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Hate Your Job? 8 Remarkable Ways to Carry On

Hate Your Job? 8 Remarkable Ways to Carry On

At some point, in life, you might realize that you hate your job with every fiber of your being.

The bad aspects of your work often outweigh the paychecks and you find yourself wondering if you should quit the job.

Whether it’s a round of bad economic blues, miserable workplace, an abominable boss or it is simply that you don’t want to stay in the job; you might not always have a choice.

Hate Your Job? 8 Remarkable Ways to Carry On

You hate your job but can’t quit, just not yet anyway. There could be unpaid mortgages, difficult divorces, tuition fees, economic insecurities or kids to raise that might be holding you back from pushing on the “reset” button.

Then there’s the fear- what if you hate your new job too.

So, the natural question that arises is what to do when you hate your job so vehemently.

There are two options in such situations. You can either change your job or simply refashion your current one to overcome a job you hate.

The prudent strategy here would be to figure out how to deal with a job you hate and make yourself less dispensable.

At the end of the day, to hate your job is a matter of choice, one that you can forego. When you feel stagnated and bored, try these remarkable ways to cope with hating your job.

Hate Your Job No More – Reconfigure It

Hate Your Job No More - Reconfigure It

When you are stuck with spreadsheets and pitching gymnastics, it is pretty easy to lose track of life. That’s when signs that you hate your job start propping up.

It may take a while, but you’ll eventually realize that you have more control over your job than you fathomed.

  • You need to leave behind the clichéd ways of performing it and reinvent.
  • Ponder over ways to stretch it so that it takes on a different function, gets streamlined to be highly efficient or is ultimately rewritten.
  • Cross-train in other departments or reallocate your budget to areas of interest.
  • To further succeed, draw out your imagination and pretend that you are a rookie. Looking at the job with a fresh perspective prevents you from hating your job.
  • Try connecting with even the mundane crannies of your work.
  • Discover the overall purpose of your work or the people your products are designed to serve. Chip Conley wrote an entire novel on finding purpose in life. He wrote that even a closet janitor could find purpose in what he does. So why should you quit your job before you find a new job?

Focus On The Positive Aspects

Hate Your Job - Focus On The Positive Aspects

Whenever you feel down, just remember that your track record for getting through worse days is 100 percent.

  • Unlike most people out there, you have food to eat, a place to live and something to do for most of your days.
  • You might even have fun sometimes, with coworkers or colleagues.
  • Chances are that even the hardest days will just be blip in life and you won’t think about it in a week.
  • So, while you get a perspective about why you hate your job, don’t dwell on it. Simply moaning over the awfulness of your job won’t cut it.
  • Overthinking can twist around things and makes everything seem much worse that it actually is. Just don’t do it.
  • Adam Dachis, a blogger believes that it’s the ineffectual small bad moments that make your day endearing and fatiguing. Think back and realize how ridiculous you were to be affected by them and laugh over it. Focus on the good bits and parts; the rest is just going to be a distant memory.

Turn Up The Creative You

Hate Your Job - Turn Up The Creative You

You might be getting up every morning and hauling yourself to work physically. But if you have a knack for creativity or other interests, integrate it with your job.

  • A friend of mine had to address school catalogues. He started illustrating envelopes based on the receiver’s name. Slowly he garnered recognition, people loved his work and now he lives a dream life as a graphic designer (something he always wanted).
  • When the going gets tough and boring, you need to break the monotony with sprinkles of something that really revs you up. Moreover, even if you hate your job, these small things can brighten your day.
  • If your job doesn’t allow you to bring your personality to the table, develop a side project outside your industry. Consider how it can contribute to your current position and your marketability beyond it. Such projects will not just help your company but will also give you a wider platform to try your wings and demonstrate your true potential.
  • You want a new job but don’t know what? Working on a passion project will do amazing things for your confidence and enthusiasm, while giving you a new insight into what really excites you.

Even If You Hate Your Job – Learn From It

Even If You Hate Your Job – Learn From It

Every situation has something to teach that will prepare you for the next phase in life.

  • If you don’t have a job you love, it might be due to lack of certain skill-sets. Start learning now.
  • Rather than thinking of all the ways out, spend your energy into preparing yourself to be someone every company and talent acquisition manager wants. The knowledge that you gain at your current job might just come in handy when least expected.
  • While you have a job, spend time on augmenting your personal brand and network. The next time you are in the heat of searching for a new job, you’ll already have everything at hand. There are always catch-up lunches, corporate boards or networking events.
  • Don’t miss out on the opportunity while you are ‘gainfully’ employed. Save up for periods when you might end up being unemployed.
  • Dhruvin Sahore, a mechanical engineer worked at a multinational automobile industry. He despised his job but never missed an opportunity to work on his skills and talents. Not very late thereafter, he was hired by Mercedes-Benz to work as their chief automobile engineer.

Balance Your Mind

Hate Your Job - Balance Your Mind

If you hate your job, it won’t help to plunge in completely. Focus on the other aspects of life.

  • Rather than treading water with your job, turn your attention towards your family. Blow off stress in a gym, pursue hobbies and do things that make you happy. Revel in the time that you have “now”.
  • Even when you hate your job, a balanced mind and body makes a huge difference. Allow room for your physical and mental needs to take precedence over other things.
  • Set aside time each day to just sit back and relax. Make sure that you inhibit your work from disrupting your well being.
  • Let out the frustration from time to time and decompress your mind. You will find yourself working lighter and with lesser baggage.

Do Something Fun Regularly

Hate Your Job - Do Something Fun Regularly
  • Take pay cuts to vacation out. Mayank Sharma, a trekker with India 42 team, is currently working a full-time office job. He frequently takes leaves to go out on adventure tours, enjoy in the thralls of nature and work out his muscles.
  • Extra job flexibility is well worth the reduction in your pay. You can even go out on a shopping spree, if that pleases you. The company probably wouldn’t mind paying you less. Cut back on the hours that you put in or get some extra benefits that you need in exchange for a little cut in the pay.
  • Try working from home if the daily commute to work is the worst part of your job.

When you hate your job, you’ll find the benefits way more attractive than money.

Get Along With Your Coworkers To “Not” Hate Your Job

Get Along With Your Coworkers To "Not" Hate Your Job
  • When you are on the end of the rope and hate your job, it is needless to point out that you don’t plan on getting along with your co-workers. You simply want to sever ties with the employment that’s eating up your life.
  • But have you considered that having friends at your workplace can actually reduce your misery? Pulling pranks, cranking up the humor, going out on luncheons with buddies or just showing off new tricks can enliven your day.
  • Give it a shot with even the most arrogant people in the vicinity. If things don’t go as planned out, you always have yourself.

Crazy Boss Making You Hate Your Job?

Crazy Boss Making You Hate Your Job?

Workplaces are only as good as men running it. So if you hate your job, chances are that your boss is behind the mess. Linda Ford, a master-coach, says, “If it weren’t for my boss, I would love my job” almost everyday.

  • One way to deal with insane bosses is to create a distance. An example would be to get your assignments filtered through another personnel.
  • Keep a list of all things that are driving you over the brink, in case you have to go to human resources, you’ll be fully prepared.
  • Make sure to never challenge your boss. It never goes down well and might just make you his human target. Just remember that they are better at all the crazy contests.
  • That being said, the situation isn’t always bad. Good bosses like a happy workforce. You can always talk to him and work out new solutions to your problems and concerns.

Over To You

At the end, I’d just say that you should know when to leave your job. You spend a considerable chunk of your life at your job.

Don’t let it go waste if you are not satisfied. If you hate your job and your job makes you miserable, so that you can’t stand it any longer, then it’s time you quit.

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Hate Your Job? 8 Remarkable Ways to Carry On
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