15 July 2024
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5 Bulletproof Ways to Generate New Business Leads Online

Generate New Business Leads

You have incredible products, superior services, and an amazing team to bring it all together.

The only problem?

It seems like your lead generation tactics have seriously plateaued in the past few months. You need to make a change, especially because you’re facing new competitors in your area.

In this post, we’ll share five of the best tips on how to generate more business leads online.

Ready to increase your conversions, your visitor count, and even shorten your average sales cycle?

If so, we urge you to read on.

#1. When in Doubt, Automate

Feel like there just aren’t enough hours in the business day for you to close deals, work on your pitch, connect with new leads, and actually take lunch for a change?

If this nonstop schedule sounds familiar, then you should consider automated marketing.

Automated marketing can help you to segment your leads, and with current ad campaign management.

Of course, it can also publish new content on your website and social media profiles, so you don’t have to lose valuable time doing it manually. The right automation software can even provide personalized content to different kinds of leads, based on the products/services they’re most likely to buy.

This will increase your office productivity, help you to keep better track of your leads, and soon, help you rake in the profits.

Plus, you’ll be able to enjoy your lunch hour again.

#2. Yes, Social Media Is Still King

Social media is still one of the most effective ways not only to generate business leads, but also constantly keep them in the loop about new products and offers.

Things like re-targeting ads ensure that even people who never completed a purchase on your website aren’t lost as leads.

Make sure you make it as easy as possible for your sales leads to find you on the social media platform of their choice.

Research popular hashtags, enable geotagging, and even follow and comment on other popular accounts in your industry.

Also, try creating a social media contest or branded giveaway to engage with your leads in a direct way. It’s not just about creating relationships with your leads and building trust.

Once you know their handles and usernames, you’ll be able to study them on a much deeper level.

This means you can create more effective campaigns and ads in the future.

#3. Learn How to Generate Leads in the Hyperlocal Market

It’s also important to focus on finding local leads online.

However, the world of local SEO is more specific than it’s ever been before. The focus has moved from more generalized local SEO tips to hyperlocalization strategies.

Now, you’re not just trying to find leads in your city or state. You’re trying to find leads that are on your block, shopping at another local business three doors down. You’re out to find tourists that are checking out nearby local landmarks, and convince them to come shop with you.

This means that your location-based keywords will need to get a lot more specific. Reference your street name, your county, other nearby businesses, and even local festivals and events in your keyword phrases.

#4. Try Guest Posting

Your blog has been a great tool to generate leads for some time now.

So why not take your expertise and gift for writing informative content to a broader audience by giving guest posting a try?

Think about some of the most popular websites, blogs, and even online newspapers in your industry or local community. Then, write a post for them and submit it to their site.

You can include internal links back to your own website in your content, and you can even engage with readers in the comments section, directing them back to you.

Plus, you’ll also show your target market that you know the right people by getting a byline on a big-name site.

#5. Focus on Responsive Design

Last but not least, you need to make sure that, now that you know how to generate business leads online, your website is truly ready for that influx in traffic.

A poorly-designed website doesn’t just cost you potential sales — it also damages your brand’s reputation.

While a whopping 42% of consumers say they’d never buy from a website with an awful design, remember that visitors who stay on your website for a second and then click away also impact your search engine ranking. If the majority of your visitors don’t spend time on your site, or only visit your homepage and leave, you’ll fall behind in the SERPS.

Companies can help you to come up with a user-friendly site design that’s also optimized for SEO. They’ll ensure your website loads quickly, is compatible with a variety of mobile devices, and isn’t littered with heavy images.

Get More Online Business Leads Thanks to These Tips

Whether you’re ready to give guest posting a go, or if now is the time to invest in automated marketing software, we hope these tips on how to get more business leads have been helpful.

You don’t have to spend a lot of time and company resources on lead generation. Instead, you just have to think tactically, know where your market is, and understand the way they behave online.

Looking for additional advice about lead generation? Want to learn about new marketing strategies you can use to your advantage? Need the latest SEO tips, or help understanding those sudden changes to the Google Algorithm?

Keep checking in with us to learn everything you need to know.

New Business Leads
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