22 September 2023
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9 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress to Rank Higher – Checklist

I hope your blogs are doing well in internet. But why stop at just being good. Here in this article I discuss about some of the best SEO plugins for WordPress to improve SEO for your blogs.


An efficient SEO with high quality content could take your blogs to altogether different levels.


I believe all my readers are aware about the importance of SEO in the success of a blog. For those who are not, here is a quick and crisp explanation about that.


SEO or Search Engine Optimisation is the process of making your online content visible to Search Engines. It is through these search engines online users get to know about our blogs or websites.



So, by making our blogs or websites visible to Search Engines we are helping online users find us in the vastness of internet.


Here I have shortlisted 9 important plugins provided by WordPress which could improve SEO of your blogs. Let’s discuss them one by one.


Best SEO Plugins for WordPress to Rank Higher


Yoast WordPress SEO Plugin


9 Best SEO Plugins for WordPress to Rank Higher - Yoast


Yoast is one of the most popular WordPress plugins for SEO. It is regarded as a complete solution for all your on-site SEO needs.


Page Analysis feature offered by Yoast helps you to manage –


  • Keywords
  • Meta description
  • Headings
  • Sub-headings
  • Images etc. for pages in your blog.


It also has social media options to integrate Facebook Open Graph and Twitter Meta data.


Built-in XML sitemap functionality, focus keyword testing are some other important features.


Click here to learn about how to install Yoast WordPress SEO plugin.


Click here to download Yoast WordPress SEO plugin


 WP Rich Snippets


WP Rich Snippets


This WordPress SEO plugin helps you to add attractive snippets for your WordPress blog.



Using the rich snippets provided by WP Rich Snippets instead of ordinary search engine snippets, could get more users clicking on your snippets and read your blog.


You can add review stars, videos and detailed information and many more along with your snippets.







SEMrush is one of the favourite tools used by a professional blogger to improve SEO.


This tool is used for competitor research purposes. We all know about the intense competition in blogging industry. With SEMRush you can find out what all keywords are doing well for your competitors.



SEMRush tells you about best ranked keywords for your blog, places to get quality backlinks and insights about your competitor’s strategies.


Even though it’s a paid subscription, it’s a very powerful tool and a must have for professional bloggers.


To know more about SEMrush click here.


All in One SEO Pack



All in One SEO Pack



All in One SEO Pack is one tool for beginner level WordPress bloggers to improve SEO for their blogs.


This can automatically create SEO optimised meta descriptions, meta tags, titles, keywords etc. for your blog content.


It can also check for duplicate pages in your blog thus saving you from penalties. Exclusive features for e-commerce websites is another speciality.


Click here to download All in One SEO pack.


SEO Friendly Images Plugin


SEO Friendly Images Plugin


Images in your blog post are also important for improving SEO of your website. But are they evaluated the same way as text content by the search engine algorithms.


Not exactly. For managing SEO for images in your blog, you have an option to add title tags and ALT tags for your images. These tags help search engines in finding images in your blog.


SEO Friendly images plugin automatically adds ALT tags and title tags for images in your blog, thus refining SEO for your blog.


Click here to download SEO friendly images plugin.


Broken Links Checker for WordPress


Broken Links Checker for WordPress


We all know very well about how bad broken links for your blog are.


It affects your user experience of your blog and at the same time can bring down your search engine rankings.


It’s a good SEO practice to check your WordPress blogs for broken links on a regular basis.


Doing this manually can be a tedious task.


You can make use of the SEO plugin Broken Links Checker for this purpose.


This plugin helps in removing broken links from your pages, blog posts and your comment section. Thus, you could improve SEO for your WordPress blogs.


Enter here to download All in One SEO pack.


Click here to read about how to check for broken links using Broken Links Checker.


SEO Smart Links


SEO Smart Links


This amazing SEO plugin for WordPress comes with a lot of interesting features. It helps in interlinking of the different blog posts in your blog, thereby improving SEO for your blogs by decreasing the bounce rate.


This is also a very useful SEO plugin for an affiliate marketer. This plugin auto link words in your blog post with their respective affiliate URLs.


Download SEO Smart Links Here.


Rel NoFollow Checkbox


Rel Nofollow Checkbox - WordPress Plugins


What happens when you link to an external page in your blog. Google considers this as you are vouching for that external page. And gives them a better SEO score.


But what if you do not want to share your link juice with external pages. Also, linking to a poor-quality page can affect your SEO.



Adding a no-follow attribute to such links would be the solution for this problem.


With Rel NoFollow Checkbox plugin you can add no-follow attribute to external links at the time of inserting them in your blog pages.


You can Click Here to download Rel NoFollow Checkbox plugin.


Moz Open Site Explorer


Moz - Open Site Explorer Link Research & Backlink Checker


This is one wonderful SEO plugin developed by Moz. With Moz open Site explorer you can have a load of information about any page.


Just enter the URL of the web page in the search box. This plugin would then provide you information like:


  • Inbound links
  • Anchor text
  • Linking opportunities and many more for the page you specified.


This is extremely useful while analysing competitor websites. The free version of Moz Open Site explorer has a limit on the number of searches per day.


For unlimited searches, you can opt for Moz Pro membership.


To learn more about free SEO tools offered by Moz click here.


Wrapping it Up


So far, we have seen some of the best SEO plugins available for your WordPress blog.


While some of them were free SEO plugins for WordPress, some were premium SEO plugins.



Now you know about all these plugins. But that doesn’t mean you need to use all these together in your blog. Use one or two which you find as the most useful among the lot.


I hope all of you could increase your SERPs dramatically with the help of these WordPress SEO plugins. Start experimenting with more SEO tips. Good Luck.


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