22 May 2024
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4 Tips for Making Money With Turnkey Real Estate

Turnkey is a bit of a buzzword in the real estate community. These properties are highly valued commodities that let you expand your portfolio. They are a passive source of income where you can gain investments without dedicating much time or effort. On the other hand, turnkey investments should not …

Be Your Own Handyman: 9 DIY Home Maintenance Services

So you’re looking to save money. Home maintenance services are one of the easiest ways you can head in that direction. Seriously – it’s recommended to put away three percent of your home’s purchase price annually just for the cost of maintenance. You’re smarter than that, and you don’t need …

8 Term Life Insurance Myths Debunked


From term insurance tax benefit to its significantly affordable pricing, a term plan has many features that have made it a popular choice as a life insurance policy. It is a simple plan that ensures your dependents’ financial safety in case you cannot be there for them. Yet, there still are certain …

Warning Signs That Show a Cat is Dying: Dying Cat Indicators


Symptoms of a Dying Cat A pet cat’s death is generally accompanied by not only feelings of grief but also of guilt. Many pet parents think that had they known their cat is dying they would have done things differently in the last days of their pet’s life. But, how …

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