29 September 2023
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5 Pieces of Innovative Technology You Should Be Using

5 Pieces of Innovative Technology You Should Be Using

We live in the best time alive if you’re a tech geek. Change is happening fast and in just about every area of our lives. If you’re one of those people who just has to have the latest, most innovative technology, there’s no shortage of options, and even more tech deals to …

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What Is Payza and Should You Use It?

Payza Is Out Of Business Now The modern world is filled with conveniences. Especially when it comes to money. Going to the bank may soon be a thing of the past thanks to online payments. They’re fast, easy and convenient. PayPal has been a household name in online payments for …

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All About The New Sony Contact Lens Camera

All about sony contact lens camera

The Future of Technology Is Just a Blink Away Move over google! Sony patents the most advanced Sony contact lens camera capable of taking pictures with a mere blink. This device gives mankind an intriguing look into the future, quite literally!           (Picture Curtesy :- www.dreamstime.com) Contact lenses focused …

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Traditional Data Center v/s Cloud Data Center

Some questions often swirl in my mind when I see the headlines Traditional Data Center v/s Cloud Data Center. What is the need of having Data center?What is Traditional data center and what are the limitations of using it?What is the difference between Traditional data center and Cloud data center?How …

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