19 April 2024
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The Ultimate Amazon Seller Guide: How to Sell on Amazon in 2021

Amazon Seller Guide

Did you know that Amazon’s market share in the eCommerce retail industry is growing?

After all, this industry titan takes up about 45% of the total market share in the United States. It’s only expected to grow from there since it might take up about 50% of the industry within the next two years.

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Yes, selling on Amazon can lead to great success.

If you want your business to profit, you need to read this Amazon seller guide. After all, who wouldn’t want to buy from this trusted online outlet? Here are the things you can do:

How to Sell on Amazon

More than half of the total sales coming from Amazon are from third-party sellers. It’s easy since all you need to do is to sign up as an Amazon Seller. You need to set up your seller category while giving information about your business and understanding their seller policies.

Choose Your Seller Category and Make Your Amazon Seller Account

Depending on your business scale, you can choose between three selling categories. If you’re a small business with fewer than 40 items per month, you can become an Individual seller. It costs $0.99 per item sold, alongside other transaction fees.

Amazon Pro seller accounts are for companies that sell more than 40 individual items. It’s has a subscription charge of $39.99 a month. But if you’re making products on your own, you can get an Amazon Vendor account and sell these products as a wholesaler to the company.

The benefit of using the Vendor account is that they’ll handle the entire selling process online. Always take note that certain products need approval before they’re sold. You’ll need at least a Pro account if you want to become eligible to sell these through the platform.

Now that you’re done with the category, you need to put the important information. Amazon will request the following data:

  • Business Name
  • Legal Name and Address
  • Contact Information
  • Shipping Location
  • Bank Account Information
  • Shipping Options

Once you’re done setting up your seller account, the next step is to finish your public seller profile. This is similar to a social media platform profile. That way, you can help your customers know more about your company as a whole.

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Important Information on Your Amazon Seller Profile

You need to complete your “About Seller” section as well as your logo and return and refund policies. This helps your buyers establish a connection to you while knowing where to return items. Keep in mind that Amazon’s policy requires you to allow at least 30 days for returns.

As for the logo, its size should be at 120 x 30 pixels. It shouldn’t have any URLs or references to your own website. Once you give this information, you can start listing products on Amazon using the Seller Central Dashboard.

Manage Your Fulfillment

Once you’re done listing your products and managing your inventory, you’re done with the worst parts. You need to get the product into your customers’ hands as soon as they start ordering. Amazon has two means of product fulfillment and shipping:

#1. Fulfillment by Merchant (FBM)

This means you’re responsible for the entire fulfillment process. That means you need to maintain your inventory, packaging, labeling, and shipping your products. It’s a good option if you’re a small seller, especially if you know how to save money from shipping.

#2. Fulfillment by Amazon (FBA)

Instead of you, Amazon will store your product in their fulfillment centers. They handle the product packaging and shipping to your customers. The company charges you depending on the weight and size of your products, as well as the way they pick, pack, and ship your products.

It simplifies your entire fulfillment process. If you don’t want to handle all the intricacies of the fulfillment process, use this instead. All you need to do is to send your products to Amazon and let them do everything else.

How to Become Successful on Amazon

With these basic steps out of the way, you can now focus on growing your business. Here are some other tips you can use:

#1. Check for New Orders on a Daily Basis

Amazon determines your success using your customer service level. That’s why it’s important to know when someone buys your product. Check your Seller Central portal each day to stay on top of the new orders.

This helps you ship every order as soon as possible. Don’t rely on Amazon’s email notifications since these aren’t as reliable. That way, you can get better customer reviews for promptness.

#2. Confirm When Shipping

Product sellers should always give their confirmation on the Seller Central portal. Amazon only charges their customers after you confirm the shipment. If you don’t do this, you won’t get paid even when the product gets delivered.

#3. Keep Pricing Information Updated

A lot of shoppers choose lowest-priced products. It’s even more likely for them to choose those listed within the top of Amazon’s results page. That means it’s important to update your product listings on a regular basis, especially if you’re holding a sale.

#4. Build a Five-Star Rating

Having a strong customer feedback rating is the best way to boost your sales on Amazon. This makes your customers see your business in a better light. It also improves your product placements on the results page.

You can do this by reaching out to your customers. Give them the best buying experience with your impeccable customer support. Respond to them as soon as possible, up to a maximum of 24 hours.

Read this Amazon Seller Guide Today!

People recognize Amazon as a great brand no matter where you are. The logistical advantages that come with it can help you expand your current business. The company’s reputation will carry your business further at a faster rate.

Found this Amazon seller guide useful but now in need of help with your company’s customer service? You can read this guide and learn the right ways to get the right call center customer services around.

How to Sell on Amazon
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