17 September 2021
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How To Cope Financially After An Accident

How To Cope Financially After An Accident

Life after a serious accident such as a car accident or a severe fall is challenging and often people find themselves struggling to cope financially. Although difficult, there are a few things that you can do to make your post-accident experience less difficult. Here is some practical advice on how …

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Using Marketing Research to Increase Sales


Marketing research is often dismissed as an unnecessary waste of time and money by both large and small companies, yet it can be one of the most powerful tools when it comes to creating or editing a marketing plan. Marketing research provides direction and clarity when choosing your target audience, …

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Chapter 7 or Chapter 11? Which Chapter of Bankruptcy is Best for Your Business?


Choosing whether or not to file for bankruptcy is a serious decision. With all serious decisions, it is best to know all your options. Choosing the right chapter of the bankruptcy code to file under is a crucial part of the process, should you decide to pursue it. The truth …

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Important Personal Finance Lessons Every Freelancer Should Master

Personal Finance Lessons

As a freelancer, you actually own your own business. That means you alone are responsible for your mistakes and your finances. You need to have everything under control but in order to really be able to do that, there are a few lessons for you to learn in order to …

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How Is ULIP The Right Investment Option For Long Term Wealth Creation


With financial independence, accompanying responsibilities await every single person stepping into the different phases of adulthood. At any point, one of the main things that can turn into a source of stress is a lack of financial security that covers you as well as your loved ones in the long …

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