8 February 2023
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Crazy Egg Review For 2016


Crazy Egg is an in-page Analytics tool for heat mapping the website pages so that you can determine whether the design is effective.


The heatmaps allow seeing the elements of a page that users interact with on desktop and mobile devices, and the scrollmaps enable us to see which content people see as they navigate the page.



In this Crazy Egg review, we have covered the pros and cons of setting up CrazyEgg to build the heatmaps and track clicks. The review focuses on the each view of your analytics data, namely Heatmap, Confetti, scrollmap and overlay.


Crazy Egg shows exactly the hot points in the page, where the user clicks. The Crazy Egg data has all kinds of implications for SEO, design, UX, BBC, REO, CRO, PPC, UPS and all kinds of other acronyms.


Integrating Crazy Egg


The Integration of Crazy Egg seems too easy for even the novice users.

After signing up, get the API key and the code snippet. But you need to add the code in each page, which you want to track.

https://help.optimizely.comCrazy Egg Review

Crazy Egg Heatmap


Besides Google Analytics, CrazyEggs provides an easy-to-understand view of your tracking data.



Crazy Egg Review


This Web Analytics tool can help you grow your audience by optimizing the “weak points” in your pages and calls to action.



The heatmap basically shows the density of the visitors, which are clicking each area of the page. It raises the possibilities of adding specific areas or links to increase the conversions.


Confetti –


Confetti view shows the X-ray view of how people use your site.It shows the hot areas which are driving more traffic along with the weaker ones, which needs to be focused for the optimization.

Here is an example-


Crazy Egg ReviewCrazy Egg Review


As it is clear in the snapshot, the confetti shows the areas which the visitors click on your page along with the list of referrers. It is probably my favorite view.




Scrollmaps show how far down the page the visitors are scrolling. If your Call to action is below the hot visiting areas, you should bring the CTA higher to perform better.

The lighter the color – the longer that portion of the screen has been viewed. So Yellow is good.


Overlay :-


Using the overlay view, you can track how many views and number of clicks each link on the page is getting. To view, just click on the box with “+” icon to see more. The whole details regarding a link will open up for you.



Crazy Egg Review


Pricing :-


Finally, Let us move to the actual Review after getting to know everything about the CrazyEgg.



Crazy Egg Review


Pros :-


Easy Integration: It is so easy to get started with Crazy Egg, I was able to quickly and easily add it to the tag manager.


Heatmaps: Heatmap shows you the elements on your site that are and aren’t performing well.


Quick Setup: Quick setup and live URL testing to make sure test is properly working. Just plug in the URL and it does the work!


Simple and Easy: Easy-to-understand reports with both, the click-tracking and maps.


The Area to Refine, benefit of Scroll view: Crazy Egg showed you that some content was just in the wrong place because users were not interested in it whatsoever in relation to other content on the page.

So, it enables you to move this content to better locations which increased user participation and viewership.



Cons :-


Single Page Applications – If you have a single page application, it’s difficult to get the click mapping to work for anything beyond the first view of that page. You need to be able to add very specific code, which is quite tough.


Exports – Exports take a really long time.


Visualizations are limited – CrazyEgg doesn’t offer attention maps or mousemove maps like some products.


No Automation – If you want to run a set of heatmaps regularly to keep track of frequently changing content, this needs to be done manually.


Limited Applications – The Tool is not as powerful as Google Analytics which has much wider range of applications than the CrazyEgg.


Overview of Crazy Egg: Is this In-page Analytics Tool Efficient?


It’s been insanely powerful landing page tool which allows you the in-page analytics for static pages or limited-page websites. So, if your website falls under this category, I recommend Crazy Egg. Give it a try!


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For the overall Rating, I will give CrazyEgg 7 points out of 10. I hope you will find this Crazy Egg Review useful.


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