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Benefits of Focusing on Long Tail Keywords

Benefits of Focusing on Long Tail Keywords

When you want to start investing in PPC advertising or simply want to rank for relevant search terms, choosing keywords that your website should be optimized for is very important.

There are generic keywords or the keywords that people usually use in searching for products or service online. This can take up to three to five words and are very short, and as the name implies, very generic as well.

There are also long tail keywords. This type of keyword is longer, comprising of eight or more words.

Long tail keywords are very specific to the type of product or service that people are looking for. And this is the type that businesses should be investing in.

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For example, long tail keywords may include the model of the phone, the year it was released, the shops where it is available, and where you can buy it at the lowest possible price. It is very specific.

Compare that to a generic keyword where people would just search for the model of the phone. Businesses can take full advantage of this kind of very specific keywords.

Long-tail keywords can be very ideal for most businesses, especially if the business is trying to establish a strong online presence.

In this post, we are going to discuss some of the benefits of focusing on long tail keywords. Below are a few advantages of using this type of keywords.

First, What Are Long Tail Keywords?

Long tail keywords are keyword phrases that are very specific. They are usually three to four phrases long. It is particular to the product or services that you are selling or providing.

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Long tail keywords can be very beneficial for your business because when a customer uses search phrases that are highly specific, they know what they are looking for and are bent on buying that certain product or service.

They are already at an advanced stage of the buying cycle and businesses should take advantage of this kind of mindset.

1.) Getting the Search Volume that You Need

When it comes to having significant search volume, long tail keywords are guaranteed to have it.

Individually, long tail keywords may be insignificant because most people only search what they are looking for using only a few words. However, when you take the bulk of all the long tail keywords searched, it can be very powerful for the campaign for your business.

A PPC campaign would definitely bring you more traffic if you invest in long tail keywords.

2.) You Have Less Competition

Generic keywords usually have high competition because multiple companies are trying to rank for them. As a result, the generic keywords have a very high cost per click.

In order to spend less money, you may want to consider going for long-tail keywords.

These are keywords that are less competitive and hence have a cheaper CPC and higher click through rate.

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For example, you want to sell products on Amazon; you can select some of the best keywords to use using the amazon keyword tool.

Imagine the money you will be saving if you invest in long tail keywords. Not only that, you will target an audience that is looking for something very specific to the products or services that you offer.

You can still target generic keywords so you can rank in the search results when people are looking for something a bit more generic.

However, be ready to invest more because many businesses are competing for the same spot in the search engines.

3.) Improvement on Your Quality Score

Long tail keywords can work really well for businesses that are spending on PPC advertising because they are more specific than generic keywords.

With long tail keywords, you can easily tailor each ad in order to meet the user’s needs. This means that you will not have to spend a lot of money on irrelevant searches.

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This ultimately increases the ad’s Quality Score and gives you higher click through rates. It is better than spending a lot of money in generic keywords where you have to battle with your competitions.

By using long tail keywords, you know that you are bringing the right customers to your site.

4.) Generating Higher Conversion Rates

Generic keywords often lead to low conversion rates. When you want to improve conversion rates, try targeting long-tail keywords because most of the searchers are further ahead in the buying cycle by the time they get to your website. This often leads to higher conversion rates.

When users use long tail keywords for their searches, chances are that they have already made up their minds on what kind of product or services they are looking for.

It only makes sense for you to invest more in long tail keywords because you can be sure that the users who are searching for those very specific keywords are ready to be buyers once they see what you have to offer.

5.) Lower Cost Per Acquisition

CPA is the cost of acquiring a customer. If you spend $50 to get two customers to buy through your ad, the CPA is calculated as $25. In order to run a profitable business, you need to ensure that the CPA remains as low as possible.

This means, you need to lower the cost per clicks, increase click through rates and then generate more conversions.

This can be done when using long-tail keywords because they attract customers who are more likely to convert as opposed to the ones using generic keywords.


Long-tail keywords can have low search volumes since not so many people use the same phrases when looking for your product or service. However, as you continue targeting these keywords, you are likely to witness an increase in this number.

Search volumes to increase, especially when a product is new because people know it exists and are looking for it online. Should you decide to target long tail keywords, always ensure that they are relevant to your product or service.

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The numbers may not show immediately but with persistence and determination in getting the long tail keywords out there, the results will follow eventually, and so will the conversions and the sales businesses are looking for.

Author Bio – Patricia Cheng is an enthusiastic entrepreneur who likes to learn new things especially about tools that can improve business strategies online. She likes to discover new ways to promote her business on the internet. During her free time, she likes to write and share her ideas.

Benefits of Focusing on Long Tail Keywords
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