4 March 2024
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Pet Waste Removal: Here’s How to Start a Pooper Scooper Business

How to Start a Pooper Scooper Business

Did you know that you can actually get paid for dog poop clean up services? Welcome to the dog pooper scooper business or the dog-waste removal business.


This pet waste removal business is easy to start and you don’t need any special skills. All you will need is the ability to handle shovels and bags. Of course, you’ll have to put up with the smells for this service.


Poop isn’t merely an eye sore, but also poses health hazards. People step on it and carry germs inside the house. Poop contains parasites and the family could get sick. So, get set to pick up the poop and make some money out of it!!



Why Pooper Scooper Business?


A good entrepreneur is one who can spot a need in society and fill it. According to the ASPCA, there are an estimated 78 million dogs with 85 million cats being owned in the US.


  • It’s a great business that you can do at any age
  • You don’t need any certifications
  • Low investment
  • No special licenses
  • Flexible schedule
  • Sell the poop to farmers and make money


Once you start expanding, hire employees to do the work of picking the poop, while you can focus on marketing and getting more clients.


So, lets get down into the nitty-gritty of starting a pooper scooper business a step by step guide!


Learn How to Start a Pooper Scooper Business


#1. Research for a Dog Poop Scooper Business


The pet wastage business is expected to reach $4 billion within the next two years, due to increased use of litter boxes, waste bags and so on.


  • Check out the demand in your area before setting out.
  • Check out the number of dogs in your area, the number of owners who are too busy and would be willing to pay for scooping poop. Many houses also use a Doggie Dolley type of septic style system, as it is a hands free method of cleaning up the pet poop in yards.
  • Remain close to your target market while considering this business. You have to arrive on time and offer a good quality service.


Tip: Check out the top brands in this industry and the kind of service a dog poop cleanup company offers.


  • Check out niche categories and add it to your business as you expand. For instance, you can sell litter boxes, poop bags, offer services for spraying yards to prevent fleas and ticks, offer pet day care services, pet walking services and so on.
  • Dogs are the primary animals for pooper-scooper businesses, but cat owners might also want poop removed.


#2. Choosing a Name for Your Dog Poop Clean Up Service


Don’t take this lightly. It matters. Take utmost care while naming your pet waste removal company.  You can also use your own name, like Joey’s Poop Removal or Joey’s Pet Poop Cleanup. Make sure that the name is not being used by other services in your area or that it’s not trademarked.


What You Will Need for your Dog Poop Service


You can start this business from your home with minimum start up costs. You as the owner can begin picking up the poop yourself. You will need the following tools before you start your pooper-scooper business:


Pooper Scooper Business


  • A dog poop cleaner will surely need a scooper/rake with a dustpan
  • Gloves and rubber boots
  • Sanitizing spray
  • Dog poop disposal litter bags
  • Garbage buckets
  • Vehicle to reach clients’ houses and taking away the poop


Tip: Purchase trash bags and dog poop bags at grocery stores and rakes/dustpans at hardware retail shops.



#3. Services / Rates for Your Dog Poop Disposal Service


  • Opt for removing dog waste from the clients’ yard and then place it in the trashcan outside their homes.
  • Alternatively, you can also arrange to get it hauled away from the property.


Tip: Explore possibilities of landfills; compost or other fertilizer options for disposing the waste profitably.


  • Another option is a one time cleaning up service after visiting the site.
  • Offer weekly or biweekly services for commercial establishments; residential apartment complexes; condominiums and so on.


(The busiest period for pet poop removal is during the Spring and the Fall seasons. The best time for the business in the northern part of the country is from April till November, when the ground is not covered with ice. Many businesses suspend operations during this time and then offer a thorough spring cleanup with a higher charge.)


  • Firstly, spray disinfectants while doing dog waste cleanup and then scoop up the poop into litterbags and remove it from the property.


Tip: Scoop the poop into trash bags. Use double bagging when throwing pet poop into trash to protect the trash collector against germs.


  • As a professional pooper-scooper, opt for a flat rate of anywhere from $30 to $60 based on the area, for a weekly once cleanup. One visit might take around ten minutes. Charge more for bigger backyards.


#4. Marketing / Getting Customers for Pooper Scooper Business


  • Initially, you may have to spend on flyers and cards as well as putting up some classified ads in newspapers.
  • Get your initial customers by word of mouth.
  • Join dog related clubs or businesses within your community.
  • Place billboards at strategic locations.


Tip: Use an old vehicle to begin with. You can even use your own vehicle to begin with, but it might start smelling a bit!!! Do all the work by yourself and then start hiring employees when you have enough clients and wish to expand business.  Invest in a leased vehicle and put your logo on it to spread the word.


  • Get connected with local veterinarians for more brand exposure.
  • Create your website and allow visitors to make bookings through it. Mention the fees, the yard size, weekly rates and so on.


Tip 1: Join organizations like aPaws to get the benefits of membership services for your Pooper Scooper Company.


Tip 2: Have a referral program. If someone refers a new customer, you can give them a discount for the next service.



Wrap Up


According to demographics, there is a growing trend in the pooper-scooper business. This is because of increase in busy professionals and households being run by single parents.


You can offer a neat and cost-effective solution to them. A backyard full of poop attracts flies and the poop only ends up getting tracked back into the house.


Many people find the task of poop removal repugnant, so they are happy to have someone else do it for them. The market is rapidly expanding, so why not get on to it and add your bit towards a healthy and clean environment?


Incidentally, the International Pooper Scooper week, just passed by from the 1st to the 7th of April.


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