20 May 2024
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6 Eye-Catching Email Subject Lines To Catapult Your Open Rates

6 Eye-Catching Email Subject Lines to Catapult Your Open Rates

Despite what they say, a good number of people will judge emails based on their subject lines. Research even shows that close to 47% of all email recipients will choose whether to open or ignore an email by only looking at its subject line. So, if you’re planning to write an email, it’s better to have a well-crafted subject line that attracts the attention of your intended recipients.

Yes, while they may appear just like small messages, they play a huge role in creating an excellent first impression on your audience. Of course, for marketers, they are the best way to stand out from other companies in a crowded email inbox. But what makes a great email subject line?

Factors to Consider Before Writing an Email Subject Line

Irrespective of your goals, the title of your email should include some crucial elements. These are:

  • Urgency

Delivering scarcity and necessity in your email title helps in compelling your recipients to click on it. So, you should always phrase it strategically and creatively!

  • Curiosity

You need to get a hold of your audience by tapping into their specific interests. In doing so, they’ll feel the need to open your email for more information. Eventually, you’ll enjoy high open rates.

  • An Offer

As human beings, we love new experiences and the taste of fresh content, especially if it comes for free or at a discounted fee. Start with that by putting it in your email subject line.

  • Name Recognition

Once you understand the specific tastes of your audience, you can quickly get them to read your email by maybe mentioning them somewhere in your subject line. You could even go further and talk about them in your email content.

With these basic principles, you can now quickly come up with an attractive subject line. Even so, we’ve discovered six amazing examples of subject lines to guide you through the process. They include:

Six Amazing Examples of Email Subject Lines

Writing Eye-Catching Email Subject Lines

#1. “Your Awesome Photos”

Here’s a fantastic subject line that can quickly get you a shocking 70% open rate plus a 25% rate of conversion. If you use it in a cold email, make sure to tell your audience where you found their photos in the email body. Also, remember to include a brief introduction of your company.

The good thing about using this subject line is that it uses flattery to get the attention of your readers. However, do not use this title if you try to sell your products or services. Why? Well, your recipients will not take it too kindly. Instead, use flattery to either interview a famous person for your podcast or to recruit someone.

#2. “Were We Boring You?”

This was one of the email subject lines written by Sperry Van Ness. During that time, the company was getting an incredible 30% open rate which is above average by industry standards. However, they felt that it’s just the same people who were reading their emails.

Therefore, because they wanted to clear their email list, they came up with this unique subject line. In their opening paragraph, they talked about the number of subscribers opening their messages. Sperry Van Ness then asked, “Do you wish to stay on this list or is there anything we could do to deliver our message better?”

Shockingly, their open rates went even past 50%. This was quite surprising because they thought they wouldn’t get a lot of click-throughs. In fact, some people also apologized for not involving themselves more often.

#3. “How I Took My Kissmetrics Blog From 0-350,000 Readers In Only A Month!”

Neil Patel is an expert in writing captivating blog titles. He typically uses these titles to create the subject lines of all his emails. Interestingly, it’s through email marketing that Neil grew his first online business. So, in his blog, he talks about how to use email marketing to boost your business.

He adds that “this subject line tells the journey of a hero.” He knows that we all start by trying to build an audience. Here, we don’t have any listeners, viewers or readers. So, he captivates us with this subject line by implying that he will offer tactical advice which we can use to improve our online presence.

#4. “Free App Business Kit (60.43% Opt-In Rate)”

Here is a subject line from Game Academy’s Trey Smith. He came up with it to promote his free application business kit. He used this title as a follow-up email where he explained that he tested five distinct landing pages. He adds that the one in the email got a shocking rate of 60.34%. Doesn’t it make you feel like visiting the landing page?

He even says that “This is one of the highest conversion rates I’ve come across.” As he concludes, he talks about his free app company and closes off with an impressive call to action for you to download the business kit.

#5. “Pat’s Secret to Finding Content to Talk About.”

Pat Flynn from smart passive income uses this subject line in his auto-responder email. He even provides incredible content in his email. Flynn knows that to grow a loyal audience, you should give them your best pieces of writing from the word go! Besides, because his audience is usually filled with online marketers and bloggers, he understands that it’s not always easy to offer rich content for your audience.

So, a day after you sign up to his email, he gives you the secret to writing perfect blog content. He knows that once you read it, he’ll have your complete attention across the entire auto-responder process.

#6. “Would You Like To Unsubscribe?”

You probably think that your money is on your email list. So, why should you tell someone to unsubscribe? Well, it’s pretty simple.

It’s important to remember one crucial factor. Here, while lead generation sources such as webinars and conferences are incredible, they may not be interested in you after the first offering.

These people will probably unsubscribe once you send your next email. Therefore, it’s good to make it easier for them by sending an email about unsubscribing. In doing so, you will get rid of the people who are not interested in your service.

Most importantly, you’ll earn the trust of the readers who read the messages but chose to stick with you!


Even with the rise of social networks, email marketing is still an essential digital marketing tool. However, the problem is coming up regarding a captivating subject line.

Luckily, with the above tips and examples, you finally have a way out. You can use either of these topics or use them to inspire your ideas. So, have you found any other impressive email titles? And on this list, which one do you think is the best?

Author Bio: Lori Wade is a content writer who is interested in a wide range of spheres from education and online marketing to entrepreneurship. She is also an aspiring tutor striving to bring education to another level like we all do. If you are interested in writing, you can find her on Twitter or find her on other social media. Read and take over Lori’s useful insights!

Amazing Examples of Email Subject Lines
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