25 July 2024
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cPanel: What Makes It the World’s Best Control Panel

When you’re looking for a hosting package for your website, you’ll often come across certain elements featured in many offers on the market.

When it comes to the control panel used to tweak the settings of your sites and do all the background work, there are several prominent solutions available, and you’ll probably notice the name of cPanel being mentioned quite often.

There’s a good reason for that – it’s a popular solution among users who want something that simply works and allows them to precisely control what’s going on with their sites, while at the same time it’s advanced enough to attract the attention of experts who like to dig deeper into the functionality of their sites too.

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Here are Some Important Things to Know About a cPanel

#1. Immediate Access to Convenient Features

Running your sites on a cPanel host will give you quite a lot to work with immediately, without having to install any additional plugins or applications. This can make a huge difference if you’re setting those sites up for commercial purposes, as it will improve your workflow and allow you to deploy new products to the market faster than your competitors. And as we all know, in this rapid-moving market of today, this can set aside the winners from the losers.

Plus, even if you can’t find what you need around the menus of your cPanel installation, chances are that it will be offered by some third-party plugin on the public market. Just have a look around and you should see at least a couple of viable ideas out there.

#2. Easy to Use Right off the Bat

One of the things cPanel is known for is its ease of use, and many beginners tend to gravitate towards it for this reason. And while it’s true that cPanel does not complicate things unnecessarily and tends to take up a simple approach to the presentation of its features and menus, one should not underestimate its potential to please those who want something more advanced too.

Even a basic cPanel installation comes packed full of useful features, they’re just not immediately brought to the spotlight in order to avoid confusing newcomers and make it easier for anyone to get started with the platform.

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There are lots of tutorials on the Internet about getting certain things done with cPanel too, so if you’re the curious type and have some free time available, you should definitely read up on how it works and what features have been recently added.

It’s a great way to make better use of your own websites, as sometimes cPanel comes with various optimizations and tools that can assist you in running your own projects better.

That’s one of the reasons so many people tend to use it in the first place, and the developers behind it know that and have been pushing strongly in this direction with all their recent updates for quite some time – and it’s probably reasonable to expect the same in the near future too.

#3. Popular in the Community

And even if you can’t figure out how to do a specific operation on your own, another great aspect of cPanel is that you can rely on a great, active community that’s always eager to give you a hand and guide you through the more complicated parts of working with the platform.

You just have to approach them in a friendly manner and show that you’ve tried to find a solution yourself for some time, and you’ll usually be greeted with a lot of support in most places.

It’s not hard to find good cPanel communities either, a quick online search should show you plenty of good suggestions and it’s up to you to explore them and figure out which ones offer an environment that matches your personal needs the most.

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#4. Stable Support

Last but certainly not least, cPanel is great in terms of the support it gets from its own developers, not just the community. You’ll find that it gets updated quite often, and while this may be a bother to some, you should never underestimate the importance of keeping your installation up to date and free of any potential security issues.

This is valid even if you’re not running any sites with sensitive customer data or anything along those lines – some attacks can still compromise you through seemingly innocent places, so always be careful and don’t have a lighthearted attitude about the security of your sites.

The quality of the developers’ support extends to situations where you need to get help about a certain issue, too – when fan communities are not enough to give you a proper answer, you can always count on the cPanel team to guide you through your problem and give you a good solution.

Chances are, you might also learn something about the way the platform works and be more prepared for issues of this type in the future!

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