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8 Profitable B2B Business Ideas for Budding Entrepreneurs

b2b business ideas

Matthew Heusser started his software testing business while he was attending grad school. He was working full time during the day and going to school at night, but he found the time to bring in about $600 a month marketing his skills.

Don’t worry if you don’t have the background to do something like software testing. This article will show you eight B2B business ideas that you can start today.

Eight B2B Business Ideas You Can Start Today

We’ve built this list based on which businesses are easiest to start, and which have the most potential for profits.

#1. Digital Marketing

Every business uses digital marketing. The best way to find success with this path is to find a niche and dominate it.

Search engine optimization (SEO), social media marketing (SMM), and YouTube marketing are just a few of the specializations you could focus your business to business service on.

New business ideas are often intimidating. If you’re unfamiliar with some of the terms above, you can still find success with digital marketing.

Because digital marketing involves several different professions, you can contract out much of the technical work. While you focus on bringing in new business, you can hire designers, copywriters, and SEO specialists to produce a campaign for your client.

But don’t think this is an easy gig because you can contract out some of the work. Creating new business relationships is the hardest part of pursuing any small business ideas. And every contractor you hire takes money out of your profit.

Start small. If you are completely new to the industry, it’s not a bad idea to offer your services for free once or twice in order to build a portfolio.

#2. Bookkeeping

Smart ideas for business serve a common need. Bookkeeping might be the best option if you still need to build work experience. The entry bar is low and many small businesses don’t have in-house accounting.

Think of bookkeeping like being an accountant’s assistant. You’ll be responsible for organizing all of a business’ expenses and income.

The key difference that separates you from an accountant is that you won’t be analyzing your data for revenue projections and other more complex work.

As long as you have a calculator and some patience, bookkeeping can be a low-stress way to build a valuable skill.

#3. Safety Consultant

B2B business ideas like safety consultant could have you saving lives.

Become an expert on Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) guidelines and you could have yourself a very profitable consulting business.

Startups and multinational conglomerates alike have to abide by OSHA’s rules or else face fines or shut down operations.

That’s where you come in. Whenever a business needs to set up a new workplace, you’ll advise on the proper equipment and design to avoid costly litigation.

#4. Publishing

Starting your own publishing company will have you working with authors and brands to promote their writing. Like digital marketing, finding a niche is your best chance for success.

Judy Wright found that on top of publishing her own writing, she could make a lot more money by helping other authors and business owners promote their work.

Her new company, deathofmypet.com, markets books towards the pet grief niche. It may not be glamorous, but Judy’s company provides authors with the audience they need to make money.

Don’t limit yourself to fictional writing, either. Many people often think New York Time best-selling novels when they think of publishing. But businesses need all kinds of promotional materials and content produced, too.

#5. Event Planning

Another good option if you are working on building more skills for your business.

Businesses often have meetings and conferences that require everything from a venue to catering. Organizing business conferences can be a very stable source of income because they are always happening.

The networking you’ll do can lead to higher paying opportunities or even other B2B businesses. That’s what makes event planning good for freelancers starting out on their B2B careers.

You’ll be building new skills with every client you bring in. Each business will have their own needs and you’ll have to problem solve in order to get them what they want.

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#6. Wholesale

Businesses often need large quantities of certain products. A restaurant is going to need lots of napkins and takeout boxes, and an office will need paper and coffee on a regular basis.

Work with manufacturers to get a good price on wholesale goods and market the products to your clients.

Wholesale is one of our smart ideas for business because once you secure an account, you’ll have a stable source of income. Companies ordering wholesale products often having standing orders so they have a steady supply.

#7. Lead Generation

When you start your business, you learn fast that leads are life. Businesses pay a lot of money to get new customers in the door.

There are lots of tools for making simple landing pages. Target businesses who are doing well but are having a growth slump. Make them some quick mockup landing pages and explain how they will help bring in new sales.

Lead generation requires lots of testing. Don’t be discouraged if one or two landing pages don’t convert well. Even large businesses spending millions on lead generation have unsuccessful landing pages.

Learn from your mistakes and clients will pay big bucks for your experience.

#8. Office Cleaning Service

This is a good option for entrepreneurs looking for local business ideas. Office buildings often hire outside help to keep their facilities clean. Banks, real estate offices, and restaurants are all good places to market your services.

Depending on the size of the client you’re working with, you may be able to hire subcontractors to do most of the actual cleaning. You may have to get your hands dirty if a cleaner calls out, but if you focus your efforts on growing your business, your role will be mostly administrative.

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Start Applying These B2B Business Ideas Ideas Today

By 2011, Matthew Heusser went full-time with his B2B software consulting business. The shift in his business that allowed him to give up his day job came years later. Rather than billing by the hour, he now manages other subcontractors for his clients.

Like Matthew, you’ll find that as you land clients, your business model may change depending on demand. These B2B business ideas are like bulbs you plant and watch blossom into a fruitful career.

When you decide what your business is, learn how to increase your conversions and grow your income by reading this article now.

b2b business ideas
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