24 May 2024
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70 Small Business Ideas with Low Investment & High Profit

70 Small Business Ideas with low Investment & High Profit

If you’re looking to start your own business, here are the best small business ideas with low startup costs. Is this really possible? Yes, you could get creative with these low investment business ideas and turn it into a successful one.

These are the top 70 most successful small businesses to start. You don’t need too many raw materials and don’t incur much operating costs. You can even start most of them right from the comfort of your home.

If you remember, Mark Zuckerberg created Facebook at almost no cost in his Harvard dormitory room, so that should perk you up!!! Whether you’re looking for a part time opportunity or a full time one, here are the top 70 business ideas with low investment! Do check out the licensing regulations and certificates necessary for these businesses in your state.

Smart business ideas with low investment and high profit

Learning Points

  • Low cost business opportunities
  • Most successful small business ideas
  • Small investment business from home
  • New trending business ideas for beginners

Table of Contents

Top 70 Small Business Ideas that Cost Little to Start

#1. Catering Services – Small Business Ideas with Low Investment

Catering Services – Small Business Ideas with Low Investment

Do you want to go smiling to the bank every week? Try out catering services or home-based food business. You can get it up and running within no time.

For instance, you could get a contract with a cafeteria of some company, so that you always have a ready market. Do, however, ensure that you offer quality food and comply with the industry regulations.

Find your niche. For instance, you could cater for small weddings to begin with. Price it right. Connect with vendors, get the licenses, plan your marketing strategy with business cards and brochures.

#2. SEO Consultant

Work at home and begin your SEO consultant business in your two-bedroom apartment and very soon you could be making thousands of dollars a month, as it is one of the best business ideas with low investment.

Read blogs like moz.com to understand the way SEO works. Start by cold calling companies. Zero in on your specialization, whether social media, PR, web designing, and so on.

Get referrals from your first customers. Have a clean and simple site to sell your services, so that businesses find it easy to contact you. You could even go for hourly rates, with some freebies like SEO audit to begin with.

#3. Translation Services – Small Investment Business

You can first start on freelance translation jobs as part time jobs, on sites like Upwork or indeed.com. However, if you want to step it up a notch and start your own business, you need to develop strategies for getting clients.

Offer as many language services as possible for such small business ideas. If necessary, you can hire some staff, with freelance ones or full time.

Start networking to find customers, both locally and internationally. Use your business page or social media to reach customers.

Tip: Subscribe to sites like successfulfreelancetranslator.com to learn more.

#4. Freelancer/Editorial Services as Small Business Ideas

Freelancer Editorial Services as Small Business Ideas

You feel strongly about typos, commas and full stops? Why not starts an editorial service from home?  It’s one of the business ideas with low investment and high profits. Many publication companies outsource the editing jobs.

All you need is good language/grammar/punctuation and spelling skills. You can opt for copyediting or proofreading.

Decide on the niche, your editing charges and start establishing your presence online. For instance, you could begin by setting up a LinkedIn account offering details of your services. Start by doing editing jobs at sites like FreelanceWriting.com.

#5. Recruitment Services

Start a recruitment agency in a niche that you have domain experience as part of small business ideas.

This is one of the new business ideas with low investment. Work from your home, your shed or just share space with your friend. You will need a computer and broadband service, etc. Create your website or ask a professional website developer to do it for you.

Start by targeting companies as well as job seekers. Cold calling is the surefire way to go, using the Yellow pages. Check out new businesses in your area and approach them for filling vacancies. Remember, networking with people is important (for instance being a part of the professional LinkedIn network).

#6. Network Marketing

Network marketing is so easy to join, you’re almost scared to do it. You are your own boss. Do your homework, access free YouTube videos for training, read books on MLM business. It’s bound to pay off.

Just find a good company and endorse products that you love with such part time business ideas with low investment. Learn about prospecting clients and closing deals in such small business ideas. Follow effective online and offline strategies. Teach your clients ways of improving their business, so the network flourishes.

#7. Event Management

It’s one of the best small-scale business ideas.

Select your niche based on your expertise in one of the best businesses to do. (for instance, Martin Van Keken was a successful caterer before he set out to become an event manager) such as wedding/birthday celebrations; educational conferences; promotional launches and so on. You can target the corporate market or social markets, or even both. Certifications like CSEP or CMP, are an added bonus.

You will be responsible for creating designs, conducting research, arranging for the food, sending invitations, arranging accommodations, coordinating with everyone concerned and so on in such small investment opportunities.

#8. Interior Decoration

Interior Decoration

Begin by practicing on homes of friends and family. You can create design and then sell the products to clients, or just be a consultant. Check out the competition, their rates and what they offer. Try gaining specialized knowledge, such as lighting or Colonial designing.

Start making industry connections, with businesses connected with flooring, carpeting, upholstery, painters/carpenters and the like to get good discounts. Create your website and brochures and go get them.

#9. Photographer – Entrepreneur Ideas for the Beginner

If you have a love for photography, it could be a great low investment business from home. Be a wedding/event photographer, for instance.

You need to buy a camera, lenses, flashes, Photoshop/light room for editing pictures. You can work from your home or rent a studio. To begin with, you can start by charging $50 an hour. Create brand awareness with your website/social media, get into networking and start with family/friends as clients.

Tip: It would help if you already have some experience as an assistant photographer before setting out on your own.

#10. Career Guidance

Among the small business ideas list, why not opt to be a career guide/consultant helping people to establish their careers? You have to study the clients’ talent pool, their goals, education qualification, their personality and other skills and guide them accordingly.

You can begin from home helping clients achieve their career goals. Help them with interview skills; professional etiquette and attire, resumes and so on.

Tip: Networking with aspiring professionals as well as companies helps you reach the targeted demographic.

#11. Bakery

Do you make those awesome, killer cakes and donuts? Convert your talent into cash. Check out the latest bakery trends and do a research to see how it applies to your locality. Remember the time cupcake shops were the rage with several reality TV shows focusing on them.

To keep costs low, start an online bakery, thus avoiding a storefront. Offer a small counter service for your baked goods and a small sit-down area. You’ll need to buy baking ovens, refrigerators, and utensils and so on to begin with.

#12. Online Tutor

It’s not just school or college students, if you have technical or industry related skills, you can teach on business administration, accounts, supply chain system, project managements etc. earning anywhere between $10 to around $100 an hour. To begin with, enroll in online tutoring platforms like Tutorvista or WizIQ, as it’s one of the best small business ideas for men.

All you need for such low-cost business opportunities is an Internet connection for Skype, a virtual whiteboard like IDroo that can sync with Skype. You can also use YouTube for sharing educational tips and upload videos related to your expertise. Use software like Teachworks to manage sessions, automate reminders to students and payment receipts and so on.

Top 70 Small Business Ideas that Cost Little to Start

#13. Diet Consultancy Services

Do you have knowledge related to diet, nutrition, health and wellness? A diet consultancy service might be right up your alley. Many people are looking for assistance in weight loss and dietary supplements to reach their weight goals.

Check out the required licensing and get the training necessary for such smart business ideas with low investment. You can opt for product sales or for counseling. It’s a good idea to learn the ropes while working in a related retail business.

You can then join multi-level organizations like FoodConsultants.com, offering training and become a distributor. Alternatively, you can also start an online nutrition service and begin networking to attract customers on your own.

#14. DJ Services

Want to try running your own mobile DJ business?

First, get experience working for established DJs, volunteering for friends’ parties and so on. Check out the demand in your state, namely weddings, bars, clubs.

Get a good collection of digital music in different styles. You have to invest some amount in equipment like turntables and amplifiers. That’s it, now you can promote your business, send out brochures, leaflets, create a demo and start finding gigs.

Tip: Try connecting with American Disc Jockey Association for getting more contacts.

#15. Financial Planning and Management Services

Be a financial advisor and zone in on your specialization, like alternative investments. You can strike out on your own if you have enough experience in investment options. Start by marketing to build your customer list.

You have to meet initial costs related to advertising, technology and training if necessary. Your earnings will basically be commissions for solving financial problems. Alternatively, you can join organizations like the USAAjobs.com as a consultant for niche fields like Insurance, Banking, Investments, and Retirement etc.

#16. Detective Agency

Detective Agency

Get the necessary licenses and training in self-defense. In addition, take courses on surveillance, detective paperwork etc. to do this best business with low investment.

There are many online courses available. Pick on your specialization, such as criminal, matrimonial, civil, or just go in for a general service. Create your website and start marketing the business. If you can connect with law enforcement agencies, it makes things easier as you can get contract work.

#17. Advertisement Agency

The work involves creating slogans/advertising copy for the radio, the Internet, TV, billboards and so on. You can even add specialization in SEO strategy, so that ads get noticed more.

Pick your specialization, get the permits and setup your office with equipment like computers, printers, fax, and other supplies. You can opt for Adobe Creative Suite for graphic arts designing or just outsource this work. Prepare brochures and start networking to find businesses. Contact businesses and newspapers in your area and start prospecting.

#18. Animation

Animated videos can go viral, as we all know. Text is becoming redundant in marketing and businesses are sending emails with video attachments to draw attention.

Do you love to draw? Start an animation business as it one of the best business ideas for beginners.  You must basically know graphic designs, layouts and after effects.  You could start with short anime films, for instance. Get together a team of designers and 3D experts, editors and directors. You can also go into it by yourself, if you have the necessary skills.

Work for studios like Pixar or Network Television to get the hang of things.

#19. Used Car Dealership

There’s a substantial market out there for used cars, so why not cash in on this best profitable business. You can lease a suitable location, with office space and an outdoor lot.

As for the inventory, you can attend government-conducted auctions to get low priced used vehicles. Get some staff to set up loans for your customers or just do it yourself.

Promote the business by placing the used cars in sidewalks or roadways. Advertise on Craigslist and eBay and through social sites like Facebook to get customers for this low investment business with high profits.

#20. Home Attendant Facility

Senior citizens usually require such attendants for their daily activities. It could be for housekeeping, driving, food preparation, nursing and therapy services.

You might have to invest in some high-tech equipment for therapies and nursing jobs. Get the appropriate qualified staff. You can also outsource the work on contract basis to skilled nurses and therapists.

Use effective marketing strategies by setting up a website, contacting local physicians, hospitals and health care facilities to get clients.

#21. Real Estate Agent

You must initially get a license for a sales agent before you become a licensed broker, by passing the required real estate courses. This is important for knowing contract laws and real estate principles. You can join the NAR to get the Realtor title.

Put up some yard signs and some basic office furniture/equipment. Choose a mentor initially to get contacts and split the commission. After getting more referrals through networking, you can strike out on your own.

#22. Mobile Garage Service

In the list of most profitable small business ideas, you can start this business from your home. You could fix a flat tire, replace brakes, change the oil and generally offer vehicle maintenance.

Get mechanic training at the National Institute for Automotive Service Excellence.  Buy the necessary tools, ramps, safety glasses and so on. You may have to lease a van to transport vehicles to and fro.

Market your service using flyers, brochures and business cards. Leave them at car washes and local eateries.

#23. Dog Walker/Dog Trainer

Dog Walker - Dog Trainer

It’s a low cost startup and highly suitable for those who have good experience with dogs, such as pet sitters and dog walkers. You must be familiar with canine behavior to begin with, though you don’t need any formal training. The CCPDT also offers certification courses for dog trainers, which are among the small business ideas for women.

You can go to your clients’ homes to train their dogs or walk their dogs. Investment is low, as all you need are some treats, training aids and leashes. Do the marketing using your website, print brochures and flyers, networking with dog walkers and vet clinics to get more customers.

#24. Food Trucks

There’s a big market for street food, so why not start your food truck business offering cheap breakfasts and lunch with quick service in this home manufacturing business.

You can buy a cart for around $2000, whereas a truck could cost around $10,000. Get the best deals on sites like UsedVending.com. You can prepare hot foods like pizza on site or prepare foods in your home and then sell it using warmers in a smaller truck.

Find a good parking lot, get connected with catering and corporate events to increase income in this small investment business from home.

#25. Beauty Treatment and Makeup Artist Services

Open your own makeup artist business right from your home with such profitable business ideas from home.  You can offer packages for weddings and proms, beauty lessons. You can also offer services for client residences, studios, photo shoots, media production events.  Go it on your own if you have enough skills or hire experts with massage and yoga certifications in such small business ideas that cost little to start.

Initial investment would entail makeup tools and supplies, business cards, ad campaigns; shop supplies like chairs, mirrors, TV, magazines and so on.

#26. Ice Cream Parlor

Ice Cream parlor

It’s a great idea, especially if you are living in the southern states. You can opt for a franchise but that means you have to adhere to store layout, design and so on, which could prove more expensive.

How about a low-fat ice-cream shop for people interested in healthy living, an option among food manufacturing business ideas?  Add cookies and bottled drinks as well. You can also operate a mobile parlor using an ice cream cart.

Investments include carts, coolers, freezers, serving machines, shelves, chairs etc.

#27. Match Maker

It is one of the best among online business ideas for moms.

Meet with clients and know their dating requirements, preferences etc. You can select a niche, such as college graduates, or people over 50, professionals etc. Create your website and host speed date events to bring clients close to each other.

Promote your business through both offline and online methods, offer flyers in coffee shops and libraries, offer tips and advice for dating through your site, to impress clients and create a professional image when doing such small business ideas from home.

#28. Wedding Planner

Get a Wedding planner certifications or simply in Communications/Public Relations. You need good communication skills. Contact big hotels hosting fabulous weddings; apply to wedding planning agencies.

Get experience by first planning wedding for family members and friends.  You can even apply for an entry-level position in large PR firms running huge events, at sites like indeed.com. Create an impressive site and get referrals.

#29. Health Club

Health Club

Choose a good location for your health club with parking facilities. Design the interiors and equip them well with gym equipment. Have space for yoga, pilates, aerobics, dance classes and so on. Check out all the facilities and equipment you need and try to fill in niche that is lacking in your area.

You may have to recruit certified instructors. Have a gala opening and offer freebies. Spread the word using flyers and brochures as well as word of mouth.

#30. Café cum Bookshops

How you’d love to read a book with a steaming cup of coffee in front of you! You will need both the skills to manage the two businesses.

You will need coffee equipment, shelves, tables, chairs and books of course. Get connected with publishers and book warehouses to get reasonably priced books.

Have an online presence to market this kind of small business idea for small towns.

#31. Driving School

Check out the regulations in your state regarding tests and license for one of the most successful small business ideas.   Startup costs could be anywhere above $10,000. You will need an instructor license as well. Develop your curriculum for theory as well as behind the wheel practical lessons. You could partner with the AAA, to get the latest instruction materials and sample tests.

Work with the local schools or partner with auto insurance agents. Have a good relationship with the DMV office in your area. Driving school marketing can help you in creating a media presence.

#32. Travel Agency

Travel Agency

Your agency can handle booking of airline tickets; making hotel reservations, creating an itinerary, cruise packages etc. You can work from home using your computer.

You can be a franchise owner of an established travel company, or an independent travel consultant. You will need the necessary software and an IATA number for booking airline tickets. Make a list of the services you will offer and start putting up a client list.

#33. Cooking Class

Do you have a cooking blog? Or do you share cooking tips on YouTube? Check out this dream jig, if you just love cooking. You can even take cooking classes initially from The Institute of Culinary Education, New York or just watch YouTube to hone your culinary skills.

Take photos of your best dishes, create your business card and broachers and build your website. Create a list of cooking classes in your niche. Get spices and produce from Trader Joe’s. Start hosting shows and volunteer meets. Pricing should cover the food/labor costs.

#34. Medical Store

Buy a franchise (that’s the easy way); buy an existing pharmacy, or start from scratch in a strategic location. Hire licensed pharmacists; connect with established drug wholesalers. You will need the necessary licenses from the DEA and FDA.

Get the necessary stocks and start getting the word around for this low investment business.

#35. Resume and Essay Writing

All job seekers and students will need these services. Most people don’t have the talents necessary to create an impressive resume/essay. Run the business from your home, using emails and video calls. Create a LinkedIn profile to market your business.

You could get around $400 a resume/essay, to begin with in such home-based business ideas for moms. You could get more for executive or technical resumes. You can also combine related services like career guidance; interview skills etc.

#36. Data Entry Services

Data Entry Services

It’s a flexible business, offering data entry services to various companies. Be careful of scams while looking out for clients.

Create a website showcasing your professionalism, so that companies can easily find you. Check out companies looking for data entry work and approach them.

You will need a good Internet connection and software like Microsoft Access, Excel, SAP. Choose your specialization, like accounting, for which you will need QuickBooks.

#37. Tailoring Service

Offer customized tailoring options from your home-based boutique. List out the services you can offer. Invest in sewing machines and other allied supplies like, pins, laces, buttons, threads as well as computer software and so on with a low investment.

Create your pattern/design catalogue and showcase them on your website or mannequins. Distribute flyers in your area. Start with making costumers for your friends/relatives. Advertise on social media like Facebook/Twitter.

#38. House Cleaning Services

You could do some work for your friends/family members to get references initially. Get business cards, flyers and brochures to advertise your service in your locality. Also advertise in the local papers. Try referral programs where you offer discounts for referrals to another client in the low investment house cleaning business.

Your investment will include cleaning products, sanitizers and gloves. You can charge by the hour or a flat rate.

#39. Security Services

If you’ve been involved with the law, it’s a good option. You can offer security services for residences as well as stores, museums, banks and so on. Make sure to get the necessary license.

Create an impressive SOP (Standard Operating Procedures) detailing company ethics, reports, uniform policies and so on.

Start cold calling organizations to market your services.

#40. Video Game Parlor

It’s one of the new trending business ideas for beginners. Keep an updated collection of games. With the rising price of games, most people are not able to afford buying them, so they opt for a video game parlor instead.

Opt for a console parlor or a computer station, or even both. You could even start a food lounge on the side. Rent out a suitable store in a good location, such as a shopping mall or an amusement park.

Design pamphlets and billboards to let people know about your video parlor, offer referral or loyalty schemes to increase customer loyalty.

#41. Gift Wrapping Business

Gift Wrapping Business

You could start a gift wrapping business within a departmental store or through a cart in a mall. Create colorful flowers, ribbons and baskets for holiday gifts.

Buy supplies like wrapping paper, ribbons, bows and boxes from wholesalers. Work with shops in the local malls. Also offer direct services using online ads and through social media. You could also approach corporates for larger volume of work.

#42. Share Market Trading Services

If you are talented in trading stocks, bonds and futures, this is for you. You will need licenses first to get investments from the public.

Select a good trading strategy for choosing stocks, purchasing and selling them. Subscribe to Wall Street Journal and other resources for daily information on latest stock market developments. Open your online account for trading using brokerage firms.

#43. Car Parking

You can opt for automated or staffed parking lots. Select a profitable area near shopping centers or convention hubs. Hire professionals to create a good asphalt surface, following government standards.

Get payments in advance on a monthly basis or every time they use the parking lot. You can even offer valet parking services. A CC TV, good lighting and security guards are a must.

#44. Poultry Farm

Choose either the Layers sector for producing eggs or the Broilers sector where you breed chicken for meat. Your target demographics would include homes and hospitals; restaurants, schools and fast food outlets, among others.

Be alert to poultry farm diseases like avian virus and salmonella. You can start a poultry farm from scratch or get a franchise.

#45. Gym and Fitness Center

You can employ the minimum of staff for this low-cost startup business. You just need good training skills and equipment to start a gym. Get training and accreditation’s and choose your fitness niche, such as Pilates, Aerobics and so on.

Determine a suitable location, the staff you need, and equipment you will be using. Offer monthly exercise packages, membership and personal training services.

#46. Yoga Center

It’s one of the best in the list of business ideas with small capital. Decide on the activities and workshops that you want to include creating your business dashboard. You can offer yoga for children, for adults, senior yoga, options for beginners, intermediate as well as advanced yoga programs.

You will have to spend on yoga mats; bolsters, blankets and so on.

Update your LinkedIn profile to reflect your new business. Distribute flyers and brochures, ask friends for recommendations, offer discounts for references.

#47. Courier Company

Courier Company

You will need good transportation for this home based business. You could even use your own bicycle, car or van and then upgrade it later. Apply for necessary licenses and opt for residential/business clients or even both. You can deliver items like gifts; money orders or even perishable goods.

Price your services competitively. Create your business website and use all other marketing strategies. You can also contact local businesses and hospitals to get clients. Place ads in newspapers, online Yellow pages, and in magazines.

#48. Trash Management

This is a thriving industry in the United States. Get the required license first. The business involves collection of hazardous, municipal/household/commercial and recyclable waste substances. These have to be transported to disposal areas.

Approach individuals as well as corporates for waste disposal. You can contact farmers; printing companies; textile manufacturers; photo labs’ households and so on. Select your niche, such as hazardous waste; medical waste, industrial waste etc. and apply for the required license.

#49. Dance Class

If you’re passionately interested in dancing, begin by first working in dance studios to get experience for running the business. You can teach dance lessons or employ someone to do it. Choose the dance styles that you want to teach, for this low investment business.

Tip: Aerobics; ballroom; salsa; ballet; hip-hop are some of the trending ones. Start on your own or become part of networks like Millenium Dance Complex.

#50. Daycare Center

You can start a Daycare Center with just two or three hundred dollars. Decide on the age group of children for your clientele, full time or only after school care and so on.

You can also offer transportation, take the children out on trips and develop interesting activities. It’s an added bonus if you love kids. Plan for accidents and illness as well as emergency situations.

#51. Babysitting

Love babies? Make money from home babysitting. Start with people you know, friends, relatives and spread the word. You could try volunteering at childcare programs or assisting friends first.

Be responsible and dependable. Get familiar with the children’s schedules, naps, homework, food and so on.

#52. Pest Control

Pest Control

Begin by working with established companies to gain experience. The job involves extermination of rats, roaches and protecting homes from such infestation, so you cannot afford to be squeamish.

Pest control is a seasonal business, and you can offer packages on annual or quarterly basis. Get a truck, the necessary equipment, chemicals, etc., if you are an independent service. In case of franchises, you have to use the specified products.

#53. Fashion Boutique

If you have an eye for fashion, this could be for you. Work in a boutique for some time initially. Open an online store and then open a boutique.

Pick a good location with low investment. Buy your supplies on Craigslist on a shoestring budget. Start networking to get clients.

#54. Plumbing and Electrical Services

Begin by being an apprentice to learn the ropes. Slowly, move on to your own business, as you would have developed a list of clients by now. Take relevant plumbing courses or just hire those with experience.

Make house calls, advertise your business online and send out flyers and brochures. You can focus on offering plumbing supplies or installation/repair work, or even both.

#55. Low Investment Car Wash

8 million vehicles are being washed at car washes, according to the US Census Bureau. You can choose a full service, exterior conveyor, a self-serve business model, or the In Bay type of automatic car wash you see in gas stations.

Hand washes typically require less capital, whereas automated ones will be more expensive to set up. Select a good location, get the equipment necessary, do the necessary paper work and you’re on your way to one of the best in the home-based business list.

#56. Social Media Consultant with Low Investment

You can offer your services to businesses that have a lot of social media accounts to take care of. If you love sharing, tweeting and so on, this is just the business for you. Select your niche, such as setting up social media accounts; developing marketing strategies; posting graphics; market analysis, etc.

You need a good knowledge of the different platforms and the strategies used to leverage them. Use appropriate tools like Hootsuite for managing platforms in such small business ideas.

#57. Website Developer

If you have website designing skills, you can be a freelancer and start your own company. You can deliver services locally or globally; take payment on an hourly basis or daily basis.

Establish connections through an active social media presence. Create your website, explaining your certifications and credibility, references etc.

#58. Tax Consultant

Tax Consultant

If you are an expert in this field, become a tax consultant to individuals or companies. Join an online course, and very soon you can start preparing tax returns for companies, while considering such small business ideas.

Check out good tax preparing software for your particular niche. Begin by offering services to friends and family members and then get more clients through referrals, special offers, discounts, etc. for this low investment business.

#59. Website Flipping Business

Website flipping involves buying and selling domains to make profits. Some domains, such as business.com are very valuable. You can still make profits with low profit domains.

Use networking and negotiation skills to buy valuable domains at the right time. Checkout GoDaddy for buying/selling domains and registering them! Other options include Domain.name and Namecheap.

#60. Currency Trading – Small Business Ideas

The options can seem confusing to beginners. Prices on Forex can change drastically within a short time. You have to view all factors, political, economical and monetary policies as well as natural disasters and events.

You can select the pair, such as sterling vs US dollar and buy dollars if you feel it will strengthen. If it does – you can sell it and get profits! Check out tutorials, guides and forums before you start currency trading while doing this low investment business.

#61. Laundry Services

If you have experience fixing machines and other laundry equipment, it’s a bonus for this business. Or else, just hire maintenance and repair person. Remember to fill the vending machines regularly and collect the coins regularly.

Set up vending machines for cold drinks and snacks while going in for such small business ideas. Keep weekends open, as these are the busy days.

#62. Transportation/Taxi Services

Transportation and Taxi Services

You might need initial capital for a few cars with drivers. Check out the demand in your area and see the rates charged by competitors.

Buy vehicles suitable for taxi use at auction sites focusing on such taxi sales. Add taxi meters, company name and other information. Select a central location and hire drivers after checking out their records and licenses.

Begin advertising in the local telephone book and distribute flyers and brochures to get more clients for this type of low investment business.

#63. Chimney Sweep

Costs include purchasing various types of brushes/rods/cleaners/vacuum/ladders and so on. You also need a good transportation to take your tools to different locations.

The price will depend on the chimney size. You can also add other services, like cleaning roofs and gutters or lightning protection. Advertise your chimney sweep business using flyers and through your website.

Tip: Don’t forget overalls and masks to protect yourself while involved in such small business ideas.

#64. Computer Repair

With increasing malware and viruses, computer repair businesses seem to be mushrooming. Besides repairing computers, you might also have to pick up/deliver the devices. You might also have to invest in tools; hardware and software tools and supplies.

Get free/low costing software for fixing viruses. Advertise your computer repair business using flyers at tech fairs, word of mouth or through your website for this low investment business.

#65. Taxidermist

You can buy the business from someone (one that already enjoys brand recognition), just launch it yourself or opt for a franchise. Most of your customers will be hunters/fisherman, though there are also pet owners.

Get the word out about your Taxidermist business, offer discounts and get referrals. List your business in the local phone book and place ads.

Work from home and take your business to a higher level by learning new techniques from workshops.

#66. Landscaper

Become a landscaper offering lawn services to businesses and residences. You just need to buy the basic tools, chemicals and machinery and it could last you for years. Set up your office in your home.

If you can do the pruning and trimming by yourself, well and good, otherwise hire a gardener. Try to get maintenance contracts from corporate houses.

#67. Packers and Movers

The clientele includes residences as well as commercial establishments. Offer additional services like storage spaces, driving out of the state and so on. Start your Packers and Movers business initially with a single truck and then build up a fleet.

Buy moving trucks showing your DOT sticker, logos and so on. For instance, you can join the American Moving Storage Association to give your business greater credibility.

#68. Rug Cleaner

Both residences and commercial complex businesses require rug-cleaning services. Many hotels, malls and restaurants are also potential customers. Get experience in maintenance and cleaning of carpets before you start.

You have to invest in tools/sprays and other rug cleaning items for removing stains and blotches. Go through a certification course from the IICRC to add credibility.

#69. Music Lessons

Music Lessons

Go beyond listening to music by taking music lessons and making an income from it. You can have a classroom for it or just offer lessons from your home.

If you are able to play several instruments, you can earn more. Hire more music instructors to earn more and expand your business. Get a bachelor’s degree or attend a certification program. You can also drive to clients’ homes. Clients include both students and interested adults.

#70. Massage Therapist

Get qualified with massage courses and join massage associations, as this will offer your massage business more credibility. You can start it at home or rent property.

Remember to register with several health funds, so that clients can get rebates. Create an impressive website listing your services and go in for a local page on Google Plus. Use business cards and flyers as well as word of mouth.

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Wrap Up

Most of these home-based small businesses ideas don’t require much experience or capital. So just don on that entrepreneurial hat and get going. These are some of the best ways to make extra income as well as excellent career opportunities.

Get a slice of the action with these low investment business ideas and I bet at least one in this collection will be suitable for you.

Top Business Ideas with Low Investment & High Profit
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Making money is a hobby that will complement any other hobbies you have. Stop wishing - Start doing. The goal is living life on your terms.
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