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Email Marketing Campaign – Top 7 Do’s & Don’ts

Email marketing campaign

Looking for the cheapest marketing tool available to get a word out about your business?  Email marketing campaign is surely the standard package answer any marketing pundit would throw at you.

The thing about email marketing is that it is not just low-cost but cost-effective too. Well, if you do play by the rules and do it the right way. So what are the top 7+7 Dos and Don’ts of Email Marketing Campaign?

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Dos and Don’ts of Email Marketing Campaign

DO’S of Email Marketing Campaign

Do Personalize

In the current setup where even corporate meetings are turning casual, being all formal would be a huge turn off for the readers.  They simply love to be called out by their names before you get into the subject matter. Well, who wouldn’t! Personalized mails help users feel attached to your brand’s email marketing campaign!

Do Fragment your Mailing List

What is the point of sending an email about painting services to a person who doesn’t own a home! Every single mail you write might not be handy for every user on your mailing list. The target audience differs based on the product or service you are offering. Categorize your list based on user preferences, geography and relevance.

Do Work on the Subject Line and Content

Curiosity is what makes a reader open that mail. An eye-catchy subject line goes a long way in making them open it. And it surely is not enough for them to just open the mail right? You need them to read it from top to bottom. Content that is engaging, appealing and easy on the eyes thus becomes important.

Dos and Don’ts of Email Marketing Campaign

Do Proofread and Edit

Typos and grammatical errors make your email marketing campaign look unprofessional. Proofread and edit your content well to minimize such goof ups.

Do Make it Easy to Exit

You have got to give them that breathing space! Give your readers an option to easily opt-out of your email marketing campaign and unsubscribe from your mailing list. It has even turned out to be a legal requirement now. Another good service you can offer them is to give them a selective opt-out alternative. They could decide on the kind of contents they would like to receive emails on.

Do Monitor and Measure your Performance and Results

You have got to figure out what is working and what isn’t! Improvement can only come from correcting mistakes. Assess your open rates and click-through rates to find out how well your email marketing campaign is performing. Keep track of the changes in bounce rates, subscriptions and traffic to your website to help measure your performance.

Do Integrate your Email Marketing Campaign with Social Media

Use your social networks like Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter to invite potential customers to subscribe to your mailing list. It could also work the other way round too as social media buttons wedged into the emails could help redirect traffic to your social networks.

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Dos and Don’ts of Email Marketing Campaign

DON’TS of Email Marketing Campaign

Don’t Ignore the Mobile Version

It is the smartphone age! A big chunk of your audience might be accessing emails from their mobiles. Make sure that your well designed emails look good in mobiles too. Do not optimize keeping just laptops and desktops in mind. A responsive design is the game you need to play!

Don’t Ignore Testing Emails

Test out your email by sending it to yourself. Is the layout, content and the colors just like you wanted it to be? Look-out for typos and links that don’t work. Make sure it looks good across all possible platforms ranging from computers to tablets to mobile phones.

Don’t Send Emails too Frequently

Don’t tire your readers out with too many emails. Keeping a regular schedule which is neither too frequent nor too distant is important for your email marketing campaign.

Don’t Create Lengthy Subscription Forms

You better keep that subscription form as simple as possible. It’s more of your need to get them subscribed and not theirs. Make sure you ask for just the most basic information you need.  Try giving out goodies in exchange for subscriptions!

Dos and Don’ts of Email Marketing Campaign

Don’t Spam!

Spamming shows off your desperation and kills your brand image. Never email anyone who hasn’t given you the permission to do so. Too much spam-like emails would result in users unsubscribing and opting out of your email marketing campaign.

Don’t Try to Cheat Readers

Cheating your readers is definitely a big firm no-no! Deceptive subject lines just to make readers open your mail and false offers amount to cheating. You would be putting your brand image at stake.

Don’t Forget to Follow Up

Always follow up your initial pitches with reminder emails. This is surely not the only thing in your reader’s minds! They tend to forget and it is your job to remind them of your campaign.

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Integrate the above tips and tricks into your email marketing strategy to derive the best results from it. And as a closing note, I am going to give you one additional DON’T point!

DON’T be impatient! Email marketing takes its time. Give it that! 

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Email marketing campaign
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