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10 Tips for an Engaging and SEO Friendly Blog Post

10 Fruitful Tips On How To Make An Article Engaging And SEO Friendly!

In this competitive era where everyone is giving their best efforts to stand in the first place, plagiarism free and SEO friendly posts are the new trending topics that everyone tries to follow up with. Pondering over tips for an Engaging and SEO friendly blog post.

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If you are also struggling while making your article affable to Search Engine Optimization, you are probably browsing the right page as I have assembled together 10 inevitable tips which will make you pass with flying colors in the SEO test.

Scroll down to take the best advantage out of it:

#1. Opt for Topics That Top the Trending Chart

Google will never step back from showing your content in the top list if it follows the basic SEO guidelines and more importantly if it is based on a topic that is trending especially on social sites.

Do your homework diligently before writing a blog and search in and out for the topics that will make you land in the SEO world explicitly.

#2. Focus On Uniqueness

Merely writing on the topics that are in trend and being talked about the most will not help you master the SEO-friendly list. Unless your article is 100 percent plagiarism – free, you will just be another website who copies contents and publish it with your name.

Remember, Google will only show you in the top 10 if you give it something valuable which is not present out there already. Therefore, uniqueness is that key ingredient of the SEO recipe which you should never miss out!

Tips for an Engaging and SEO Friendly Blog Post

#3. Introduce Keywords Adequately

Another inevitable pointer is the proper use of keywords at different places strategically. Yes, planning is essential when you are distributing the keywords.

The introductory paragraph and captions of the images should be the first priority during the arrangement of keywords.

While introduction and images are your priority, you should also not miss out on the body of your content as it should also be fed with an adequate amount of keywords.

Keywords are nothing but the words which people search the most on google search and if these keywords will appear in your content, your content will also be certain of making an appearance on the SEO-friendly list!

#4. Do Proper Brainstorming Before Writing Your Titles and Subtitles

Brainstorming is a must before you type your titles and subtitles of your post as Google and the readers both focus on what the headings and sub-headings of your article.

While for the readers the headings should be catchy and informative simultaneously, for Google and SEO optimization – your titles should consist of the focus keyword.

Moreover, keep in mind that the length of your title should not cross the apt. limit of 70 characters. Keep it attractive, short and unique!

Tips for an Engaging and SEO Friendly Blog Post

#5. Extend These SEO Tips to The Images Used

All the tips mentioned here in this post don’t only belong to the text of your article but is equally applicable for the images you put in it.

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The guidelines should be implemented on the images as well and hence, the image quality should be optimized, the image should be unique and the caption should have the focus keyword to improve the rank of the post.

In a nutshell, images are as important as the text, headings and sub-headings of your article and so it should be dealt similarly!

Tips for an Engaging and SEO Friendly Blog Post

#6. Let the Introduction do Half of the Job

It is said that if your first step goes in the right way, half your job is done! The same golden rule applies to your content also and so how you introduce your readers to your article holds immense importance.

The introduction of your article should give a fair idea about what the content is about and what information is going to be delivered by it.

The focus keyword should come in the introduction itself so that it is visible easily both to the readers and Google as well. Pay special heed to your introduction paragraph and walk half way through!

#7. Enhance the Look of Your Article with Formatting

In the busy and racing era that we live in, no one prefers reading every word from top to bottom unless they find it engaging enough.

Formatting your article doesn’t only make it look attractive but also helps the readers to fetch what they are looking for easily.

Use italics, bold letters, and format heading size and see the difference it makes to your article and its Search Engine Optimization.

#8. Proof – Read Your Content to Get Rid of Mistakes

Proof – reading is always an inevitable effort which every writer or blogger should put in their articles to make it error-free.

For instance, if your entire content is straight on the track of SEO guidelines but is filled with errors like grammar or spelling mistakes, then it is not going to stand anywhere in the SEO list.

Use tools like Grammarly to avoid such mistakes!

Tips for an Engaging and SEO Friendly Blog Post

#9. Modify the Length of Your Article Till the Optimization Level

One of the important Tips for an Engaging and SEO friendly blog post guidelines of SEO says that the length of an article should be of minimum 300 words.

Though Google likes long articles it should even be so exaggerated that it makes a reader bored of the never-ending article.

A range of 700-800 words is cool enough to be counted in the SEO-friendly scale!

#10. Pop Up with Contents Regularly

If you want to be in the constant vision of Google for it to show you in the top lists, you have to maintain consistency and regularize your articles constantly. Be it on different topics or the same, your website’s name shouldn’t become a history for a long time.

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In short you have to be highly active or else you are going to fall of Google’s vision. So, write and publish your contents at regular intervals to keep your website in everyone’s notice!

Now that you have the 10 most valuable tips for an engaging and SEO friendly blog post up your sleeves, what are you waiting for? Open your website, follow the guidelines and publish your traffic-attracting contents now!

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We hope you found this article on Tips for an Engaging and SEO Friendly Blog Post, useful and informative as always. Do leave your valuable comments below.

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