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Best 20 Flexible Part Time Job Ideas for Night Owls – In 2019

Frexible Part Time Jobs Ideas for Night Owls

Does being a night person significantly affect your employment chances? It shouldn’t anymore as we list out 20 flexible part time job ideas for night owls. To know more ways to earn money online working from home you can also read 30 Best Home Based Business Ideas to Start With Low Investment.


Night Owls – Flexible Part Time Job Ideas for Night Owls


Some people just love to stay up at night. Their body clock just isn’t in sync with the world clock. These night persons seem to be more productive when the world sleeps. So what are some flexible part time job ideas for night owls? Entrepreneur.com, has also listed “25 part time business ideas for people looking to earn some extra cash in their spare time.”



The word freelancing is synonymous with flexibility. You can create your own work schedule and if nights are what work for you, let be it. It is only fitting that the first few jobs on this list are freelancing gigs you could do from the comforts of your home.


#1. Freelance Writer


Are you a talented writer with an inventive approach?flexible part time job ideas for night owls

From writing your own blogs to content writing for clients, freelance writing jobs are available in plenty. To get work, sign up with a firm that gets you regular orders or register yourself on sites like Freelancer.



I have personally felt that night hours happen to be more inspiring and appropriate for writing. One flip side to this is that your clients needn’t be night persons. They might require you to be available during day hours.


Paid Online Writing Jobs


According to Aol.com, “if you want to get your freelance writing career off the ground? One smart strategy is to write guest posts for blogs and online publications. Not only do these posts often pay better than content mill writing, they’re also good ways to get your byline in front of more people. A thoughtful guest post might get you an invitation to write for another client, or it might earn you a few more Facebook and Twitter followers.”


#2. Freelance Web-Designers


Bad with the words but good with the codes?


Writing may not be the thing for you but web-designing could be. Register your profile and portfolio with sites like 99Designs and Dribble to find clients and works that suit your skill and talent.


#3. Data Entry Specialists – Flexible Part Time Job Ideas for Night Owls


Not everyone has the creative mindset for writing and web-designing.flexible part time job ideas for night owls


Data Entry jobs only needs you to type fast with some concentration. You can work from home and choose your own schedule as long as you keep your deadlines.



Previous experience not being a pre-requisite makes it one of the best flexible part time job ideas for night owls.

 Data Entry Bucks


#4. Translators


Learning all those languages at school wasn’t that bad an idea after all.flexible part time job ideas for night owls


If you are fluent in languages other than English, you could provide translation services on a freelance basis. Be sure to check out sites like Text Master and Pacific Interpreters.


#5. Transcription


The large number of companies on the lookout for reliable transcribers makes it another one of those flexible part time job ideas for night owls.



It doesn’t matter when you do the job; you just need to get it done. Night hours sans all the distractions might be a better time for it too.flexible part time job ideas for night owls


Try out the following site links if you are interested –

Transcribeme and Castingwords


Done with the listing of work at home jobs, it is time for us to get out. Service jobs with night shifts offers some flexible part time job ideas for night owls.


The competition is lesser and the anti-social hours generally pay more. Customers tend to be more generous during the night hours and the comparatively higher tips reflect the same.


#6. Waiters and Bar Tenders


You don’t need a college degree for this job and the tips at night are generally great. Payments are on an hourly basis and you can choose when to work.



Bars, pubs, coffee shops and dinner restaurants are wonderful options for the late-wakers.


#7. Baby Sitting


Are you good with kids?


If you think you can keep them under control and get them to do their homework, baby sitting could be a cozy way to earn some extra money.



Help out those parents working late or on a whole night shift. It has to be one of the easiest among all flexible part time job ideas for night owls.


#8. Taxi Driving


Enjoy driving as much as you enjoy staying up late?



While taxi driving can be done during the day too, the fares and tips are the highest at night. Be aware of the licensing regulations set by your local authorities.

Some places to find these jobs are Uber, Ola and Meru.


#9. Security Guards


Don’t be scared yet. I didn’t mean you to be a full fledged security guard for banks, airports or offices.


There are some quiet and unhappening security positions you could take up which are risk less and relaxing. At times, such jobs even give you free time to do other things while you are at it.


If you think you strong and well-built, you could consider working as a bouncer at clubs and pubs.


#10. Casino Dealers


Casinos never sleep.


While they are open 24/7, they need more manpower during the nights. The night shifts are better paying and the tips are liberal.



Thus, working night shifts at casinos is another one of those flexible part time job ideas for night owls.


#11. Courier Companies and Parcel Services


Courier companies require manpower at their hubs. They hire night staff for receiving parcels and mail sorting.


This throws up another job opportunity for night persons.

Check these sites for these jobs – Fedex, DTDC, Bluedart and IndiaPost



#12. Online Tutorship


Do you have a deep understanding of certain specific subjects and a great passion for teaching? Being a night owl shouldn’t stop you from doing what you love.


As stated by Thepennyhoarder.com, “Have you ever considered becoming an online tutor to make extra money?  Well, if you haven’t, you most certainly should.  You can make some serious coin by answering student’s questions, explaining your notes and uploading tutorials.”


You could always offer online tutorship for students in other parts of the globe. Remember that the other half of the world has their day time while its night for you. You could take advantage of that.


Don’t forget to check these websites – Tutor, Vedantu, Chegg Tutors, Tutor India and TeacherOn


According to Forbes.com, “Market research firm Global Industry Analysts, Inc. (GIA) has released a study this past week stating that the global private tutoring market is projected to surpass $102.8 billion by 2018. 

 Teaching Jobs Online


#13. Customer Service Representatives and Call Centers


Do you think you can answer the queries of people over the phone or through chats?



Companies need service representatives to offer around the clock assistance to their consumers. The night shits are generally high paying and apt for night persons.


Most companies give you the freedom to choose your working hours and pay you accordingly. It easily is another one of those flexible part time job ideas for night owls.


#14. Media Sector


Newspaper printing offices and local television stations are potential employers that work at night. They could offer you positions and part time jobs based on your skill and qualifications.



Jobs here would be tough to get as the competition is high and there are only limited vacancies.

USA Today, Times of India, NY Times, Hindustan Times, The Guardian


#15. Trucking


Trucking jobs are done late evening and overnight. The job comes with its risks, but would be apt for people with a passion for driving and traveling.


You could also work as the driver’s assistant on his trips.


#16. Bakers and Caterers


The lovely cookies and cakes ready for you at a morning restaurant do not just grow on trees. There are bakeries and caterers working overnight to prepare them.


You could see them as probable employers who could give you odd part time jobs.



#17. Warehouses


Warehouses of department stores and grocery shops operate at night receiving and returning goods.


Unless they have automated facilities, they would surely be in need of employees who work late nights. It is another good option among the flexible part time job ideas for night owls.


#18. DJ-ing


DJs start working when most people call it a night. DJs are for parties and parties don’t happen unless the sun goes down.


It definitely isn’t a job for everyone. You have got to have the skills and also the connections to get yourself noticed.


#19. Entrepreneurship


Not interested in any of the above ideas or do you just like to be your own boss?


Choose your own little venture that lets you have a flexible work schedule.  Open up a coffee shop, bar or night gas station.



#20. Innovate – Find your own gig!!


Think hard!! Night or day, nothing beats uniqueness and ingenuity. Come up with your own brilliant idea and it could give a run for the money for any list of flexible part time job ideas for night owls.



So, here is to night owls!! You being a night person should never come in the way of earning a comfortable living. It’s time to change your jobs, not your sleeping patterns.


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flexible part time job ideas for night owls

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