24 May 2024
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10 Top Tools to Manage Your Online Presence

10 Top Tools to Manage Your Online Presence

The online world has changed the way we do business and it has become increasingly important that businesses monitor their online reputation. This was my major takeaway from the conversation I had with John, the Director and Co-Founder of Keen. This used to be a full-time job. Fortunately, there are now plenty of useful tools to make the task of monitoring your online presence a lot easier.


Google Analytics is a powerful tool, but it isn’t enough if you want to comprehensively manage your online presence. Google Analytics gives you a heap of information and it’s free to use.


However, if you want a fuller picture of how your brand performs online, it would be wise to invest in some of the following tools.


10 Top Tools to Manage Your Online Presence


#1) Kissmetrics


KISSMetrics is popular with e-commerce businesses, but it can be used to track metrics on any website or blog.


Use KISSMetrics to track customer data. Find out how customers arrived on your site and use this information to build segmented groups and target them with optimised pop-ups.


It’s a great way to weed out people who are not interested in what you have to offer.


#2) Cyfe


Cyfe is a great little tool for managing data from a number of different sources. Tap into your social media accounts, sales data, marketing and customer support analytics.


The all-in-one dashboard is easy to use and includes real-time reports and historical data.


Cyfe comes with pre-built widgets for Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, and other key social networks. It is free to use up to five widgets, but thereafter you will need to pay for a subscription.


#3) Mint Analytics


There is a one-off fee to use Mint Analytics, but thereafter it is free to use. This easy-to-use tool tells you how people are responding to your website.


The layout of the user dashboard is very intuitive and the information is presented in simple charts and graphs. It’s very helpful if you are planning a content marketing strategy to attract new customers.


Instead of using non-targeted pop-ups that people invariably find annoying, you can use Mint Analytics to identify the groups who will find certain pieces of information useful.


It’s very useful for SEO purposes, especially for smaller businesses and start-ups.


#4) Sprout Social


Sprout Social is a useful subscription social media monitoring tool. There are some impressive reporting tools and analytics features, which provide statistics on Twitter and Facebook engagement, growth and influence.


Use Sprout Social to manage your social media accounts and find out how effective your social presence really is. If you work with a team, Sprout Social is even more useful, as you can use it to monitor social messages and find out how your team is performing.


#5) Brand24


Brand24 is the tool for you if you want to find out what people say about your brand. It will send out notifications if someone mentions your brand online, good or bad.


You can then reach out to the person and thank them for their praise or sort out any problem they might have.


It is a great tool if you want to closely monitor your online reputation and deal with problems as soon as they arise. You can also use Brand24 to keep an eye on what your rivals are saying and doing online.


#6) Mention


Mention is another cool tool for monitoring online mentions. It works in real time, so if someone mentions your brand on social media or a blog, you will be notified immediately.


This helps you build better brand awareness and react more quickly to a PR crisis, should one occur.


Mention is perfect for team collaboration, as task management functionality is all part of this useful ORM tool.


For smaller brands, Mention is free to use, but once you pick up more than 250 mentions, you will need a subscription.


#7) HootSuite


HootSuite is a useful social media management tool. The free version of HootSuite provides basic analytics, including click summaries and overviews of your Twitter and Facebook profiles.


If you want insights into LinkedIn, reports on Facebook and Twitter engagement, these are available through a paid subscription.


#8) UberVU


UberUV is a popular tool for managing brand and online reputation. It is easy to use and very efficient at cutting through swathes of information.


You can use UberUV to track data from social media platforms, including Facebook and Twitter, so it is a useful tool for monitoring the effectiveness of a social media advertising campaign.


Data is collected in real time. Collaboration with colleagues is easy when you all use UberUV.


#9) Sentiment Metrics


Monitor what people are saying about your brand online with Sentiment Metrics.


The Sentiment Metrics ORM tool monitors blogs, online journals, news sites, and more. It will tell you if conversation and mentions of your brand are positive, negative, or neutral.


Generate reports to find out who these people are, how old they are, and other metrics. Identify social media influencers who can help your brand.


The tool will even warn you if you are about to be the subject of a media storm, which should help you with damage limitation. The user interface is easy to use and collaboration between colleagues is very simple.


#10) Brandseye


Managing your online presence is easy with the Brandseye tool. You can use it to monitor online mentions of your brand, company name, and even marketing campaigns.


Brandseye gives you an up-to-date online reputation score, so you can keep a close eye on how well your brand is perceived online. The tool will send you alerts if negative things are being said online.


Use it to generate detailed reports on what’s being said in online discussions. You can even use Brandseye to monitor your rivals online.


Wrapping Up


The digital world is becoming an increasingly complex network of interconnecting threads, which makes online reputation management a full-time job.


Despite this, using some or all of the tools above will make your life infinitely easier, so you can get on with the job of running your business instead of worrying about how well your brand is performing online.


Author Bio: Elena has a BA degree in communications. She started working in digital marking world at the age of 17 as an intern and never looked back.  Her other passions are playing tennis and travelling. You can follow her on twitter @tahoraelena


10 Top Tools to Manage Your Online Presence

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