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How to do Blog Commenting: Effective Tips for Bloggers

How to do Blog Commenting Effective Tips for Bloggers

What is blog commenting? It’s a way to offer opinions and exchange ideas with other bloggers on another blogger’s post. Blog commenting is one of the surefire ways that bloggers can use for link building and generating traffic to their blog or website.

Check out the most successful blog commenting strategy to become more popular in your niche and build a good rapport with fellow bloggers.

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Leaving a comment on blogs or blog commenting is the first piece of advice you will receive, if you want to promote your blog post.

Benefits of Blog Commenting

  • It shows your expertise in the niche
  • Grasp attention
  • Helps build a good rapport with other bloggers
  • Leads to further opportunities (for instance, when you leave a valuable comment, the blog owner could ask you to write out a guest post)

But you do need to leave comments the right way, or you could end up tarnishing your blog’s reputation. You cannot afford to come across as a self-promoter or worse still, a spammer.

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Important Tips for Bloggers on How to do Blog Commenting

#1. Selection of Blogs

Now you know the importance of commenting on blogs, you need to select the correct blogs pertaining to your niche, so that you can get targeted traffic to your site.

  • Find bloggers in your niche. That said, you could also post on blogs that divert slightly from your niche, as long as the target audience is similar. For instance, if you’re blogging about health and fitness, you can comment on blogs focusing on food or nutrition. But if you’re blogging about knitting, commenting on a blog about sports car is not going to increase your traffic. You get the drift.
  • Search for blogs that have good traffic. They may not be top blogs, but must have a reasonable number of active commenters on them.

#2. Good Comments That Add Value

Don’t just add to the noise. Your comments must add value to the post. I see so many comments like ‘Amazing write-up; Great information; Useful tips; Nice one’ and so on. But they don’t add any value to the post. Such comments will not get you anywhere, as you cannot build a relationship with the blogger and nor can you create a credibility for yourself.

  • Read the article and understand it, then state what you liked about it specifically. Try avoiding comments that are just a few words, but don’t overdo it. Your comments must be meaningful. You could add a point or even disagree courteously.
  • If you have any additional information, mention this also in your comments.

Tip: Share a story, answer a question or just offer another example.

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#3. Do Follow Blog Commenting Sites for Building Links

A do follow blog allows you to make comments and link back to your own recent blog post and give you link juice.

Nofollow links don’t offer much link juice – but they still offer good referral traffic. If you make a well-placed comment on a no follow, it could still send you a lot of traffic.

That said, you can still check out whether a link is a do follow or a no follow one and make comments on blogs providing do follow links, as it is a better SEO strategy.

Many bloggers set a limit for the number of comments made, as a threshold for allowing do-follow backlinks. Increase your engagement with such bloggers and when they realize that you are offering valuable comments to readers, you can get a dofollow backlink from them whenever you make comments on their blog posts.

#4. Most Commented Posts

You are more likely to buy a book if many others have recommended it, right? Rather than one that no one has ever picked from the shelf.

Similarly, a post that has several comments attracts more attention and works more effectively as link building strategies.

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#5. The Early Bird

Be the first to comment on a blog post. We all know about getting the worm. It is quite obvious that the first comments will be seen more often than the later ones.

But do take care that you are not the first all the time. It could get annoying for viewers.

This is one of the awesome blog commenting tips that you could use for promoting your blog.

#6. Length of the Comments

How long should the comment be while considering blog commenting for backlinks?

Well, there’s no one size fits all for this question. If all the other comments are long ones, why not write a short one with a lot of punch in it. On the other hand, if all other comments are short, leave a longer one, to be unique.

But choose quality over quantity. A 500-word comment is not necessarily better than a 100 word one. It might just be 5 times more boring😊

#7. Share a Link

When commenting on a blog post, you could try sharing the blog post link in your social networks. You could impress the blog owner by showing that you are willing to promote his/her blog (no strings attached).

#8. Leaving a Link While Blog Commenting

Normally, you need to leave your name and your email id. Use an email with a Gravatar account and a recent picture of yourself for better SEO.

Tip: You could use your brand logo for the image.

You could leave a link to your blog post while commenting. But don’t do it unless there is good reason for this. Just leave a sincere comment and others will most probably reach your site through your name.

Instead, you can leave your blog or site URL that relates the particular blog post on which you are commenting.

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#9. Check Out Stats for Your Blog Comments

Use Google Analytics to check out the stats and monitor how your commenting strategy is working out.

  • Is there an increase in traffic since you started commenting?
  • Is there any specific blog from where you get more visitors?
  • Is there a blog/blogs that don’t seem to be sending any traffic?
  • Is there a particular type of post that is working best for you and driving more traffic to your blog while blog commenting?

Wrap Up

While commenting, make sure you add value to the blog post. A few brief points will usually suffice. Remember to get your gravatar to build your brand image.

 What Not to Do

  • Don’t repeat the content in the post while blog commenting.
  • Don’t forget to say Hello and greet the blog post author.
  • Refrain from generic comments.
  • Don’t link excessively.

I love sharing helpful information with my readers so they can live happier, healthier, more productive lives. Check out my blog for more useful tips and tricks.

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