14 June 2024
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10 Horrible Blogging Mistakes Bloggers Make & How To Fix Them

10 Horrible Blogging Mistakes Bloggers Make & How To Fix Them

Beginners Guide to Terrible Blogging Mistakes Newbie Bloggers Make

Most of you already know what is blogging? I also assume, you know how to start a blog and make money. Hence I am writing this article on some important blogging mistakes to avoid for those who are new to blogging.


Most of them newbie bloggers simply jump into the profession of blogging without understanding its basics. So here are some blogging tips.


Here I talk about 10 biggest mistakes bloggers make while blogging for money. Personal blogging for beginners can be a little different. Here I am concentrating exclusively on make money blogging for beginners.

A Beginner’s Guide to Blogging Mistakes!

Blogging Mistakes #1 You Don’t Have a Niche


This is one of the biggest blogging mistakes. Many of the budding bloggers fail in choosing a niche topic for their blog. Instead they create articles about random topics in their blog.


Without a niche topic, it’s difficult to increase traffic to your blog. Traffic to your blog is critical when you are blogging for money.



So how do we select a niche for blog? Here I add few noteworthy blogging tips to be kept in mind while choosing a niche for your blog.


  • Identify your passion or something which you are well aware of and blog on that. For instance traveling.


  • Make sure you write articles only on the particular niche selected. Because always remember your niche is your blog’s identity.


Blogging Mistakes #2 Your Content


Your content is what you are selling to your readers for their time. Let us see some common blogging mistakes to avoid regarding content.


  • Writing mistakes to avoid – Grammatical mistakes, mistakes in sentence construction.
  • Too much sophisticated content.
  • Boring content.
  • Too much text.


Don’t fill your content with highly technical jargon’s. Keep it simple and comprehensible. How to avoid grammar mistakes? Always proof read articles before publishing. Use software’s for spelling and grammar check.


Make use of GrammarCheck a wonderful free tool for correcting grammatical errors.


Online Editor – Grammar Checker


Blogging Mistakes #3 Lack of Original Content


If you are starting a blog with content that is copy-pasted from other blogs, then you are committing one of the biggest blogging mistakes.


You can retain readers in your blog only by producing unique content. Content should be original and value adding. In short, in the context of online publishing Content is always the king.


So make sure you publish amazing content and create a large fan base for your blog. Never make the blogging mistake of publishing plagiarized content.


Blogging Mistakes #4 Ads Can Be a Blogging Mistake At Times


Yes, I agree we all are into blogging to make money. Google AdSense and Affiliate Marketing are the major ways through which a blogger makes money through his blogs.


So of course, ads and affiliate marketing links are important when you monetize your blog. But what if we overdo it! It’s definitely going to kill reader experience.


So when you monetize your content, do it moderately without affecting reader experience. Never make the blogging mistake of advertisement overdose.


Blogging Mistakes #5 Reader Engagement


Reader comes to your blog for useful information. He may have many queries after going through articles in your blog. So a comment section for readers to interact with each other and also with the author is a necessary part of your blog.


But just by having a comment section would not serve the purpose. This is another common blogging mistake. Your work is not over just by publishing the article.



Engagement with readers is an essential way to improve your subscription base.


By conversing with readers through the comment section, stronger relationships can be made with readers.


Blogging Mistakes #6 No Dedicated Time For Blogging


Only a very few bloggers do blogging as a full time profession. For the majority out there, it’s a part time activity.


If you are doing it part time, then it’s important that you organize yourself so that you have a dedicated time for blogging every day. Keeping your blog updated on a regular basis is very important.


Once you develop a fairly good subscription base, readers would be expecting quality articles on a regular basis. So get organized and deliver the best output. As we all know, with more fame come more responsibilities.


Blogging Mistakes #7 Role of Social Media


Another important one among the biggest blogging mistakes is missing out in Social media.


There is a huge population spending their time on social networking sites every day. So by promoting your blog on social media, you can dramatically improve your subscription base.


Follow these few techniques so as to improve the social media presence of your blog.


  • Share your articles on social media.
  • Start social media pages for your blog.


Find ultimate social media sharing plugin for your blog in Warfare Plugins




Blogging Mistakes #8 No SEO – An Important Blogging Mistake


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is often confused as a highly technical stuff by amateur bloggers. But in reality, it’s quite simple and at the same time critical for your blog’s success.


One of the simplest SEO strategies for a beginner is to research for the right keywords and use them sufficiently in your articles.


Keywords are simply words or phrases entered by online users in search boxes of search engines to find various things online.


So the idea here is to use the most searched keywords generously in your article.


Also while using keywords make sure you don’t make the blogging mistake of keyword stuffing.



Blogging Mistakes #9 No Visual Appeal


Before starting a blog of your own, do visit a couple of blogs with good traffic. One thing that you would notice about all those would be their visual appeal.


Creating a dull and lifeless blog is definitely a blogging mistake. Let’s see what all things to be taken care of.


  • Choose a simple and visually appealing theme for your blog.
  • Add images and videos in your blog rather than making it text intensive.


Blogging Mistakes #10 Do Guest Blogging


Lastly I would discuss about another common blogging mistake that bloggers make. That is, not realizing the potential of guest blogging.


Guest blogging is basically writing articles in blogs not owned by you. But how is this useful. Let’s figure it out.


When you have just launched a blog, you don’t have many readers. So one wise thing you could is research about blogs with good traffic working in your niche. Check whether they have the option to guest post.


Once your article gets published in websites and blogs that allow guest posting, more readers will get to know about you and your blog and simultaneously it also helps in creating quality backlinks to you blog.


To Conclude


So far we have discussed some of the biggest mistakes bloggers make. Keep all these in mind while starting a new blog. Avoid these common blogging mistakes and start creating amazing content online.


We hope you found this article on awful blogging mistakes to avoid useful and informative as always. Do leave your valuable comments below and don’t forget to share this article with your friends.


10 Horrible Blogging Mistakes Bloggers Make & How To Fix Them

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