30 November 2022
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How to Show Proof of Income: 5 of the Most Common Solutions


The popularity of renting homes is nearing an all-time high seeing as how we have more renters today then we’ve seen over the last 50+ years. There are several reasons for this including young generations struggling with student debt and an unbelievably expensive housing market. Fortunately, renting a home is …

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Do You Have a Secure Employee Insurance Policy? Common Scams and How to Spot Them


As a responsible business owner, you must have a comprehensive insurance policy that covers all possible liabilities that your company can encounter. Among these possibilities is worker’s insurance for any injuries and illnesses sustained while working for you. If you get professional liability coverage that covers worker’s insurance, the policy …

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How To Reduce The Number Of Equity Mutual Funds In Your Portfolio


Several investors struggle with maintaining the right number of funds in their investment portfolio. They often justify this behaviour with a concept well known among individuals – diversification. In the name of diversifying, one’s investment portfolio, investors often end up accumulating a large number of funds in their portfolio. However, …

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Online Casinos: Recent Regulations & Laws


Online free play slots casinos are some of the most profitable businesses in the UK. The numbers of players are growing exponentially as we progress further into 2022, much to the joy of the gambling providers. However, after consulting the players and the members of the gambling industry, the UK …

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The Definitive Top 5 NetEnt Slots Ever


NetEnt, formerly known as Net Entertainment, is among the successful online casino software providers. It has recently launched its Live Casino that provides one of the best slots providers for online gambling. The Features of the Slots NetEnt slots are always free with no hassle or prior registration or downloading. …

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