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How Does Blogging Help in Realizing SEO Benefits in 2022


SEO or Search Engine Optimization is the basis on which every website is ranked on Google. It plays a huge role in determining the success of the website, thereby affecting the growth of the brand or company related to it.

Now the questions that arises are, why blogging is critical for your SEO strategy? Does blogging help your website? The answer is YES! Almost 8/10 people choose blogging for SEO success.

In simple terms, bogging on a regular basis means updating the website with fresh content daily. This increases customer engagement and fetches more audience with each passing day.

Thus, the increased audience directly boosts up the Google rank and compliments SEO success. However, this is not as simple as it seems. Besides following the blog SEO checklist, there are several other factors which needs to be considered.

Tip: Before you understand the importance of blogging for SEO, you need to first learn how to optimize blog posts for SEO, as this will not only explain the importance but will also acknowledge you with the mandatory blog SEO checklist.

Difference Between On-Page SEO and Off-Page SEO

In simple terms, On Page SEO means dealing with the aspects on your own website which can be modified and optimized to boost the SEO ranking. On page SEO directly refers to the quality of the blog post and the underlying codes which determine the SEO ranking.

On the other hand, Off Page SEO refers to the techniques and strategies used to improve the position in the search engine result. The techniques implemented in blogging for SEO success involves link building, as well as other promotional strategies which are implemented to boost the search results in Google.

Benefits of Blogging for SEO Success

#1. Keeps the Website Updated

Blogging for SEO success is important because it increases the hit counts on the website. Regular blogging means that you are updating the information, available on your website, on a regular basis.

If you update any information on your website and forget about it for months, chances are even Google would forget about its existence.

The readers are always on the lookout for best blog post platforms to fetch most recent news, which can only be achieved via regular blogging. The latest information increases audience engagement and thereby boosts the Google rank.

#2. Creates the Possibility of Linking Pages

Linking your blog post to different pages which are relevant to the user is an important step in Search Engine Optimization.

Once you link a page to your own blog post, you increase the chances of audience engagement and this contributes to the algorithm of how SEO works.

A website containing pages of relevant information about hot topics increases customer engagement to about 97% than the ones without blogs and internal links.

A number of relevant links on your page also determines the customer engagement by increasing the hit counts on the various links provided thus reducing the bounce rate.

Such pages, often return the favour by linking the relevant blog posts from your page on their blogs (backlinks) which contributes to blogging for SEO success.

Remember: Using relevant keywords directly caters to blogging for SEO success. Remember to do relevant searches to fetch the long tail keywords.

#3. Builds a Relationship with Readers

Though it is not a direct answer to your question – Does blogging really help SEO? But it indirectly contributes a lot.

The relevant and authentic information will please the readers and increase their engagement on your website. The readers will not only share your blogs to various social media platforms but also will return back to study more about various other topics.

This increases traffic and brings your website to get noticed by Google. Hence, spend more time on how to write SEO friendly blog posts to cater to the needs of the readers, to directly understand the role played by SEO for blogging.

The best result from this would be your words will be preached in a good way. Remember why you wanted your blog to get featured on rank #1?

#4. Helps You Identify Relevant Long Tail Keywords

Long tail keywords are the reason why Google is able to relate your page to an information which is being searched. For example, if you use “Coffee Making Beans” as a keyword in your blog, Google will feature your page, on the search list, whenever a person searches for “Coffee Making Beans”.

This is how blogging for SEO success works. The more number of relevant long tail keywords used, the greater will be the chances of being ranked as #1.

These keywords also help Google to fetch more relevant information for the benefit of the people as a whole. Hence, using long tail keywords is one of the primary blog SEO tips for website owners.

#5. Keeps the Audience Engaged

We have been using the phrase “audience engagement”, a number of times. In simple terms, it means the amount of time a reader spends reading your blog post. For this purpose, the first page of the article really plays an important role.

If the blog is informative, the reader will spend a considerable amount of time than the case when the information provided is irrelevant. The amount of time spent on a blog helps Google decide that whether the blog is really helpful or not.

If helpful, it will push the page to the top so as to provide the readers with the best knowledge available. Hence, whatever you post on your website, make sure it caters to blogging for SEO success.

Warning: Make sure you include a relevant long tail keyword in your page URL, as this will help Google push your website to top ranks easily.

Wrapping It Up

Now that you have understood the basic benefits of blogging for SEO success, you need to spend a significant amount time on understanding the basic blog SEO check list to be able to use these points appropriately.

Although you can optimize the search engine results for your website without blogging, the process is however difficult and cumbersome. Blogging for SEO success is one of the easiest ways to boost the performance of your website and create greater audience engagement.

Blogging for SEO
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