15 June 2024
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10 Benefits of Working From Home & Being Your Own Boss

10 Benefits of Working From Home & Being Your Own Boss

There is a growing tendency of people working from home these days. This is because there are plenty of opportunities for genuine work from home jobs available on the Internet.


Even employers find that working remotely from home makes people more productive.


Most of the work in the technological sphere takes place on computers and online, so it doesn’t matter where you are located.


All you need is to find legitimate work from home jobs and a good Internet connection. Check out these top benefits of home based online jobs.


Top 10 Benefits of Working from Home


Top Benefits of Working from Home


#1. Better Work Life Balance


With a plethora of online business opportunities available today, you can work at your optimal time at jobs from home.  Morning people can work in the mornings and night owls can work at night.


Of course, you could say, that there might be more family distractions with online work from home. But these distractions are well timed.


For instance, a parent working remotely could be worried all day about a sick child and this could affect productivity throughout the day.


On the other hand, if you’re at home with your sick child going on with your Internet business, you just need to make a few check ins and put your fears at rest, while you make money fast.


#2. Work from Home Jobs Save Money and Time


This one’s a true winner with stay at home jobs.  If you take on a paid surveys job online, you don’t have to commute daily, so you save on gas, avoid peak hour traffic hassles and end up saving money and time.


Even if you were biking to office or walking, the maintenance costs will be reduced with remote work from home jobs.  You have fewer sneakers to buy if you opt for home business ideas!!!


Seriously, according to the US Census Bureau Labor Department, 600,000 in the US commute around 50 miles for 90 minutes a day. So you can calculate the amount of gas you’re saving every year with online part time jobs.


#3. Increased Productivity with Home Based Jobs


An experiment conducted by Harvard Business Review found that working from home saw an increase in productivity by 13%. People take fewer breaks as well as sick leave as compared to those working in a typical office environment.


The working conditions for housewives and stay at home moms is soothing and quiet and you are able to get more work done in a shorter time, that is, increased productivity.


For instance, if you have an online data entry job at home, you are more satisfied and less exhausted. These are the benefits of telecommuting versus office work.


There are shorter breaks; fewer attrition rates and greater efficiency and more job satisfaction with today’s new business ideas.


Working from Home


#4. Benefits of Working Remotely: Increased Family Time with Online Jobs from Home


What does working remotely mean? You can work in your pajamas or just answer an email sipping a cool drink in a hammock. Working from home actually makes you a happier person.


For one, you have more time for new business opportunities, hobbies and for your family.  The stress of commuting is gone. You can put in more hours of work and get a promotion sooner.


You can create your own workspace to suit your tastes, rather than settle for the corporate design.  And last but not least, your pets are going to thank you.


#5. Healthy Lifestyle


In case of home-based jobs without investment, it’s a win-win situation. Employers save on office space with such virtual work.


With so many online jobs for students, employers don’t have to spend tons of money on coffee, snacks and free food. Employees also benefit, as they can stick to healthy home food.


A friend of mine tends to pick up bagels every morning at the office. It’s a temptation and she caved in. Believe me, it’s quite a challenge to hold on to a healthy lifestyle in an office environment.


#6. Green Move


Part time jobs that can be done from home offer environmental benefits as well.

There are plenty of online teaching opportunities available. It takes the cars off the road. Join the green club by working from home.


You can reduce your carbon footprint. The number of disposable bags, plastic bags and cups, etc. is reduced drastically.


You use less paper. How’s that? If you were in the office, you’d probably have to use fresh company paper for printing something. You’d just use some scrap paper or the back of used papers with your home printer. You just saved some trees.


#7. Reduced Sick Leave


Research shows that employees working from home take fewer days of sick leave, just 1.8 days on an average, as compared to 3.1 days for regular office workers.


If you have a mild cold, you can still continue working at home, whereas you’d normally take sick leave if you had to commute to a faraway office.


The likelihood of getting sick in the first place is also reduced, as you’re working from the comfort of your home, there are fewer stress levels, you have better options of eating healthy home food and so on.


#8. Hiring the Best – Location No Bar


Employers can now hire the best talent, geographical limits no bar and you can apply for a job anywhere in the world.


Benefits of Working from Home


#9. Less Office Space


If you work from home, it means that your employer saves on office space. There are companies that actually dedicate the amounts saved on their office spaces to their employees, offering it in the form of a bigger travel budget or other perks.


#10. Avoid Office Politics


Even if you’re a hard and sincere worker, that promotion could still be eluding you due to office politics. Working from home is a sure fire way of avoiding this hurdle. You no longer have to deal with it.


Last Word


Many of you might have surely been envious seeing your friend designing that video game in his pajamas. Well, you could do that too and the flexibility is bound to make you a happier person.


But do remember that working from home does not mean that you slack off.  Don’t linger too long in bed and don’t give in to watching Netflix from your couch. Though there is no one checking on you, no accountability, you owe it to yourself and your employer.


Remote working has never been easier, thanks to the technological development of this century. You can stay connected at all times, as though you were actually present in an office, so what’s stopping you? Get on board!!!


10 Top Benefits of Working from Home

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