Recycling

Did you know that there are many household things you can recycle for money? Here are the top tips for monetizing stuff that you don’t want any more. You get paid to recycle them. If you’re looking for ‘a recycling center near me that pay’, this is a must-read post for you.


Recycling is a win win situation. You get rid of unwanted stuff and get paid for it as well. You help protect the environment as well. For instance, instead of throwing your old mobile phone or bottles in the garbage and polluting the atmosphere, you can make a decent profit out of it. In fact, it’s considered illegal to throw away phones and other stuff containing toxic elements. Instead, you can opt for services that offer computer recycling for cash.


Make Money Recycling

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Common items that you can recycle for cash are beverage cans, tin food cans, pots, pans, clothes, wine bottles, scrap metal, plastic, paper, cardboard recycling for money and glass to name a few. You can even get money for old phones from recycling companies or just recycle your laptop.


So, lets start converting your trash into cash.


7 Tips on How to Make Money Recycling

 Tips on How to Make Money Recycling


#1. Check Out Recycling Opportunities


There are several residential services offered for recycling these and other home products, such as tv recycling for cash or phone recycle. Such services usually ask you to set your disposal stuff on the curb on a fixed day. The services pick and sort the stuff and pay you for it.


There are sites like Earth911.com, where you just have to enter your items for recycling and then enter your location. When searching for such sites like ‘paper recycling near me’, you may not get paid for all your stuff, but you’ll still get the benefit of disposing hazardous stuff safely.



#2. Start by Organizing and Sorting Stuff in Your Home


Now that you’ve decided to recycle stuff and get paid for it, start getting it organized before searching for a ‘scrap yard near me’. Sort all the items separately. You can get money for scrap metal or bottles, opt for aluminum can recycling or recycle plastic for cash.


Tip: For instance, if you have aluminum cans, foil, baking pans, make sure that there’s no food waste in it. If you’re interested in recycling batteries for cash, in case of larger batteries, tape up the terminal ends. In case of cardboard boxes, flatten them and remove packaging material inside them.


Recycling for Money


#3. Recycling for Money: Be Creative and Imaginative


Start brainstorming for ideas before you contact a recycling center for money.  For instance, recycling plastic bottles for money or bottle recycling. Check out online sites for tutorials to find a new purpose for your unwanted trash.


For instance, you can find a tutorial for converting a bike wheel into a chandelier or a coffee can into a pot for holding houseplants. Search listings for wine corks on ebay, as many people use these for craft items.


Always do a search on the Internet for places that pay for recycling, before throwing anything away, especially paying attention to plastic recycling or glass recycling.  Either repurpose the item or just try selling junk for cash.


Even a crazy idea like selling your hair is feasible. If you want to crop it for the summer, check it out online and sell it for anywhere from $100 to $1000.



#4. Join Credit Points Programs


While trying to recycle for cash, be sure to check out store credit points or gift cards while trying to recycle old stuff.


Recycle cell phones for cash. For instance, you can opt for electronic recycling for cash. If you recycle an Apple phone or device, you get online credit that you can use for purchasing a new device. Or if you shop at Staples, you can recycle your used cartridge and get paid for it and join their rewards program, using it for online or store purchases.


#5. Recycle Old Clothes


Do a complete closet purge and collect the clothes you wish to discard. There are many cloth-recycling companies from which you can make money for unwanted clothes. You just have to fill in the details of your address, email, mobile number etc. on the online site and request a free collection of your old stuff.


Some sites pay you based on the weight of the clothes. There are sites like Tradesy, which offer you a free listing of clothes and offer you excellent prices. Then, there’s Amazon, Craigslist, eBay and among others.


Or you can try the traditional way of holding a garage sale on weekends.



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#6. Recycle Used Oil: Earn Money Recycling


Did you know you can actually sell your waste vegetable oil to a VWO service company? How to recycle used cooking oil? Filter the oil so that you remove all traces of food, water etc. and store it in the company container. The company will schedule a suitable pickup time or you can deliver it to them. They then sell it to a recycler.


You’ll be pleased to know that apart from getting paid for it, you are also contributing to green initiative. The companies usually weigh your used oil and test it before paying you, based on the current market value.


#7. Food Waste Recycling


Local farmers from a cooperative might be ready to collect organic food waste, as they can use for their farms, and you get paid for it. Register for the service on online sites, sort the waste and store it in containers, and schedule a pick up time. You get receipts for the waste food and can use it for purchasing stuff from the farmers the next time.


You can also contact other food waste recycling sites that collect waste generated in your home. They take away a full bin and then give you a sanitized bin that can go into you kitchen for collecting waste again.



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Wrap Up


Recycling unwanted stuff from your home can bring you economic benefits. However, the price might vary according to the region and the demand for the material in that place.


Check out local recycling centers and know more about the policies of the center. There are several ways to get started and to earn money recycling.


There are aluminum cans, cardboard boxes, electronics, cooking oil, even your old receipts (companies use them for market research), old reclaimed wood, an antique beam, scrap metal, ink cartridges, wine corks, old books, DVDs, handbags, accessories, T shirts, the list is endless. Use online platforms to sell your household trash.


If you look around keenly, you’ll find that almost anything can be recycled. You get compensation and you save the planet from an overload of debris. It’s time we seriously considered recycling electronics and other waste, either for cash or for the environment. So, get started NOW!!!


How to Get Paid to Recycle – Make Money Recycling

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