8 April 2020
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Top 6 Alternatives for Infusionsoft in 2020: Business Growth Special


Infusionsoft is one of the top marketing automation and CRM platforms that is now known as Keap. This platform is one of the foremost and most upcoming platforms that helps you bring together a number of features in the world of all things digital and business growth.

Before we talk about Infusionsoft alternatives, let us discuss what business growth in the year 2020 would actually entail:

  • Leads: With the evolution and advent of all things digital – especially social media platforms – we have seen a multiplication of opportunities thanks to the amplified signals that we tend to send out each time we post something about our business. This also means that your leads would have to be generated and narrowed down before you put them through the rigamarole of your sales pipeline. This would include alternatives to Infusionsoft that can help you generate and nurture the leads in an efficient and effective manner.
  • Team Play: It would be important to find an Infusionsoft alternative that can help you manage your sales and marketing teams in a better manner. This would include avoiding pitfalls that can hamper team work. These include duplication of tasks, missing out on tasks, chaos and a number of other problems that can be a roadblock when it comes to better team collaborations. 
  • Automation: When it comes to reaching out to be people any every step of the sales pipeline, Infusionsoft alternatives would have to be proactive in terms of sending out emails and other forms of communication in the activity stream. The automation is something that would have to be tied in with the overall CRM effort so that the right function for the right contact information after a certain type of interaction may be sent out. This will also help in saving precious time and bandwidth on behalf of the team and enable all the team members to concentrate on tasks that would require them to be hand on.
  • Affordability: When we think of CRM and marketing automation, we often think of how expensive these platforms can be for small and upcoming businesses. The business that is trying to grow here in 2020 would need a more affordable pricing model that will allow growth at a fraction of the cost. 
  • Full Loaded: The marketing or CRM software offered by the Infusionsoft alternatives would also have to have a fully loaded and completely integrated system that addresses all your marketing needs in one place even as it takes care of your lead generation and nurturing side with plenty of focus on maintaining the data regarding contact information and interactions for seamless automation.

In keeping with these findings and insights, let us look at the various Infusionsoft alternatives that you can try for your business and its growth in 2020.

Top 6 Infusionsoft Alternatives

#1. EngageBay

This is one of the best alternatives to Infusionsoft since it offers a complete range of features that covers all aspects of marketing automation along with affordable pricing that makes it easy for your enterprise to adopt the model and work it for maximum results in a small time frame and with a small budget.

EngageBay is also known as one of the best platforms thanks to the fact that it offers constant and engaging support that takes the load off of your team when it comes to setup and overall functioning of the platform. No wonder it has been the recipient of a number of awards with over 12000 happy clients as well. 

#2. Ontraport

Ontraport offers you a number of solutions for your business in terms of CRM and related marketing automation features like email, SMS, forms and landing pages, among a few others.

This also makes it a good enough alternative to Infusionsoft, although it still cannot be called the best one due to the other features of marketing automation that it does not particularly cater to. 

#3. Drip

This is another marketing automation and CRM setup that helps you target information with a focus on the E Commerce based operations of the brand or the business.

This would be very useful especially if you already have a strong business presence online, yet this is challenging if you are looking for an Infusionsoft alternative since not all small business come with a ready presence.

#4. WishPond

With contests, promotions, giveaways, landing pages and email marketing, WishPond is a good enough alternative to Infusionsoft although it does not offer the complete range of services unlike other platforms like EngageBay. 

#5. Hatchbuck

This platform also claims that it will help you easily move along your sales pipeline thanks to its unique dose of integrated services in the CRM and marketing automation area. 

#6. Nutshell CRM

This one helps in a number of areas like contact management, lead generation and nurturing as well as email marketing. 

Wrap up

So, from the above analysis it is clear that the best alternative to Infusionsoft in terms of affordability and range of features, is EngageBay!

Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post on behalf of EngageBay, but then again as always, I am devoted to providing content that is supportive and valuable to the readers.

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