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What is CDN Content Delivery Network Why You Need One?

What is CDN Content Delivery Network Why You Need One?

An Insight Into CDN Content Delivery Network:

Many people raise this question, “What does CDN stand for?” A CDN (Content Delivery Network) which also goes by the name ‘content distribution network’ is a distributed network of global proxy servers which operate in various data centers.


For any website, as important are the design and the content; speed is equally important to allure the visitors to it. It creates a bad impression if the landing page of your website would take too long to load itself.



One of the primary reasons for the slow loading speed is the location of the servers. If the servers are located too far away, it will take greater time to load the page.


At such time, Content Delivery Network (CDN) plays an important role. Many online business organizations have a concern of how to use CDN for a website of their own.


How Does A CDN Content Delivery Network Work?


The Content Delivery Network companies offer services which form a cluster of servers that can serve as local caches for the static objects or files.


The main aim of the CDN Content Delivery Network service is to minimize the distance between the website’s server and the visitors of the website.


To enable the same, CDN stores the cached version of a website’s content across various geographical locations with the help of PoPs i.e., points of presence.



These PoPs are responsible for the necessary content delivery to the visitors with the help of a number of caching servers which provide the relevant proximity.


The best content delivery network companies provide the superior quality content coverage to the required visitors.


The top CDN providers offer the combination of servers which need to be registered with the CDN. These servers include the Origin and Supername servers which provide the necessary traffic.


What is a CDN Content Delivery Network

Infographic Courtesy – Keycdn


What Are The Benefits of Using CDN Content Delivery Network Service?


The use of CDN Content Delivery Network service can have several benefits for the website and the online companies. Some of them are:


  • Lessens the Load on the Server: With the help of multiple servers and the interconnects, the overall burden on the server decreases substantially.


As the content gets widespread across various networks, the burden of loading them one server gets ruled out. The use of CDN also tends to lessen the loading time for the end users.


  • Cost Effective: Due to the increase in the number of the network servers, the overall cost of the delivery of the content gets decreased.


Many content delivery network companies offer free CDN hosting or set their content delivery network pricing in such a way as to stimulate the delivery of the content to the rightful visitors.



Moreover, these free content delivery networks reduce the financial burden on the website owners which help them to focus on the marketing strategies as well.


Thus many owners avail the CDN free services from the top CDN providers.


  • Content Delivery at a Faster Pace: When the services of the content delivery network comparison is made, it is observed that the best content delivery network providers offer CDN hosting in such a way that the servers are placed as close as possible to deliver the content at the fastest speed.


With the shorter distance traveled, additional benefits of minimized packet loss and latency are achieved.


The best content delivery network aims at streamlining the content with improved quality and fewer disturbances over the network. Thus the CDN hosting servers will suffer from less load and reliable services.


Even global reach is enabled with its use as almost 34% of the world’s population as stated by InternetWorldStats, have increased their accessibility with the use of the CDN services.


The CDN services have also been observed to provide the companies latency solutions through cloud acceleration as stated by John McIlwain by its POPs (points of presence) accessibility.


  • Boosts Performance: With the use of the best content delivery network, the overall performance of the delivery of the content to the visitors can also be enhanced.


Several content delivery network companies provide TCP technology which works on the principle of decreased latency and acceleration of the network to improve the user experience.



Thus the website can offer impressive content to their visitors by using this TCP acceleration technology provided by the top CDN providers.


  • Availability at all Times: As the CDN content delivery network servers are uniformly distributed across a certain location; the best content delivery redirects network servers provide the efficient sensing mechanisms which redirects the users to the particular website in an instant.


This owes to the 100 percent availability of the CDN content delivery network reach. This availability stands for even electricity breakups, network issues or the hardware related problems.


As per a case study conducted by Golfweek, it is shown that how CDN has helped the users to have a better experience with video services and extensive report integration for the companies.


  • Increased Number of Users: The effective use of the CDN hosting techniques implemented by the top CDN providers gradually increase the number of users and traffic on a particular website.


By the judicious placing of the CDN content delivery network servers, the capacity of the network gets enhanced and eventually, the number of users who are accessing the network at a particular time.


  • Provision of Pre-Cached Files: With the use of an efficient CDN (content delivery network) service, there could be a possibility that the user had already visited the website with the help of the Google CDN.


This ensures that the file on the browser has already been cached and need not be downloaded again into the system.


How Can The Best CDN Content Delivery Network Comparison Be Made?


There are several content delivery network providers available who ensure the fastest delivery of content to the users without even proper Internet speed. Some of the recommendations for the top CDN providers are:


  • CloudFlare: It is considered to be the best content delivery network provider which has the capability to process millions of user requests each second.


It has additional features of being easily accessible with advanced configurations.


This service is easy to install and provides customization facility to the online companies to serve the network to each page of the website.


  • Amazon CloudFront: Another CDN content delivery network service provider powered by the Amazon, offers the cloud-based services at very affordable content delivery network pricing.


This service also allows the website owners to customize their CDN configuration as per their requirement.


  • Azure CDN: This CDN content delivery network service is provided by the Microsoft, which provides the customers with real-time analytics for ease of use and customization.





CDN Content Delivery Networks provide the most reliable services in a cost-effective manner which enhances the web performance on one single platform. As the global reach is achieved, the business organizations can maximize their profits.



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What is CDN Content Delivery Network Why You Need One?

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