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Best Email Marketing Services of 2018 | Top 5 Reviews

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Email Marketing has emerged as one of the most successful ways of digital marketing in the past few years.


The scope of online business growth through email marketing is indeed great. Email Marketing is one efficient way to communicate with the target customers.


This state-of-the-art strategy of promoting a particular brand, business or service is basically utilized to enhance the customer loyalty.



Decades back, people were not much cognizant of this approach and hence only a few conventional ways were used for online or digital marketing.


Digitization of the world has gifted a myriad of benefits to the mankind and Email Marketing firmly holds its niche in that benefit list.


Email Marketing can be considered as a blessing for the startups as it avails the new brands with better and strong social connection.


The Email Marketing promotional method demands lesser investment but delivers higher ROI. One can reduce the cost of multiple printing, artworks, and campaign arrangements by choosing Email Marketing as a smart way for brand or service promotion.


Nowadays, a plethora of email marketing companies around the globe successfully found their inception in the global market and at present, they are making the most valuable use of the triggered marketing emails to reach the target customers and enhance their sale and client-network growth.


The most common technique to prepare the target customer list, for sending bulk promotional emails, is the data collection in line with the online browsing of the people.


In this competitive era, every email marketing company strives to outpace the growth of its peers but a smart consumer must compare few vital parameters before going to rely on a specific service provider.


In this article, I call attention to the top rated email marketing services that deserve your time and expenses.


Best Email Marketing Services Review


Icontact email marketing - Best Email Marketing Services Review

1. iContact.com


iContact is one of the leading and most resourceful email marketing service providers. I personally believe that iContact team is really cooperative and aware of the customer’s taste.


I can definitely count on most of the service features provided by the company. The technical support team of iContact.com delivers a prompt response to all the generated queries.



As a startup business owner, I encountered many issues in managing professional and fetching email and trigger them to a wide assortment of target customers.


The technically superior company simply saved my time and made the pro email marketing an easy-easy process for me. Speaking about the advantageous features related to their services, I found the company awesome in the following zones:


  • Tracking Email Performance
  • Flexible Service Charges – Choose flexible milestone of subscribers, Basic email marketing economic plan, intermediate range pro automation plan and expert plan.
  • 1 Month Free Trial Offered
  • Decent Social Media Connection
  • Spam Check


(Start Your Free Trial Here)



GetResponse email marketing
2. GetResponse.com


GetResponse is definitely something to try at least once if you are willing to minimize your efforts and get most of the stuff ready-made.


I received over 500 professional templates with eye-catching designing. A novice marketer will not require any coding knowledge or expertise to create beautiful emails.



One more thing that I must mention here is the access to a decent amount of stock images. Usually, I used copyrighted snaps to embellish my professional emails but GetResponse availed me prolifically as I found many stock images relevant and apt for my emails.


I had some knowledge about the email marketing process before I switched to GetResponse.com but they offer free video tutorials as well to help the tyro marketers.


If I sum up the complete set of benefits that I witnessed while using this service then I would probably end up mentioning the attributes like Easy Inbox Preview, Great List Booster, better tracking and analyzing of emails in comparison to many similar service providers, more options to choose budget oriented packages and last but not the least, responsive design.


(Start Your Free Trial Here)


AWeber Email Marketing
3. AWeber.com


Well, AWeber email marketing service is for everyone. Yes, I mean it. No matter how small is your business, you will have the option to choose even least priced service packages.


I love AWeber.com for offering worthwhile benefits even with minimum priced packages. Even a $19 package can help in taking the elementary step towards professional email marketing.


Well, I will not talk much about the technical support part as I experienced better and superior services from the peers. I would like to emphasize on the advanced integration amenities offered by the service providers.


I was able to take the advantages of social media, e-commerce portals, content management, content monitoring, bonding with target customers, link generation, landing page and much more.


Even I was able to use the complete set of features in the AWeber trial version. It’s a service worth investing.


(Start Your Free Trial Here)



Madmimi email marketing

4. Madmimi.com


Creativity in Email Marketing has a name – Madmimi. Well, I am not paid to say good things only for this service but what to do; I just fell for the service benefits.


Madmimi offers cheapest to most expensive service packages as per the requirement of a specific business. A $10 package can also back you in your startup phase.


I was moved by the service when I personally realized that I could easily create beautiful email designs and clone those designs to make backups avoid the nuisances caused in case of loss or deletion of the design.


The list management, customization and security aspects made my day. The services from Madmimi.com are overall worth trying but I will recommend this to the group of creative folks who don’t want to compromise with the appearance aspects related to their emails.


(Start Your Free Trial Here)


Benchmark email marketing

5. Benchmarkemail.com


A complete email marketing solution is available in the market with a name – Benchmarkemail.Why shouldn’t I recommend this to anyone? Well, this was the question that whirled inside my mind for a long while.


Benchmark email is the perfect unification of technical brilliance and creative flexibility. Where a plethora of integration’s like WordPress, Facebook, Squarespace, Google, Shopify, Salesforce, Zapier and much more, that resonated with the trend, were available to have a strong grip over my target customer and provide me the experience of a better connectivity with them.


I also had the freedom to edit photos and emails live, that can hardly be anticipated from any other similar service provider.


Responsiveness and round the clock support are also one of the great facets of the company. I was provided a wide range of options to choose the required service package starting for even less than $10.


(Start Your Free Trial Here)



It is not like that this service is good and that service is bad; the service which meets your expectations and fulfills all the demands of your business growth is the suitable service for you.


The more bucks you spend on email marketing, the better opportunities will pop up in front of you. Email Marketing is a globally proven and appreciated digital marketing technique that forms a sturdy bridge between the service provider and the customers.


Well, you will always have the choice to relish the free trial version of various services that will give you a brief idea about the service and will help you take the decision to move on or remain stuck with it. Just be smart and listen to what your business craves.


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We hope you found this article useful and informative as always. Do leave your valuable comments below.


Best Email Marketing Services Review

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