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10 Best Content Ideas That Will Make Your Article Viral

10 Best Content Ideas That Will Make Your Article Viral

Once you are done designing your website, you have to come up with evergreen content ideas that will make your blog sustain in the long run.

You have to come up with hot topics based on your content ideas to make your article viral.

The sustainability of your success also depends on how regularly you can find fresh ideas for creating content that will blow your targeted audiences’ minds.

In this article, I will provide you with a list of the best performing content ideas that will make your blog super successful.

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Best Content Ideas That Will Make Your Article Viral

Source – www.siliconbeachtraining.co.uk

Different Types of Content Ideas for Blogging

Broadly, there are five types of content ideas for blogging.

  1. Traditional content
  1. Factual content
  1. Creative content
  1. Visual content
  1. Video content
Different Types of Content Ideas for Blogging

Source – www.slideshare.net

What Is Traditional Content?

Traditional content refers to all those contents that are usually written by most of the bloggers across the world. For example,

  • How-to guide
  • Checklists
  • Review content
  • Tips, and tricks content
  • Top ten things, etc.

The chances of being successful with traditional content are very thin as there are already so many established blogs writing on them.

These can serve as initial blogging ideas for beginners to get a footing in the blogging world.

Unless you come up with something truly out of the box and be the first to do heavy promotion, you will end up being mediocre at your best.

What Is Factual Content?

What Is Factual Content

Factual content refers to all those contents that are universally true or written from real life facts. For example,

  • Success and failure stories,
  • Interview,
  • Writing an article with facts, figures, and proof like how you make money from your website or video, etc.

Factual content is the most liked content on the internet. People love to read articles that have stats and proofs to back the statement.

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Any factual content is great content and has high chances of becoming viral content ever with the slightest promotion.

What Is Creative Content?

By creative content, many people think of short stories, poems and other such writings that require imaginations. But creative content is not just that. It is how your content is creatively different from others.

It is like using the already present articles but writing them from an absolutely different perspective that nobody thought before.

Creative contents are very popular among digital marketers who rely on them completely to make your marketing strategies successful.

People love to read creative contents and watch creative content based images and videos.

What Is Visual and Video Content?

What Is Visual and Video Content

Source – www.econsultancy.com

Visual content refers to content that is represented through images. For example, an infographic is a visual content that explains everything visually instead of textual content. Visual contents on popular topics are likely to go viral and get maximum shares and retweets.

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Video content on the other hand is a form of visual content, but instead of static images, it uses moving images.

Video content is the flavor of the decade. It is becoming absolutely indispensable for blogs to include video content as often as they can.

10 Best Content Ideas for Blogs That Are Evergreen

First, you have to fix your niche or blog topic and stick to it. Only then can you use different blog topic ideas and turn every interesting piece of information you come across as a part of your articles.

Catchy article titles are instrumental in making articles viral. Here are the best content ideas for blogs according to their priority.

#1) Infographic Articles

Best Content Ideas for Blogs That Are Evergreen

Source – www.seobook.com

Infographic articles have an epic infographic or a series of small infographics at their heart. The article is written with the ideas expressed in the infographic.

Infographic articles get maximum shares and retweets. Hence, you will get loads of new users, and your article is sure to go viral.

To write infographic articles, you have to do in-depth research and summarize everything to put them in visual mode.

You can prepare infographics yourself using Canva where there are hundreds of infographic templates. Otherwise, you can buy services from Fiverr.

#2) Tricks and Secrets Articles

Content Ideas for Blogs That Are Evergreen

Creating articles on tricks to perform something awesome following a shortcut requires experience.

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Create tricks articles on popular topics by extensive research work and watch your site reach cloud nine within a year.

Tricks articles can be written on any niche you have for your website. But tricks articles on SEO, digital marketing, health, and lifestyle perform the best.

#3) Case Study Or Survey Result Based Articles

Case Study Or Survey Result Based Articles

Case study or survey result articles require a hell lot of research work. You have to collect facts and figures from different sources and sites and accommodate them beautifully in a sequential manner.

With this type of articles, you can create awesome infographics too to make it go viral overnight, and your website or brand will start spreading like wildfire.

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Sometimes, you can do polls on social media sites and create articles based on the result with a detailed analysis.

You should make a proper sense out of the data and instruct readers how to use the analysis report to their advantage.

#4) Well-Researched Annual Articles

Well-Researched Annual Articles

Well-researched annual articles need to be unique so that they get listed on the first page of search engine. In other words, you have to write articles that are not yet written.

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For example, your blog niche is blogging, and you write an article like ‘top 100 web directories to submit articles in 2017’.

There are only a few articles present on the internet on this, and hence, your article is likely to go viral and get listed at the top of SERPs.

#5) Personal Experience Stories

Personal Experience Stories

Everyone loves to read how you have been successful, what strategy you are using to be popular and how much money you are making from your website, the source of money and the tricks you use.

When you share something from your personal experience, it increases the credibility of your article, and you can get all the screenshots easily and prove your claims.

You cannot always create such articles, but you should definitely make them once in a while.

#6) Money Making Guides

Money Making Guides

Articles on making money go viral most of the time. All you need is a catchy title. People always search for ways to make money through online or offline means.

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Therefore, whatever your niche is, you should consider writing as many money making guide articles as you can.

Among all such articles, the ones with payment proof and detailed process get the maximum shares. Such articles will also raise your website to a new level and get you an enormous number of subscribers.

#7) Exhaustive Checklists

Exhaustive Checklists

Everyone loves to read a checklist to make sure that he has done everything that is mentioned in the article.

Simple checklists may not perform well because there are so many websites who have already done them. Therefore, you have to make articles with exhaustive checklists having 30-50 points.

They take the least time to read and hence, even causal online users also love to read them dedicating a few minutes.

There is also an opportunity to create infographics and share on social media to promote you website.

#8) Success Stories

Success Stories

Everyone wants to be successful all the time. Therefore, most of them who are not yet successful will definitely read an article on someone who has been successful.

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You should clearly mention the steps the person took to achieve that success because that is what everyone is looking for.

In such articles, you have a great opportunity to promote products through affiliate links very creatively.

As a matter of fact, people also love to read failure stories so that the same does not happen to them in their lives.

#9) Exclusive Interviews

Exclusive Interviews

You should often try to reach out to successful people and get an exclusive interview by sending him or her a set of questions or have a direct chat.

To make an article out of an exclusive interview that will sell like a hot cake, you have to bring out the secrets of his success and tips and tricks from his experience.

This will make visitors to your website become your fan and will add value to their life. It will also help you to build a strong subscriber base pretty quickly.

#10) Product Reviews and Recommendations

Product Reviews and Recommendations

Most of the time people search for reviews and recommendations before buying a product or service and hence, product review and recommendation articles become great content.

You should compare similar products and provide your personal recommendation so that the audiences do not leave confused.

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When you are comparing, present your data or specifications in a table and maintain the format. Review articles are the best for making money through affiliation programs.

Bottom line – You have to create unique content for website, and your title must be catchy and presentation must be extremely simple.

Blogging Ideas for Beginners

When you are starting a blog as a beginner in the blogging domain, it is better to start safely. You should go through a learning process and not expect to get traffic and money instantly.

Some of the safest blog post ideas are –

  • List Articles – List articles are like Top Five or Top Ten things in your niche. Once you get confidence, you should increase the existing article’s list to Top 25 or Top 50 to create epic content.
  • Step-By- Step Guide Articles – These guide articles are how-to articles mentioning the steps for beginners with screenshots.

Once you grow some confidence, you should write step-by-step articles on products and put affiliate links to earn some money.

Step-By- Step Guide Articles

Once you reach an intermediate level of your blogging experience, start creating unique content for your blog or website.

  • Strategy Articles – Strategy related articles are absolutely unique and use your own experience to guide people with strategy formation for online money making through blogs or any niche for that matter.

For example, topics like ‘Successful Strategies to Earn Money from Facebook’ should attract a lot of web traffics.

Strategy related articles
  • Curated Contents – Curated contents are those where you gather relevant information from different viral posts and create a unique article based on them writing with a different perspective to make your article viral as well.

Blog Ideas That Make Money

99% of people create a blog with the intention of making money. But online money making is not everyone’s cup of tea.

There are so many factors that determine your success and revenue generation.

One of the most important factors is your content. Basically, there are two ways to make money from blogging – from ads and from affiliate programs.

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For making money from ads, you have to have viral content ideas. As stated earlier, epic content, visual content and factual content are like to go viral more than others.

Along with that, it depends on SEO and SMO for promotional purpose.

Once you start getting generous web traffic and create a brand, you will start earning great amounts of money through your blog.

Blog Ideas That Make Money

For making money from affiliation programs, you have to write researched articles with certain targeted audiences in mind.

Previously, only review articles used to be considered good for making money with affiliate links.

But now the scenario has changed. You can write articles where you share your personal experience like how you made money with a product and the affiliate links in such articles will receive enormous clicks.

Needless to say, the money you make by showing ads is negligible to the money you can make with successful affiliate marketing.

Wrapping It Up

If you are new to the blogging world, it is better for you to start with my list of blogging ideas for beginners.

Going forward, you can take up different content ideas mentioned above and see which one is working best for your audiences.

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But if you already have some experience, you should take your experience to the next level with blog ideas that make money.

Once you have a good loyal followers’ base, try to write on popular topics to get high CPC ads and more clicks on affiliate links.

Do not be afraid of adding variety to your website topics. For example, even if your blog is about reviewing products, you should also write a few articles on fact or statistics or how-to on your achievements. This will break the monotony and increase your revenue figure exponentially.

Evergreen content ideas, hot topics, fresh ideas for creating content
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