15 July 2024
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Digital Guerilla Marketing & Your Business: Think Out of The Box

Thinking Outside The Box Digital Guerilla Marketing And Your Business

Marketing is all about getting new customers and making old ones to come back. If you just started your business and want it to grow, you should be considering some guerilla marketing techniques.


The greatest thing about guerilla marketing is that you don’t need much money. In order to be successful in this area, you will need to be creative and make your costumers never forget about your brand.


The text below will introduce you with digital guerilla marketing and will show you some ways of utilizing it.


#1. Why Should you go for Online Guerilla Marketing?


The answer is simple: Everybody is online. Well, not everybody, but a good 70% of human population is using social media platforms and other digital communication channels.



People use Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram on daily basis and that’s the reason why you should advertise online.


Setting up an online guerilla marketing (OGM) campaign is easier than ever with all available tools which can help you to find your new clients and advertise your product or service.


Digital Guerilla Marketing & Your Business Think Out of The Box


#2. What to Use for Online Guerilla Marketing Strategy?


OGM is not much different from traditional guerilla marketing. In order to have a successful campaign, you will have to be smart, creative, persuasive, and of course, you should provide your audience with the element of surprise.


You can use any tool and implement it in the strategy. You may try to create viral content or an event where you can express yourself better. You can design infographic, video or an e-book.


At the end, you can start a blog, case study or community forum. All these tools can be very helpful if your goal is to reach a new audience and earn some fresh customers.


#3. You Will Need a Marketing Budget


The first step toward organizing a successful online guerilla marketing strategy is setting the budget. You should know in advance how much money are you willing to spend on this campaign. That way, you won’t be exceeding the budget and you’ll keep track of all expenses.


The good thing is that you won’t be needing much since your brain should do all the work, and luckily, good ideas are free of charge. Go ahead and make a detailed plan of expenses and stick to it all the time.


#4. Decide Upon Online Channels


Choosing the right channel for marketing is the most important step of every campaign. If you miss here, your OGM strategy is sentenced to death and you won’t be gaining anything.


Give your best to be original and see which tools and tactics are best for your business. Advertise yourself through Facebook page with high-quality content, and boost your best posts from time to time.


Another way of communicating with the target audience is by making your web design SEO friendly. Your website will attract more people if it’s optimized for search engines. Another way of improving your site is to make it responsive, which means mobile users will be able to enjoy it as well.


#5. Put all Marketing Events in Schedule


The best way to keep within a budget is to make a detailed schedule of all marketing events. This to-do list should include all expenses and remaining amount, so you could see how much is left for the purposes of the current campaign.


Whatever channel you choose to communicate your potential clients, make sure to divide it into achievable and measurable events. That way, you will be able to see which parts of your online guerilla marketing strategy gave good results, and which should be avoided in the future.


#6. Create Appealing Visual Content


It is mentioned before that you’ll need some high-quality content in order to reach your perfect customer. This claim mostly goes for the creation of visual content since it will be much more effective than other types.



Keep in mind that average social media user has an attention span which lasts around 3-5 seconds. As you can see, there’s not enough time for reading or clicking. Use those seconds to present the audience with strong, engaging visual content.


Try to evoke customer’s emotion because people tend to spend money when they get emotional. Avoid diminishing the element of surprise, and try to connect with your customers on a subconscious level. When creating your content, make sure it can be recycled and reused across different online platforms.




It is really hard to understand online guerilla marketing without examples. Because of that, go online and search for the most successful OGM strategies and, hopefully, you’ll catch the right vibe, and create your first masterpiece.


Don’t feel bad if your first campaign doesn’t go well since you will learn a lot. You can implement the new knowledge in the next campaign and result will most probably be much better.


Go ahead and start brain storming!!!


Thinking Outside The Box: Digital Guerilla Marketing And Your Business

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