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Antiplagiarism.net Review – Best Duplicate Content Checker Tool?

the best anti-plagiarism checking tool

Here I am talking about one of the most essential tool for an online publisher – that is an anti plagiarism tool. Let’s talk about the best anti-plagiarism checking tool available online – the AntiPlagiarism.NET. In this AntiPlagiarism.NET review, we discuss about the various features that make AntiPlagiarism.NET, the best duplicate checker tool.


Why do a Blogger Need an Anti-Plagiarism Tool?

AntiPlagiarism.net - check your paper for plagiarism


So the question arises. Why do a blogger need an anti-plagiarism checker or an anti-plagiarism detector? It’s simply because Google rewards only those publishers who publish plagiarism free quality content. And that’s exactly why bloggers around the world are busy searching for anti-plagiarism software free download.


Among the plagiarism checking software’s online, most publishers opt for free download anti plagiarism check software’s. There are quite a few free anti-plagiarism detection tools available online. As I have already mentioned, this is an AntiPlagiarism.NET review.


So let’s start with AntiPlagiarism.NET review. If you are a web publisher looking for an anti plagiarism tool free online, then AntiPlagiarism.Net is one of the best free plagiarism checker softwares available. But you have to pay for the full feature version of AntiPlagiarism.Net after your 30 days free trial is over.


AntiPlagiarism.Net, the anti-plagiarism scanner cannot be used as an anti-plagiarism software for Mac. This plagiarism detection tool is only for Windows users. This software can be downloaded from their website as well as through anti plagiarism software wiki links.


Let’s Talk About the Amazing Features – AntiPlagiarism.Net Review – Is It the Best Duplicate Content Checker Tool.


AntiPlagiarism.Net is very important from an SEO perspective as using this wonderful tool we can easily determine the uniqueness of the content to be published in terms of percentage. This tool can also be used for checking plagiarism for published content. That is using the “Website Check” feature of AntiPlagiarism.Net, we can check for plagiarism in the webpages in any Website.

best anti-plagiarism checking tool


AntiPlagiarism.Net reviews your content for plagiarizing by analysing the pages indexed by search engines. Parts of your content which are plagiarized would be highlighted. Also your plagiarism level of your content might be different at different parts. So this software highlights different levels of plagiarism with different colours. For example, a part of your content might be highlighted with Green colour and as a footnote you could read “Found 30% match with content in a particular site”.


These colours are randomly used except for the colour yellow. Colour Yellow denotes that your content is plagiarised from more than one source. This is one of the distinctive features of this tool as we get a detailed plagiarism report for our content. The overall percentage of originality of your content would be displayed at the end.


Compared to other plagiarising checking softwares, it offers a wide variety of options for a detailed plagiarism check. Three levels of plagiarism checks are available – Default, Express and Deep. Plagiarism detection can be done through copies detection method or rewriting detection method or both.


Let’s discuss about some more exclusive features in this AntiPlagiarism.Net review. If you want to check the webpages of a particular website or a list of websites for plagiarism, you can make use of the Website check feature of this wonderful tool. For checking various files under a particular folder for plagiarism, one can make use of the Batch check option. Local Check option can be used for doing plagiarism check for documents present in local directories indexed by Windows.


You can check whether a photo or image is unique using Image check feature. This Anti-Plagiarism tool will respond with link to the original photo in case of plagiarism. Another important feature is the Texts comparison feature which could be used for analyzing the similarity between two texts. Two modes of comparison are available – Copies detection method as well as Rewriting detection method.


So far we were discussing some amazing features of AntiPlagiarism.Net. Now let’s see some distinctive factors that makes it, the best anti-plagiarism checking tool among others.


Highlights of AntiPlagiarism.Net – The Best Anti-Plagiarism Checking Tool – Over Other Plagiarism Tools.


Now let’s talk about how AntiPlagiarism.Net scores over other plagiarism checking tools. A simple and easy to understand interface is the most impressive feature of this duplicate content checker tool. You can either paste your text in the space provided or upload to this software. The ability to do plagiarism test on an entire website containing more than hundreds of page all at once makes AntiPlagiarism.Net, the best anti-plagiarism checking tool available for SEO professionals.

the best duplicate checker tool


For advanced features, you could opt for the full version of AntiPlagiarism.Net. With the full version of this tool, you can check for plagiarism for content in different languages. This feature is not available with leading plagiarism checking tools. Choosing AntiPlagiarism.Net is advantageous over other plagiarism checking tools from an SEO perspective as it does plagiarism checks using the prominent search engines.


AntiPlagiarism.Net has exclusive options for SEO under SEO service section. Plagiarism check can be done for required domains. This is done by analysing the webpages indexed by Google, Bing, Yandex or other search engines. There is also option to ignore pages within the same domain while checking for plagiarism.


A well detailed plagiarism check report which can be downloaded in various formats and a large variety of options to customize the plagiarism checking process makes Plagiarism.Net unique among other tools.


How to Get AntiPlagiarism.Net?


This AntiPlagiarism.Net review won’t be complete without discussing about how to get this tool. AntiPlagiarism.Net, one of the best duplicate content checking tools is available both as free and paid downloads.


You can avail the full version of AntiPlagiarism.Net by visiting this >>LINK << After downloading, you can enjoy the full version for free for 31 days. After that, you can either purchase the product or use the tool with limited functions.


So far we were doing AntiPlagiarism.Net review. Based on the wonderful distinctive features of AntiPlagiarism.Net, I would strongly suggest this anti plagiarism tool or duplicate content checker as a must-have for all the budding bloggers, universities, college students, web publishers, SEO professionals and all those people who are connected with the internet in any capacity. Without any doubt, AntiPlagiarism.Net is one of the best anti-plagiarism checking tools available.





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the best anti-plagiarism checking tool

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