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AWeber Email Marketing (Detailed Review)

What is AWeber?

AWeber email marketing service is popular for its excellent auto responders, live webinars, e-newsletter templates and other e-mail related operations. It allows you to automate the communication by managing the subscriber lists and sending pre-formatted newsletters or e-mails to the target audience

Why Use E-mail Marketing for Your Business?

AWeber Email Marketing Service
E-mail marketing is sending commercial e-mails to group of people. This group contains the target audience and customers who can affect your business.

The e-mail marketing is a good way of reaching your potential customers or keeping in touch with them for the proper business. It is considered as an excellent tactic of growing your business if you have planned it perfectly.

Which type of business can benefit from e-mail marketing?

I suggest using e-mail marketing for any type of business if your audience is reaching the mail inbox. It is better to send e-mails to the group of people who can be interested in your services or products so that you can actually get new customers. You can also use it for monthly or weekly newsletters to keep your audience connected.

AWeber Email Marketing Service

AWeber Email Marketing is among the most used email marketing tools for small businesses. I have prepared a complete review, which covers every feature, pros and cons. Read it to decide if it is good for your business or not.

Features of AWeber Email Marketing

Ease of Maintaining Lists

AWeber email marketing service is considered the easiest mail client to use. Even the novice users can play with it. Hence, you will not face problems with the interface.

Limit on Number of Mails

There is no limit on the number of mails which you can send to your subscribers. You can send as many mails as you want.


You can plan to send newsletters, emails which will be automatically sent to your subscribers, saving a lot of time and working hours. You can create email campaigns for your business.


As you may have multiple groups and different mails are fit for different groups. You can manage to send mails to those segments in order to serve the appropriate customers.


AWeber allowed in-build email tracking, through which you can track the number of opened mails, clicked links and more. It allows you to track your goals

AWeber Support

AWeber offers phone support, live chat and email support. All support teansare helpful and comprehensive.

Attractive Templates

With 700+ attractive templates, AWeber is amazing solution for making professional and elegant looking emails which can drive more customers to your business.

Resources to Learn Using AWeber

There are many blogs, videos, guides and more educational resources to make you learn the proper way of using AWeber efficiently.


You can integrate the AWeber with your favorite apps so that new subscribers can be sent directly to your mailing list.

AWeber Email Marketing Service

The Prediction

The best ever feature of AWeber email marketing is that, it can predict the possibilities for a mail, that this mail have certain percent chances of getting listed as spam. It can also tell you if you are adding a blacklisted URL to your email.


AWeber Email Marketing comes with a free trial of 30 days but this e-mail marketing service is not free. With the increase in number of subscribers, AWeber proves to be a cost-effective solution of e-mail marketing of your business.

AWeber Email Marketing Service
In this AWeber Email Marketing review, I have listed the different prices according to number of subscribes to your list. Check it right now –

Number of Subscribers Price
0-500 $19 per month
501-2500 $29 per month
2501-5000 $49 per month
5001-10000 $69 per month
10001-25000 $149 per month
25001+ Get quote from AWeber for custom pricing


Some major advantages of using AWeber as your mail client are-

  • Cost effective email marketing tool which excellent performance.
  • Allows to segment email addresses to multiple folders to target for different markets.
  • Automation and templates.
  • Efficient email Tracking.
  • Unlimited emails and regular webinar capabilities.
  • Effective Newsletters, created with almost no efforts.


With many advantages, always come some disadvantages. As you know, “No Body’s Perfect”. Listed below are some shortcomings of AWeber email marketing-

  • Files to be hosted somewhere outside e.g. on your server.
  • No free plans.
  • No third-party integration or google analytics.
  • Import takes longer times.
  • Extraction to be carried out manually.

The Verdict

Finally, it’s the time to summarize this AWeber Email Marketing Review so that you can understand it quickly. I have specially written this part to serve the people who do not like to read long articles.

Overall, AWeber is a great email marketing tool for your business. The prices are highly economic for its features. AWeber gives you the facility to manage your contacts in super-flexible way as the contacts always help in growth of the business.

Maintaining groups, lists and creating webinars, campaigns is effective with AWeber. The interface is easy to use and manageable. The templates can make your emails much better and predicting the genuineness of an email can help you in keeping yourself safe from being blacklisted.

AWeber email marketing is highly secured in avoiding spam. The campaigns are effective with easy report creations and access. The reports are easily understandable and precise. It can show the revenue, number of opened emails, number of clicked links and some other data for better analysis of your goals.

AWeber Email Marketing Service

Other Alternatives Mail Clients

Although, AWeber is the leader in e-mail marketing due to its reliable tools, so, it will be suitable for your business. But you must want to know about other similar mal clients. In this review, we have covered AWeber.

But, if you are looking for a free tool, you can use mailchimp which is free for up to 2000 subscribers. If you want to use third-party integrations, you can choose Campaigner or Mailchimp. Autoresponse and Constant Contact are some other names which can be considered.

But if you want best service, precision, quality of reasonable cost, go with AWeber. I recommend using AWeber Email Marketing with all my heart as per my experience.

AWeber Email Marketing Service

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