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10 Legit Businesses You Can Start for Less Than $25

10 Legit Businesses You Can Start for Less Than $25

There are plenty of legitimate businesses you can start tomorrow if you wish. The good news is that starting a business under $25 is a very realistic possibility for homemakers, students or those looking for additional or part time income.

The Internet has made it so easy to find such home based businesses. You can make money completing a survey or watching videos, right from the comfort of your favorite couch.

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Money can be a major obstacle for many an entrepreneur. But with these legit business ideas, you could hit the ground running without getting into any debt.

Just use your spare hours to begin such a business and you’ll start growing slowly but surely.

Here are the Top Low-Cost Business Ideas That You Could Begin with Less Than $25!!

#1. Become a Blogger – Starting a Business on the Side

Businesses You Can Start for Less Than $25

It is so simple to create your blog and get it up and running. Use WordPress.com or other free platforms to set up your blog.

Are you passionate about a subject or do you have expertise in a niche? You can share your knowledge through your blogging platform. It might take some time creating content, but you’re your own boss.

  • Create new content at least once a week.
  • Reply to emails/comments from visitors.
  • Start marketing strategies and send out newsletters to your email list every month.
  • Start monetizing your blog. For instance, if you’ve started a travel blog, you can have affiliate links that take visitors to cruise booking websites. Alternatively, you can promote local tourist attractions through your blog.
  • Host ads that offer pay per click revenue.
  • Sell digital products through your blog.
  • Set up a membership fee for exclusive content.

WordPress is free, but you may have to pay for domain names, hosting space, SEO, customization. That’s where the $25 comes in.

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#2. Babysitting Business: Cheapest Business to Start

legitimate business ideas you can start for under $25
  • Are you looking for extra income?
  • Have a passion for children?

A babysitting business is one of the best low-cost business ideas you could find. If you can get an online certification and learn about basic childcare and safety, it would be an added bonus.

The price you set for the service will depend on local rates, the services offered, your experience levels and so on. You can start a business from scratch or just latch on to popular babysitting franchises.

Tip: Add other services like helping children with homework, playing educational games, teaching children languages, to start small and grow steadily.

The $25 dollars budget is for marketing your business, printing flyers, setting up a website, classified ads.

Tip: Attend child events and shows to connect with parents.

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#3. Shopping / Running Errands

starting a business on the side
  • Are you interested in starting a home-based business?
  • Do you have a friendly personality?

Make money shopping, running errands and delivering groceries by setting up an errand servicing business. All you will need is a smartphone and a car.

People are so busy these days that they need someone to do run these small errands for them. Even a small business might require your errand services. For instance, a mail order business could require someone to pick brochures from the printer.

Start a business with $25. Just decide on the type of errand service you wish to start. The $25 will be needed for fliers, brochures and ads in local newspapers. Alternatively, join sites to make money by running errands, such as Task Rabbit.  Create your website, spread the word through friends and through social media and you’re good to go!!

#4. Avon Sales Rep

low cost business ideas
  • How to start a business under $25?

When thinking of a business with low startup costs, becoming an Avon sales rep is a great option.

  • Apply online or just contact an Avon representative.
  • You will need the $25 for payment towards the starter kit, brochures etc.
  • Attend the online training classes and then create your website.
  • Enjoy a secondary income with just a little investment. Grow your business by regularly recruiting additional representatives to increase the tier.
  • Post on social media for adding new representatives.

Tip: Get a booth in the nearby yard sale or any other event where there’s a lot of traffic, display products and contact prospective new representatives.

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#5. Tutoring

business with low startup costs
  • What business to start?

If you’re an expert in a subject, say a foreign language or math, you can start an online tutoring business for under $25. You could be a freelance tutor or find work as an online tutor. Payment is usually on an hourly basis. Most students are middle school or high school ones requiring tutoring for SAT, GRE and the like for math, science, and English.

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Your initial costs are towards a mobile phone, a computer, a printer, a fast Internet access and your website, in case you wish to launch your own small business.

Use video conferencing apps like Skype. Upload files, make use of digital whiteboards, instant messaging etc. Ask your students for reviews and ratings on your website.

Teaching certification requirements are not rigid, but they do help in adding credibility to your profile.

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#6. Pet Sitting

cheapest business to start

Love dogs? Why not starts a pet sitting business for less than $25? It is an easy business to start.

The money will be spent on flyers and business cards. Place advertisements on Craigslist and newsletters! Use word of mouth to get more referrals and create an attractive website.

You could also offer additional, related services like poop scooping services; grooming; pet training or even watering the plants at an additional fee.

Tip: Distribute these at vet clinics; pet stores; supermarkets and at prospective clients’ homes.

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#7. Selling Stuff Online

start a business with 25 dollars

You probably have a lot of unwanted clutter in your attic! Sell it online and see the money roll in. I’d say it is the best business to start without any investment. The best thing about Amazon, eBay and the like is that you can start selling and then pay them the commission.

It is clearly one of the winning home business ideas with a low investment. If you have a keen arty eye, sell specialty gifts on Etsy. Select a niche, say antiques, and make a decent income.

Tip: Buy stuff at local thrift stores, garage sales and sell them on eBay. Create a rock solid reputation and establish a 5 star rating to make a handsome income.

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#8. Freelance Writing / Proofreading

low cost business opportunities

Connect with agencies or just take online writing gigs and start making money with such cheap business ideas.  You need a good office chair, a computer and a printer/scanner.

  • Create a free website using WordPress and describe your skills showcasing your portfolio.
  • Post samples of your work on your website and also post it in other social media sites, like LinkedIn, other blogs and so on.
  • Send emails to niche agencies or join networking groups in your niche.
  • Alternatively, join job boards like Problogger.

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#9. Consulting

starting a business from home

Consulting business is exciting and profitable. It’s all about excellent communication/networking skills. For instance, you could become a consultant for a business startup. Your job is consulting and it is important that you are knowledgeable regarding the particular subject.

In this case, you help your clients with a good business idea, creating a startup plan, financial projections, marketing strategies and launch plans.

Discover your niche or expertise. For instance, if you’re good around computers and know about the latest software, you can become a computer consultant. Consultancy can be done in various fields like Accounting, Advertising, Auditing, Career counseling, Communications, you name it!!

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#10. House Cleaning Service

good business to start

You can start housekeeping with minimum funds of less than $25. This is because you don’t buy any cleaning supplies; you use your clients’ supplies.

  • Offer services for dusting; vacuuming, mopping etc.
  • You can add some more in-depth cleaning services, such as window washing, removing mildew, cleaning blinds, post party cleaning services etc.
  • Find out the market rates and be competitive.
  • Accept clients from your own area to begin with in such low-cost business opportunities.
  • Start marketing and advertise your services through your website. List out your services, discounts and give your contact details. Send out flyers and brochures; distribute business cards, put in ads and so on.

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Last Word

Are you looking for a good business to start? Maybe you’re a college student, a housewife or just someone who wants to make some extra bucks in your free time. If you have a special talent or skill, you could turn it into cash with these ventures, without investing more than $25 to begin with.

The availability of the Internet has opened up several avenues for earning money with little or no investment. Starting a business from home has become a cakewalk. If you’ve always dreamt of starting an online business but short on funds, this is the right time to start one with these low investment business ideas.

Follow your heart! Pick out something that you’re passionate about and you’ll never be bored of doing daily tasks. History is full of examples of how you can make use of the tools and resources you have at home and start a business almost without any funds. All you need is a burning passion and total commitment to ensure success.

You don’t have to necessarily spend money to earn money. All you need is a good idea and some hard work to set your business up and running with little or no start-up costs. Just pick one of these and get started on your way to financial freedom.

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