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Content Writing Jobs: How to do Content Writing – Tips

Content Writing Jobs: How to do Content Writing – Tips & Skills

Either passion for writing or circumstances have made you decide to start hunting for content writing jobs. While there are some who may feel that content writing is a piece of cake and that it comes naturally, just as with any other profession, learning how to do content writing takes time and requires mastering if you are to succeed with it.

Getting landed with dream content writing jobs online is something that few professionals achieve, primarily because of understanding the nuances involved in getting the right skills. As stated by Entrepreneur.com, “Writing is a dream job, but not for everyone. Some writers are hired to write product descriptions for catalogs, and some turn out to be J.K. Rowling.

So, really, what is a content writer? How do you really master the art of content writing? What skills do you need and are there any content writing tips for success? How do you do well when working on content writing jobs from home? This article discusses these questions, the actual content writing meaning, and helps you understand what you need to do to become an expert.

Brush up On Your Language Skills


You’re reading this article in English, so in all probability, this is your primary language. However, content writing jobs are not limited to English. No matter what your primary language is, make sure you master that language. Brush up on your grammar skills and take pride in what you do.

While you don’t have to dive into the extreme depths of any language, make sure that you master the basics so that you can write a grammatically correct piece that expresses the idea behind the topic clearly.

Also, be prepared to learn along the way and to learn new subjects unless you wish to specialize in writing for a particular niche. A reasonable knowledge of SEO may also come in handy for SEO content writing services.

Content Writing Jobs – Master Different Writing Styles

As with all fields of work, content writing too has some standard regulations and writing styles. Among the most popular styles is the AP style that was primarily used as a publishing standard. Now, however, most professional content writers are required to follow at least the basics of AP writing. You may want to invest in your personal copy of the AP style book as this will stand you in good stead down the line.

Master Different Writing Styles

The Chicago style of writing is also often used, and follows closely on the heels of the AP style for popularity. For academic papers, professional styles such as the MLA writing style are used. Master these styles depending on the type of content writing jobs you’d like to get.

Speaking about writing styles, remember that the way in which you write, and thereby speak to your readers, is important to achieve the purpose for the piece you are writing. Press releases and news pieces are more detail-oriented and professional, while blogs are friendly and personal.

Marketing copies and product descriptions are persuasive, and white papers are long and involve problem and solution structures. The more styles you master when learning how to do content writing, makes you more valuable and in demand.

How to Do Content Writing – Pitch for the Right Content Writing Jobs

Mastering the Art of Writing with the DREP Method


Prepare a good portfolio showcasing your past work so that you can pitch for the right content writing jobs and article writing services. If you are a fresher in the field of content writing and have just started hunting for freelance content writing jobs online, make your portfolio look impressive by including content writing samples in the niche for which you are applying for work.

This shows clients that you know how to do content writing, that you have the skills they need in a website content writer, although you may not possess the relevant experience.

The content writing jobs salary you get when you apply for content writing jobs for freshers maybe low to start with, but a smart writer grows really fast.  Strong language skills, knowledge of in-trend writing styles and the ability to do professional content writing services for websites will give you an edge even ahead of more experienced writing professionals for some content writing jobs.

Content Writing Jobs – Mastering the Art of Writing with the DREP Method


Content Writing Jobs

Having landed some nice content writing jobs, use each opportunity available to you to master the art of how to do content writing. Read your client’s requirements thoroughly and ask questions if you are unsure of what you’re being asked to write about. Think about the topic and analyze your audience and their needs.

Instead of falling into the trap of writing what appeals to you or writing for search engines, write instead for your audience. This not only adds to the quality of your content, but also increases your demand as a writer. It also beats opting for any high-paid content writing courses that ultimately teach you the same thing.

Ideally, before turning in a writing piece, be sure to follow the DREP (Draft, Revise, Edit, and Publish) process to ensure that your article is word perfect – literally.


Start off with an outline of what you plan to write instead of just going with the flow. Your outline is your skeleton on which the meatier content stands and lets your mind create a map of what you plan to write. Once you have your outline in place, start filling in the actual content.


Your work goes through several stages before it turns out good enough to send across, and here is where revision of your draft comes into the picture. Read through your material multiple times and make changes to it until it starts taking shape.

A good rule of thumb is to get a friend or family member (one who is good at writing) to read through your work and let you know how it sounds from an external perspective. In fact, as you get more content writing jobs, it is good to have an editor to check your work – all professional, high-paid writers have one.


Look through the instructions your client has given you and compare your content to ensure that you’ve followed instructions. Edit your work so that it meets requirements and follow the revision process until you are completely satisfied with your work.


Format the content you’ve written, with adequate spacing and a comfortable to read font. Split your content into paragraphs if you haven’t already done so and include subheadings. If your client has specified a particular naming pattern, make sure that your document follows this pattern before you publish your work to your client.

Content Writing Jobs

In summary, learning how to do content writing is not an overnight job. However, if you have the basic foundation on which to build your skills, you will become a sought-after professional writer with a bit of time and experience.

Remember that content writing can be a lucrative career as long as you take pride in it. As you advance in your skills, you will join that exclusive circle of writing professionals who lead the pack and get the most exclusive content writing jobs.

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How to Do Content Writing
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