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Email Marketing Best Practices – Top Email Marketing Tips

Email Marketing Best Practices

Peering into the future of email marketing, a primary research conducted predicted that at the end of 2026, the world of email accounts will grow to a whopping 4.73 billion!

How do you harness the potential of that massive audience? The following simple email marketing tips and tricks, however, will help you change the way in which you engage your audience and help you use effective email marketing best practices.

From email marketing content best practices to email marketing tips subject line suggestions, there is a huge realm of information just waiting to be explored.

Email Marketing Best Practices and Why They Matter

Email Marketing Best Practices 2016

To succeed with implementing any email marketing tips and tricks, you need to take into consideration your audience, as well as the recommended email marketing design best practices that attract your users.

Watching an email marketing best practices video, using different email marketing templates or running through email marketing software that is out there in the market may be effective for a while.

However, getting to know how to do email marketing, how to implement email marketing tips for small businesses and why certain techniques work out well will help you make the most of your campaigns

Email Marketing Tips That Will Help You Get Ahead of Your Competition

As more people embrace email, it is essential that you use it in a way that engages their attention as well as keeps up with changing needs.

Consider some of these email marketing tips which are among the leading email marketing best practices today.

#1. Choose the Right Design

Email Marketing Best Practices 2016

If you’d like to drive engagement with users, it is essential that you choose the right email marketing template design. To start seeing better results, opt for an email marketing template that is no more than 600 pixels in width.

While some email marketers may break this “rule”, remember that most users check their mail on their mobile device rather than on traditionally used desktops.

From a visual perspective and from the realm of email marketing best practices, it is good to have an email that fits well enough on any device without being hard to read.

#2. Use Your Brand Logo Wisely

emoneyindeed logo

You need to highlight your brand well if you want your email campaign to be effective. Your subscribers should instantly know who sent the email and to do this, place your brand logo wisely.

English readers read from left to right, so set aside around two to four inches of the top left corner of your mail for your logo. Following these email marketing design best practices will make your email pleasing to the eye and make it more effective.

#3. Create Contextual Emails

Email Marketing Best Practices 2016

Since your audience may be distracted with tons of mails from competitors, another tip on how to do email marketing and get an edge ahead of them is by creating contextual emails. These emails are personalized based on what your subscribers prefer. This ensures that each person receives the right email exactly at the right time, drives sales, increases conversion, and are among recognized email marketing best practices currently.

A good way to do this is to segment your email lists and vary the mails you send your subscribers instead of choosing a one-size-fits-all email campaign.

Personalize your mails based on your subscribers’ points of interests so that the best content reaches the right recipient and makes your campaign more effective.

For help with implementing this, check out a popular email marketing best practices video or two that can guide you every step of the way.

#4. Have a Prominent Call to Action

Among the most effective email marketing tips for small businesses is to give your call to action section a prominent place in your email and keep it clear and concise. Give this section ample visual attention, placing it preferably above the fold so that it gets more attention.

If you want your campaign and your call to action to get as much action as possible, plan your content positioning strategically.

#5. Make Your Emails Responsive

The majority of emails are opened on mobile devices, and it stands to reason that most brand marketing mails are also read on the go.

Mobile devices control attention – so plan your email marketing campaign in a way that it garners the attention of mobile users. Reach them where they are most reachable – on their mobile devices.

Drive engagement by using responsive email templates. Fonts and images on responsive templates resize based on the device used to increase readability. This removes the need for users to zoom in and out while on the move, and keeps their focus on the message you’d like to get across.

#6. Include Attractive Promotions

Top Email Marketing Tips

Humans are often driven by incentives, and adding incentives into your email is a great way to get and keep interest, while increasing revenue.

Include incentives in your subject line to attract attention – a boring subject line may lead to users just deleting the email right at the start.

Email marketing tips subject line suggestions state that it is good to personalize subject lines and keep it to a maximum of 30 characters.

Also, keep your emails as short and concise as possible. No one likes to read huge paragraphs – if they did, they’d buy themselves a book.

Email marketing content best practices suggest using attractive subject lines combined with short, to the point content to keep your audience engaged.  Include preview text for good measure and you’ll have quite a few curious subscribers poring through your offers.

#7. Automate Your Email Campaigns

Email Marketing Best Practices 2016

Manual campaigns and newsletters may be relatively effective but will not be effective to reach the growing list of email users by the day.

Automated email campaigns are among the many email marketing tips and tricks that are gaining popularity since they are more proactive than human intervention.

Additionally, since these are triggered off by a user’s actions on a website, they are highly relevant and personalized. Needless to say, the chances of a conversion are much higher, and several email marketing software aid in getting the job done.

Since automated campaigns help you target prospective customers at the right time, you may want to give this a go and give your business that extra boost.

In summary, implementing industry-standard email marketing tips will help you make your campaigns more effective. Additionally, when you follow email marketing best practices that have proven successful for existing and new businesses, you can reach your sales goals with relative ease and retain your customers.

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Email Marketing Best Practices and Tips
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