8 February 2023
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4 Automated Applications to Maximize Sustainability


Using Iot and automation management systems, companies can improve sustainability across many industries.

Before the last few decades, science and technology advanced without our natural environment in mind. As we put more focus on conserving natural resources and minimizing waste, technology has progressed to meet commercial demands.

Using automation management systems, commercial operations are able to both increase output while reducing total environmental impact. There are many applications, like PoE lighting, that have changed the way businesses approach commercial energy solutions.

Today, we’re going to be discussing how new advancements are changing how entire industries operate beyond just saving electricity. Keep reading to discover the 4 applications that are changing the world right now.

#1. Energy Conservation

One of the most common automation management applications is energy conservation for large commercial buildings

Conserve energy with automated lighting.

Conserving energy with automated lighting

Energy costs are a major concern across all industries. Not only are energy costs unpredictable, they are continually rising which requires companies to spend more year over year. In order to save money and create an operation that is environmentally conscious, many businesses are turning to automation management as a solution.

For example, let’s discuss PoE lighting.

PoE stands for Power over Ethernet, meaning that your lights are connected to a low voltage ethernet cable as opposed to the standard high voltage cables. To use PoE lighting, LED lights are the required output hardware because they can operate at a low voltage, unlike fluorescent bulbs.

Not only do LEDs and PoE applications use less electricity, they are capable of automatic communication with your building management system and building controls.

When your lighting receives commands from your building management system, it can turn lights on and off automatically at designated times, use sensors to adapt to outdoor lighting, and be controlled remotely from any smart device.

Not only will automated lighting reduce energy costs and environmental impact, it allows teams to closely monitor and control every aspect of commercial lighting operations.

#2. Air Quality Management

Indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring are becoming increasingly important for all commercial operations

Paying attention to outdoor air quality helps us find ways to improve.

Paying attention to outdoor air quality

One of the biggest current concerns on an environmental and human level is air quality. Healthy air quality is a basic expectation for anyone who enters a commercial space.

Using automation management systems, companies are now able to pull detailed indoor air quality reports from sensors installed in the building HVAC system. These reports are vital for notifying management when air filters need to be replaced and can detect harmful particles flowing through the HVAC system.

There are also sensors that can pull air quality metrics from the outside. Recently, inexpensive pollution monitors have been able to detect when there is pollution in the air and chart where it is coming from.

By examining this data, businesses can detect and monitor outdoor air pollution to help prevent further pollution from occurring. As we learn more about the effects of poor air quality, keeping the indoor and outdoor air safe to breathe becomes essential for running a commercial operation. 

#3. Automated Waste Management

Every bit of waste affects our environment, so it is important to use automation management to cut down on waste wherever possible

Automated waste management helps conserve energy and minimize inefficient operations.

Automated waste management

The way that we handle waste management will affect how we live for years to come. It is estimated in the next 30 years that the amount of waste we produce will increase by 70%. Automaton management for waste has the capability to optimize waste collection and cut down on inefficient waste disposal.

Automated waste management has already been implemented by forward-thinking municipalities, but the commercial applications are often overlooked. By introducing sensors connected to an IoT, operations managers can view important data regarding waste production so they can better schedule waste pickup times.

This prevents trucks from emptying partially full dumpsters and making unnecessary collection stops. By optimizing waste management internally, businesses can minimize fuel consumption and create more efficient waste management solutions.

#4. Smart Farming

Some of the biggest opportunities for automation management improvement are within the farming industry

Get important metrics from any smart device.

important metrics from any smart device

Right now, the farming industry is under more pressure than ever to optimize their operations. Currently, farming is one of the most wasteful industries and is in dire need of updates to automation management systems that can help mediate the many environmental concerns.

Through automation, farmers and facility managers can access vital data points that help streamline food production. For example, wireless sensors in the ground have the capability to detect when soil conditions are optimal for certain crops. Beyond soil readings, automation management systems can also provide important metrics on irrigation efficiency, fertilization, and seeding. Using these data points, farmers can save money on operating costs and create a future for more sustainable farming practices.

Automation management is not just for convenience, it is also a powerful tool that can improve our future. By conserving energy and monitoring potential hazards, all business sectors will be able to optimize and automate every aspect of commercial operations.

Automation management
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