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5 New Social Media Tools to Try in 2018

We all know how important social media is to connect with our target audience, and we’re constantly on the lookout on how to improve our process in communications.


Social media is becoming a part of our lives; gone were the days of asking for testimonials or posting bulletins. Nowadays, you can even get in touch with a company’s support team or even make payments through your Messenger. That’s how innovative social media has become from just a mere sharing medium of everything funny or creepy.



Still not convinced that social media can help reshape your company? Here are some mind-boggling, powerful statistics that will leave you scurrying to start your own social media campaign:


  • Currently, there are 2.789 billion active social media users around the globe; that’s 37% of the population we have now.
  • There’s a 21% increase in active social media users compared with January 2016’s data.
  • Current statistics show that more and more people in different age groups use the Internet for social media.
  • There’s a significant improvement in terms of sales through social media as proven by more than half of the marketers who had been using social media as a marketing tool.
  • Because of social media, 59% of Americans believe that customer service has been exceptionally better than it was before.


With the insurmountable amount of active traffic that you can target, isn’t it that social media has taken the world by storm? There’s no reason to think that these numbers will decline anytime soon. As social media continues to grow, we’re going to see better results for our brands.



Social media has integrated artificial intelligence or AI as chatbots — you can find social media messenger apps. These chatbots can help you deal with FAQs and even assist your users to make a purchase. Using chatbots has been remarkable, with a reported 60% customer satisfaction using a Facebook Messenger bot for customer service.


If social media continues to evolve, how can you make the most of these innovations to augment your campaign? Don’t worry, we got you covered!


Here are Five New Social Media Tools to Try in 2018


#1. Content Suggestions – Quuu


You might have a small team of social media experts, but what if you can get hand-curated content suggestions? Quuu delivers manually curated content for you to share on your social media channels.


It can be tough to scour through hundreds of contents a day, so Quuu does all the searching for you. It’s easy to start with Quuu to get your fresh content daily. Just select your Interest from the list, connect your preferred social media platform manager, choose how many you’d love to receive, and set those for publishing or let Quuu publish it for you.


Quuu helps in curating content so you won’t have to waste countless hours looking for content. You can now dedicate those hours to meaningful work — check your performance, create new campaigns, or have some coffee — all these now possible due to Quuu! That’s social media on autopilot! Save hundreds of hours on managing your social media channels now!


#2. Simplify Your Posts – Everypost


If you’re a small agency, chances are you’ve been looking for a more affordable option than the other social media platform managers out there. You might have a few clients, so you don’t need an enterprise account at the time.


A great alternative is Everypost, “Social Media Publishing Simplified”. It truly simplifies the process as you can easily curate content for publishing, customize the post, have it scheduled, and share your content across multiple social media channels like Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, and LinkedIn.



You can even collaborate with your team to manage your social media channels; thus, it’s easier to delegate tasks, too! With Everypost, you can immediately post and upload to your social media channels.


On the other hand, Everypost lets you sort through your social media channels, customize your content for sharing, and you can even manage it through your iPhone and Android phones. Moreover it’s very convenient for URL shortener. Everypost offers social media publishing and collaboration for a more affordable price tag.


#3. Build Better Customer Relationship – Yotpo


Perfect for ecommerce websites, Yotpo helps businesses gain leverage through social proof.


Through Yotpo, you can automatically collect user reviews about your brand, thereby increasing trust and social proof online. How does Yotpo accomplish this? Yotpo helps you gather these assets by asking your customers directly, or by collecting these data from your social media profiles.


Afterwards, Yotpo determines relevant data to show on key conversion points around your website to improve results and further gain insights about your brand and your customers.


Yotpo can be integrated on a wide scale of apps and social media channels that you use. Integrate your Yotpo account with social media channels like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.


You can also use Yotpo with CRMs and ecommerce platforms like Magento, Shopify, and Hubspot — that’s how seamless Yotpo can be!


#4. Create More Visibility – Zest


Zest is a Chrome extension dedicated to showing curated content that matters. Zest is manually curated — as mentioned on their website, they currently approved approximately 1% of the links submitted to them. That’s how stringent they are when it comes to valuable content.


Zest doesn’t show up in your emails or via any application; Zest offers content right from the get-go. Once you open a new tab in Chrome, Zest shows a list of topics that you’re interested in. Filter content through its tags; you can even suggest links to be It’s easy to share via Zest; just hover over the content card, and share to your preferred social media channels.


This Chrome extension is perfect for those who want to be hands-on with their shared content.


#5. Boost Traffic on Repeat – Meet Edgar


Haaaaave you met Edgar? This social octopus is making waves in the social media industry as it does exactly what you need from it: sharing your posts on repeat, as you want it to repeat forever. This is perfect for evergreen posts on your website; now you can boost your traffic repeatedly, without the hassle of scheduling it every time whenever necessary.



That’s right — you can set an expiration date for some posts that are irrelevant for an event. Repeated exposure helps in gaining traffic, especially with evergreen content that doesn’t expire.


Busy entrepreneurs will love how Edgar can manage their social media profiles with ease. No more countless hours of uploading content to your chosen platform. Make the most out of your articles with MeetEdgar!


BONUS: The Complete Guide to Marketing Channels


This hefty marketing channels guide is a great addition to your arsenal this 2018. If you haven’t tapped your social media channels last 2017, then it’s time to jumpstart your social media marketing this 2018. It includes a run down on how to properly market through different social media channels, as well as an introduction to marketing through AdWords.


With this guide, you can decide on which social media platforms to invest on, especially those that will work cohesively with your brand.


Another BONUS: Social Media Templates


Make it your New Year’s resolution to set up your game with renewed fervor as you refresh your channels with new tools and templates from HubSpot. This resource page includes a social media calendar template, marketing budget templates, social media cover photo templates, and a guide to social media prospecting.

De-stress your life — social media should be fun and a revenue generating opportunity. With a social media calendar, you can easily plan your month’s efforts and posts.


A budget template can help you sort out your spending, and the cover photo templates can help you brand your channel. What we love about this resource collection is its social prospecting guide.


Social listening hasn’t been fully utilized by many brands online, so it’s a great opportunity to learn more about this marketing tactic and how it can greatly benefit your business.


Wrap Up


In 2017, we have witnessed a lot of changes in social media. What was once just mere “word-of-mouth” marketing has now turned into influencer marketing.


Moreover, brands have started shifting their attention to a new generation. We’ve seen the tides shift towards social media messaging, where brands go down to a personal level to interact with their customers.


The rise of social media messaging was made possible through chatbots. And with the rise of fake news online comes countermeasures from social media sites like Facebook; Facebook has gone to lengths of battling fake news and other low-quality content.


Social media has indeed changed over the years; it used to be a space where we just flaunt what we have. Now, it’s an extensive, diverse marketing tool that businesses can take advantage to get in touch with their target audience. This 2018, make it a point to get down and personal with your audience through these tools and create a stellar strategy to attract more customers to your business.


5 New Social Media Tools to Try in 2018

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